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Make Your Car Look Like A Superstar's With These Easy Decor Hacks

Make Your Car Look Like A Superstar's With These Easy Decor Hacks

Luxury cars automatically make heads turn with their stylish looks and color. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford one. And even though you are happy with your car, there are ways to make your car look and feel luxurious.

Try these easy décor hacks to make your car look like a Superstar's car. You need not to flush your bank savings.

Leather looks classier.

Try to change your seat covers to fitted leather or faux leather according to your budget. The leather seats give a roomier feel and can make a big difference in the look of the car. You can also choose double colored leather and color match the entire interior accordingly.

Ensure to change all the plastic interiors.

The luxury car comes with chrome, leather or wood veneer trim. Try changing the plastic interior completely to any of these. If it goes above your budget you can opt for vinyl wraps or contact paper to cover up the plastic panels on consoles and doors.

Replace the car carpet.

Try changing your car carpets to brand-new weatherproof carpets. The cars mats after a while lose their looks and tend to smell even when maintained well. All weather mats are not only easy to maintain but can be polished occasionally to make them look rich.

Opt for wheels with alloys.

If you intend to change your wheels, try opting for wheels with alloys. This gives a shiny rich look to your car. An otherwise budget-friendly option would be to choose hubcaps according to your color or style. This is a good way to make any car look brand new.

Lose your car stereo.

Try to change your car stereo and try to fix a double din GPS Touchscreen. This will luxe up your car with features like hands-free, Bluetooth and climate control. A screen instead of the regular stereo automatically makes your car look classy.

Good quality sound system.

Try to invest in a good quality sound system. The crisp sound makes a huge difference in a car. If your budget allows you could also add the headrest tablet screen in your car.

A well-maintained car will automatically feel exclusive.

Get your car washed and detailed both inside out. This ensures proper cleaning and would give a new shine to your car. Make sure to fix any dents in the car. There are many budget-friendly hacks to make dents vanish. Always wax your car after a wash. This restores the shine.

Ensure your car is scratch free. There are kits available to do this without spending a fortune on paint jobs. Tinting your windows also make your car look cool. Follow the regulations and make sure you tint well below the average level. A simple de-badge can also impact the look of your car.

Do not swap your badge, this will create unnecessary embarrassing moments in the future. Go badgeless and feel the difference. You can also replace the grill if possible.

Invest in a new paint job for your car.

This is a good facelift covering up years of damage and giving your car a vibrant and new appearance. Make sure to opt for a completely new and bold color for your paint job. You could also be creative in using more than one color and create a unique look.

Car wrapping is the latest trend and is catching up in the auto world. There are numerous options available. It is not the regular one or two-tone paints, but bright and beautiful patterns. It feels like regular paint but only extraordinarily done. Even if some vinyl wrap gets damaged, you could change that section alone.

Decorate your car for special occasions.

Your car has been an important part of your life. And it is the right thing to make the car part of any special event that happens in your life. Cars tend to get a makeover on occasions like marriage or a first date, job, or any special occasion that is close to your heart.

And there are simple ways to make your car feel super classy in those memorable moments. If you do not like lots of flowers and the natural greenery, try opting for fake plants for decoration. This is both cost-efficient and color-matched according to your car.

If you are not a flower person, you could choose small boxwood wreath or you can make a magnolia wreath. They are chic and can make your car look stylish.