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How to Be More Productive in 2022?

How to Be More Productive in 2022?

Aren’t there enough hours in the day, or am I too distracted to be productive?

There are so many of us asking the same question. Even more so now, amid the quarantine restrictions and pandemic. As the mailbox seems to go out of control, and a dozen other things call for your attention, you might be wondering how to be more productive in 2022.

Apart from making simple strategies and routines to follow, here are some green ideas to boost productivity and positivity within and around you.

How To Be More Productive at Work: Green Concepts

Indoor Gardening

Decking up the office break area or corridors can be a great way to reenergize an uninteresting space. Plants like Norfolk Island Pines are great to add freshness to these stretches. The thick spreading vines of the pines bloom indoors and can be an excellent decor for the walls.

Another option can be the Swiss Cheese plant. Its punctured and ribboned leaves give the plant a unique aesthetic appeal. In addition, it’s easy to maintain and can survive indoors with relative ease.

Autumn-Themed Gallery Walls

Living walls are one of the most stunning additions you can make to your galleries or lounges. It’s creative, impactful, and makes for a great display.

Green walls also allow you to play with the color combinations. Ivies are the ideal plant for that. They offer  year-long appeal to your galleries with their color-changes. Particularly enticing is the brilliant mix of orange, red, and yellow leaves during the fall.

To keep up the decor of your autumn-themed gallery walls, try covering the blank spaces with murals. 


Cover it with glass, and a terrarium makes for a great display on any desk. It’s a charming way to add a bit of green and reduce stress at work. 

Plants like Haworthia, Echeveria, and Lithops are eye-catching and extremely easy to maintain.

Green Ideas to Invigorate Productivity at Home

For many, their homes have become their workplaces in the last two years. So, it’s natural for you to wonder how to be more productive at home. We have some quirky ideas to add plants to your home desk. The following might help.

Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets can bring a degree of serenity to their surroundings. In addition, plants like petunias, portulaca, and geranium brighten up every room with their variety and colorful blossoms.

These plants help improve productivity by reducing stress and cleansing the air. In addition, they don’t attract pests, are easily accessible, and have minimal soil demands. Thus, maintaining them is reasonably simple too.

Faux Flower Arrangements

Faux flower arrangements are a natural substitute for every working ambiance. They look the same as typical plants but don’t need that much care. 

These artificial flowers can remain in bloom for the entire year, and you don’t need to worry about the pollen or the fragrance. 

With so many options, you can make new arrangements almost every week. This can act as a good distraction and help you relax as well.

DIY Coffee Station

Giving a green makeover to your patio can give it a great new look. It can also be ideal for a quick escape amidst the crazy series of meeting sessions.

To make a coffee station yourself, you can repurpose an old stool, cover it up with some vines, and you have a great place to put your mugs down. The idea is also great for an old shelf or a vintage ladder.

Best Plants to Improve Productivity at Work?


Cacti are one of the most hassle-free plants. They require very little care and can adapt to almost any environment. It can be an excellent plant to have if you’re just starting as a plant parent.


Bonsais are the ultimate stunners in the world of plants decor. They require a tad bit of extra care and attention, but their charm justifies all that hard work. Bonsai can be a fascinating addition to your conference room or even to your work desk. It’s small, attractive, and iconic.

Snake Plants

Not all plants can sustain the dim indoor environment. Snake plants are an exception. With long, sturdy leaves, these plants thrive in low light.

Place it in a corner and marvel at the contemporary touch it can add to any room. They usually need a bit of space and are ideal for reception areas.


With its spear shape and patterned leaves, Aglaonema can be a dynamic addition to your workbench. The speckles on its leaves make the plant extremely attractive to the eye. But it’s also efficient in filtering and improving air quality. 

Aglaonemas are evergreen plants. They require very little care and can withstand even the not-so-perfect conditions for long. These plants are also beneficial for your health and help with concentration. 

Peace Lily

Peace lilies can add elegance and appeal to even the most boring cubicles. With little to no fuss, these plants love shades and thrive indoors. 

Peace lilies are perennials, blooming in spring with their signature graceful white flowers. It offers a modern look to the otherwise gray dull walls and gets rid of pollutants and toxins from its vicinity.

Reasons to Include Plants in Your Decor

Reduces Stress and Encourages Positivity

Scientific studies show that plants can help improve productivity. It creates a more comfortable environment for work and encourages positive thinking. It helps reduce stress anxiety and makes the setting more enjoyable. That’s why more and more offices are adopting plants as a part of their decor.

Promotes Creativity and Relaxes the Mind

Having greens around you helps relax the mind. The positive frame of mind sparks imagination and is conducive to better output. 

Potted plants, green walls, vines can help you focus and feel motivated.

Improves Air Quality for Better Concentration

Working in a dull and claustrophobic environment affects concentration. It can also cause headaches and fatigue, leading to dipping productivity. 

That’s why trying to freshen up your desk with some plants. It gets rid of harmful gases, improves humidity, and adds color and contrast to the surface.

Dampens Noise for Better Focus

Working in peace is essential to improve productivity. Less distraction means better work. Try introducing plants in office settings. It helps dampen distracting noises and allows you to concentrate better.


Plants can be a welcome respite in a professional environment. However, before picking a plant for any setting, check its requirements. That will make it easier to take care of them. 

Hope these ideas help you to be more productive in 2022.