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Getting Rid of Washroom and Attic Odors – The A to Z Guide

Getting Rid of Washroom and Attic Odors – The A to Z Guide

Every house speaks about the tastes of its owners. People take pride in designing their home to the best possible limit by keeping beautiful floral arrangements, silk tulips, showpieces and what not. However, one thing that may become the reason for embarrassment is the foul smell from washrooms and attic. Though there can be reasons behind such foul smell, it is nonetheless understood that your guest will be disgusted by such smell. Also, the last thing that you would like to come across after a tiring day is a bad odor from these places. So, let us go ahead and see some of the very simple ways to make your house where your family dreams about a great future.

Let fresh air and sunlight come

One of the most commonly done mistakes in every household is that people always keep washroom windows shut. This is undoubtedly a very bad practice as it is medically proven that sunlight is a great disinfectant. It is advised to open the windows of the washroom after its use is over by the family members. A couple of hours of fresh air and sunlight will do well and keep the smell out of your house. This goes well for attic as well. If possible, the attic should be constructed in such a way that they have a small window for sunlight.

Remove wet clothes

Wet clothes, if kept for a long time without drying can create some bad smell. The family should take care that they wash the clothes and dry them out in sunlight or maybe in the washing machine. Simply keeping them in the bathroom may add to some bad smell.

As far as attic space is concerned, families should be refraining from keeping cloth materials in these spaces. This becomes a concern, especially in the rainy season. The moisture in the atmosphere in this season makes these clothes a favorable environment for the development of fungus and mosses, thereby giving rise to bad odor.

Change the insulation of attics at regular intervals

Don't wait for the smell to come from attic spaces, rather take the initiative to change the insulation at specific intervals. The insulation which protects these areas from outside dust and moisture wears out over the time. If proper care is taken to change them at regular duration, the foul smell can be avoided.

Diligence in cleaning the washroom

Proper cleaning of washroom is crucial. Need not to mention; the washroom is the most favorable ground for the development of harmful microbes which may create a foul smell and cause diseases. Proper disinfectants should always be used while cleaning the washroom. This is even more necessary when you have a small child in a home as children are very susceptible towards diseases. Try to keep a washroom freshener always in the washroom to give your family members a pleasant feel. As washroom is possibly the first place where you go after a hectic day, the cleanliness and great smell will help to refresh you.

Periodically check the attic space for rodents

It is strongly advised to periodic check the attics for the infestation of rodents or other pests. As these places attract moisture and are mostly lacking sunlight, rodents and other pests find these places favorable for growing up. These infestations cause not only foul smell but contribute equally towards bad health. Also, if you find any dead rodent or pest in these places, remove them immediately and clean the space with proper disinfectant. Try to blow fresh air using a portable fan in these areas for effectiveness cleanliness and hygiene.

Baking soda – the odor remover in every household

It is very well observed that baking soda is a good absorber of bad smell. It is advised to keep a box of baking soda open in places like attics and if possible, in some corner of the washroom. This will help to remove the foul and earthy smell from the attics. Remember to change the baking soda after every three months for effective action.

Check for leaking windows

Check your windows and doors of any leakage. This should be taken very seriously as the leakage will give rise to some bad smell which may spoil your day as well as your mood. In an additional step, the dehumidifier may be kept in attics to absorb the humidity. The combination of baking soda and dehumidifier has proven to be a great measure towards keeping away any bad smell coming into the house from these parts.

The candle technique

This is a tried and tested method which has proven to be effective towards removing bad washroom smell quickly. This method comes handy if you are expecting some guests in your house. The method simply employs a lighted candle in the washroom. The burning candle is observed to remove the smell quickly from the washroom. Care should be taken that the candle used is not scented.

Vinegar for removal of cigarette smell

It is known that many people who smoke have the habit of smoking in the washroom as well. Tobacco use in the washroom often creates a pungent smell in the washroom and makes the washroom suffocating for others. If you are one of them who like to smoke in the washroom, we advise you to pour some vinegar on a towel and wave for some time in the washroom. The vinegar quickly absorbs the smell of the cigarettes and makes the washroom fresh.

Disposal of bins regularly

Baby napkins and sanitary pads are often thrown in the bins in the washroom. This stuff, if kept for longer time gives way to some really bad smell. It is strongly required that these kinds of stuff are regularly disposed of. This is one step which is advised by every doctor towards maintaining an effective hygiene

Foul smell from attics and washroom is unprofessional and a reason for great embarrassment. Proper care should be taken by following the above steps towards maintaining a good washroom and attic.