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Our Artificial Boxwood Wreaths and Garlands are like the crowns for your front door and for your walls. They are one of the first things which greet everyone and add a welcome touch to the space. Wreaths and garlands offer a warm touch to any space and add a gorgeous texture and a dash of freshness. And when they are made out of some of the most wonderful and lush boxwood foliage, you can use them over and over again and not just during the holiday season. You can display your artificial boxwood wreaths anywhere, from the front door to the walls, hang them from the windows or from the mirror. Fresh and attractive, our team at Silk Plants Direct has created a scintillating collection of artificial boxwood garlands and wreaths which will add a refreshing appeal to your space.

One of the defining aspects of formal and elegant gardens throughout the history, boxwood has always been associated with tradition and grace. To continue their tradition, we have created boxwood wreaths and garlands to make them more interesting and bold. Picture this – boxwood is a resounding symbol of traditional gardens and wreaths have been always associated with the holiday season. Let your outdoor boxwood wreath adorn the front door. Our boxwood wreaths and garlands will not only make the space rejuvenating with its color, but it will also make for a perfect decoration on special, traditional occasions.

Our artificial boxwood garland and wreaths are available in a variety of fun shapes including square, oval, water drop and the all-time classic round, our wreaths and garlands are fun and adventurous. Made from premium quality material, our faux garlands and wreaths have a crafty look which will suit the decoration for every special occasion – formal or fun. Whether you use our square wreath as a frame for your favorite photos in your living room, or our water drop wreath in your kitchen or the front door, they will create a refreshing style and look, something out of the box.

The rejuvenating greenery, natural simplicity of boxwood and the fun shapes of our garlands offer a wonderful blend of contrasting features which brings in a unique feel to any space. Glamorous additions to any setting, they have a vibrant look which will bring cheer to any space dominated by boredom and monotony.

Our artificial boxwood garland and wreath selection offers a very inviting feel, a very special and classic feel about them which is tough to describe but ethereal when displayed. They say “splendor and old-school elegance” and exude a beauty which is hard to ignore.

Are you looking for decorative elements which will give your home décor a special look? If you are, then we have something – our collection of artificial boxwood garlands and wreaths. Evergreen, stately, pleasant and full of excitement, whether you use these silk boxwood garlands and wreaths for festive decoration, special occasion or for everyday display, they will give you an irresistible, appealing setting. Something which will help you decorate your space with a modern twist, these faux boxwood garlands and wreaths will bring softness and pleasing effects to your front door.