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The ornamental value of grass has always been undermined. Not to forget their textural element and the beautiful contrast they bring to existing landscapes and structures. We have always preferred plants, flowers, trees and almost everything else over grass in our garden design. Garden enthusiasts do use grass in their space but in the form of lawn. Yet these artificial grass plants can also be used as hedges, privacy screens, focal plants, and everything which will catch the eye. From vibrancy to color, exuberance to a playful presence, grasses are extremely graceful and fit in any garden style. If you are still unsure of the spirited and animated looks they can bring in your design, then have a look at our collection of artificial grass plants and we’re sure you will be tempted to bring some in your own space.

Our faux grass plants are available in multiple colors, sizes, and styles. Our collection of outdoor grass plants will offer a lot to your dour landscape. They will add beauty, color, texture and privacy to it without creating any mess. If you are extremely creative and want to create your own little meadow in your backyard, then have a look at our lavender green grass. With its lush and soft foliage, it will enhance your outdoor space and give a nice background to your seating area.

Our Onion grass bush is so fluffy that when displayed in your patio or deck, it will sway beautifully with the wind and create a tranquil seating. If you want to sit and unwind in your space after a long day or weekend, then our onion grass is an ideal backdrop to provide a comfortable and alluring setting. Available in a stunning wine color, if you want to make your space fancy and give it a pop of color, then these are perfect. Our faux grass plants are crafted from premium quality material and as such they have a very realistic appearance. They are quite durable and do not require constant maintenance.

One of the best things about our grass plants is the way they dance in the wind. It will truly delight you and every onlooker. Just a patch of grass in your space is enough to get you going and the creative and pleasing aura which they bring will never cease to amaze you. If you are looking to add style and grace to your outdoor landscape, then there’s nothing better than our attention-grabbing grass collection to do it.

If you’re not sure how to introduce a vibrant pop of color to the outdoor landscape throughout the year or bring some ornamental value or pleasing aesthetics to the setting, then we highly recommend you check out our selection of outdoor artificial Grass Plants. From energetic greens to eye-catching burgundy to mesmerizing yellows, we have outdoor silk Grass Plants in a range of hues, styles and varieties which will make a stylish statement in your garden till times to come.