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12 Quick Decor Hacks For Your Wedding Hall To Blow Everyone's Mind

12 Quick Decor Hacks For Your Wedding Hall To Blow Everyone's Mind

The Big Day is around the corner, and you still have a ton load of stuff to be taken care of. The happiest day of your life seems to take all your energy away. Do not panic. You are not alone. The idea to have a perfect wedding runs on everyone's mind, even on people's mind that refuses to get married sooner.

The marking journey to a new and happy life has to be celebrated with family and friends. To make it a memorable one is top of the list. Try these simple décor hacks for your wedding hall and amaze everyone around you.

Work with your ceiling.

Be it a small and chic hall or a big hall with lots of room, ceiling decorations play a major role. From fairytale chandeliers to drapes there are many options. You can use drapes dropping down from the ceiling with support beams. Chandelier decorations make your wedding hall look like a fairy tale.

If you love barn themed halls, you could decorate the ceilings with artificial plants and flowers. You could try opting for heart-shaped boxwood wreath. This gives a personal touch in your decorations. These basic elements when presented differently make a huge impact.

Wow, them at the entrance.

Make sure your guests feel your wedding celebrations right from the minute they step on the venue. The entrance signs should be both pleasing and welcoming the guests. Add a personal touch with a funny pic or old school with blackboard and chalk sign.

This will make sure to create anticipation in your guests, to look forward to the rest of the evening.

Ensure to have a well-arranged sitting area for the guests.

Once the ceremony begins or if the pleasantries are exchanged, guests tend to form groups and have a little chat. Make sure you have enough space for that. And also ensure they do not deviate from the main topic, which is all YOU.

You could opt for a picture wall or a gallery of pictures behind the couches, about you and your family, friends, and fiancé.

Use smaller reception tables.

Always choose smaller tables for your reception. This not only avoids over cluttered or over empty tables but avoids guests having to share seats with unknown friends of yours. Small and cozy tables make the wedding lively and hence, easier to decorate too.

With the table just being focused on food, you could opt to create small centerpieces like small lanterns decorated with flowers. This way it is more personalized and everyone gets equal attention. Table spacing also matters. Do not leave more than six feet between each table.

This ensures, their privacy, at the same time all of them will be equally attended to.

Say no to tablecloths.

Tablecloths are old school. And if they are new, they tend to lose their shine within a small number of uses and do not give a classy look. You can decorate your table more without any tablecloth on them.

Use centerpieces and the natural wood complements any décor type that you chose for your tables.

Greenery, greenery and lots of them.

Weddings and flowers are inseparable. Even the most minimalistic wedding has a trace of one or two flowers in them. Try using them in different ways. Suspending artificial silk flower arrangements from above your guests' table makes it cozier.

You could create a flower or plant wall, with fake flowers and plants. This acts as a photo background for some great pictures. You could opt to use lighted palm trees or lighted topiary trees decorations for your entryway that leads up to the hall.

Artificial flower centerpieces are also great ways to decorate dining tables. Not only are they budget friendly, but also they can be color-combined with your theme.

Use lots of candles.

Candles add a touch of romance and trendy look to your hall. Implement safety protocols and have lots of candles in your decorations. Since they are cheap, candles can be used in many numbers and create sunset magic in an indoor hall.

Use food as a décor element.

Create a festive mood, with the food and the way it is presented for your guests. An appealing and tasty food always makes any wedding special. Hire a great catering service and make them understand your theme.

And once the food is decorated, they will take care of serving them and all other minute food details. Good food is always associated with a good memory. Make your wedding a good memory for your guests with amazingly presented and tasting the food.

Music Band's Corner.

The wedding music bands should add a charm to your decorations. Ensure they are not on the way and set up on the corner, with a good-lighted background. This adds to the classy wedding hall décor.


Romantic glow in any wedding is a must have a theme. You too can try to implement this hack and achieve the same. Use Christmas lights, hang them from the ceiling or creatively use them to create a backdrop for a great picture.

You can also opt for lots of paper lanterns, which is very common these days at weddings. Light it up and let it go or hang them from the ceiling. Either way, it creates a serene ambiance.

Plan your layout.

Even with amazing decorations, if the layout of the wedding hall is not proper, it will be a mood spoiler. Space your tables, and have space for things like bar or picture sign or photo area.

This automatically gives an illusion of a beautifully decorated wedding hall.

Creatively decorated chairs.

If you take immense care in the way the table is decorated and correctly placed in the hall, you should also make sure to decorate the chairs. And use your artistic skills in completing the look. You could tie a drape around the chair or decorate with flowers or vines or with ribbons. It totally depends on your wedding theme.