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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

February 14 is the day of love; a day to shower love over your partner, friends, family, and pets. We don’t need an occasion to do that, but this day gives us more of a reason to make our loved ones feel extra special.

Here are some Valentine’s day gift ideas for all the special people in your life.

13 Valentine’s Day Gift Basket Ideas

A basket full of goodies is a great gift idea for Valentine’s day, isn’t it? Consider giving your loved ones the following presents.

But, before you read ahead, we think you might like to read about the history of Valentine’s Day.

Reasons Why I Love You Notebook

Whether you’re seeking inspiration for Valentine's day gift ideas for him or Valentine’s day gift ideas for her, this one’s a winner! We recommend you gifting something like this to your kids too.

Like the name suggests, all you have to do is make a list of all the things you love most about your favorite person in a cute book. They will love the fact that you put in so much thought and effort to make them smile.

Valentine’s Roses

Or Valentine’s Lilies or tulips! Who wouldn’t love receiving flowers on this day? If you don’t want to deal with the hassles of maintenance, buy our wide range of faux flowers instead. They look like the real thing AND they are sustainable.

Why are roses so popular for Valentine’s Day? It could be linked to the history of Cupid, it seems!

Photo Album

What are your best memories with your favorite person? Make a note of them. Now, do you have pictures of those wonderful moments? If you do, simply print them out and stick them inside a photo album. You could even consider making your own picture book; if you’ve got an interest in drawing, you can make funny illustrations and gift it to your person.


Jewelry usually comes to mind when we think of Valentine's day gift ideas for her. Maybe shop for a pair of pretty earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet. Similarly, ties, wallets, and watches come to mind when we think of gift ideas for men for Valentine's day. You could even make your own accessories for your loved one.

Scented Candle

Scented candles scream romance. Additionally, if they have essential oils, these candles can even have medicinal effects. They can help with nose, throat, and respiratory irritations. In fact, they are even believed to help with mild depression.

We read about the effects of odor on emotion and we learned some interesting things! 

Sweet Treats

Valentine’s day gift ideas for boyfriends are incomplete without some chocolates! Either shop for them or maybe consider making them by hand. Your partner will really appreciate the gesture. Some alternative options could be biscuits, cookies, brownies and candy. Oh, and chocolate covered strawberries! Yum.

Bath Products

Customized soaps, for instance, make an awesome Valentine’s Day present. Even bath bombs, shower gels and body creams are gifts your significant other would really appreciate.

Scavenger Box

Give the gift of adventure to your loved ones with a Scavenger Box. Simply fill a box with different hints, clues, and activities that lead them to specific places. For instance, the clues could lead them to the place where you first met them, or the place where you shared a special memory. In the end, after they’ve found all the clues and hints, you could treat them to a tasty home-cooked meal.

Home Decor

This might not fit into a basket, but can still be considered as one of the best Valentine’s day gift ideas for her. You could shop for a vase (and place some of our faux flowers like Alstroemeria, Hoya, and more), or some fancy artwork, or pretty heart-shaped furniture.

Valentine’s Crafts

Handmade presents always go a long way. Plus, this idea is kid-friendly too! You could draw cute hearts with your child, cut them out, and have your kids write down their favorite things about a loved one on that heart-shaped piece of paper.

Looking for more DIY Valentine’s Day gift basket ideas? Check out the following:

  1. Heart bookmark: Is your loved one a reader? Then this could make for a very thoughtful present. They won’t even see it coming! First, write down something sweet on a pink, heart-shaped piece of cardboard paper. Then, place it inside the book they’re currently reading.
  2. Photo keychain: Got photos of special moments you’ve shared with your loved ones? Laminate them and use them as photo keychains.
  3. Clothes: Maybe knit a sweater or a cute pair of socks!

Date Night Jar

Coming up with date night ideas every week can be tiresome. How about you make a list of dates you can have all year long? Once you’ve got a list in place, write each idea down on pieces of paper, and then stuff them inside your jar. Label the jar “Date night jar” and maybe tie it up with a pretty ribbon. Makes it look more aesthetic.

Wine and Cheese

Wine and cheese make for a sophisticated combo for Valentine’s Day. Plus, these 10 health benefits of wine might urge you to make that purchase. Regardless, make sure to have it in moderation.

Some wine and cheese pairings include Pinot Noir and Gruyere, Aged Port and Blue Stilton,and more.

Love Letter

How could we not include this in our list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas? Write a heartfelt letter that features all your favorite shared moments, and all the things you love most about them. You could also jot down a few inside jokes that nobody ever laughs at, except just the two of you! Conclude the letter with a sweet illustration as well.

That marks the end of our list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas. We hope you try them out and draw inspiration from them!