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Tips to Make Your Kitchen Functionally Fabulous and Aesthetically Awesome

Tips to Make Your Kitchen Functionally Fabulous and Aesthetically Awesome

When it comes to making your home look stunning, it is not just about decorating the exterior facade or the living space. In addition, you also need to pay attention to other rooms in the place like your kitchen. The kitchen is the most beautiful integral part of any room, and we all spent a lot of time here for preparing meals every day. Thus, it becomes very much essential to design a kitchen that is functionally fabulous and aesthetically appealing. Creating a kitchen space that looks excellent and works efficiently is doable, but there are some vital elements which you will need to consider first.

The layout of the kitchen

The present architecture of the home will usually dictate the layout, but if renovation is on the schedule, the common plans which you can think of for your kitchen are L-shaped, U-shaped, single wall, parallel or an island. Arrangements of your kitchen cabinets are also a significant factor while trying to make the space look contemporary. One of the best plans that you can opt for is an L-shaped setting which can also give you a spacious room. Moreover, make sure that the sink, hob, and fridge are all comparatively close to each other as this helps in increasing functionality.

Style and Design

Style and design of the kitchen showcase your personality and preference. Make sure that the design of the kitchen is such that it can cope with the demands of the busy kitchen. Typical clean lines; modest modern design; or traditional delicate detailing, there are no restrictions to creating the style you want. It is essential to keep fit in mind that the style will influence the look of the kitchen and your overall cooking experience. You can seek the help of the interior designers when it comes to adding style and design to your kitchen space.

Kitchen appliances

It is essential to ensure that all your cooking appliances are at your fingertips as this will help you to save time and energy consumption. The best way to showcase them is by creating an inbuilt cabinet. This is the best way to give your space a modern look that to almost right away. Moreover, you should ideally store away the appliances which you do not use every day. This will help in making the kitchen space look more spacious and functional.

Add proper lighting

To make the kitchen look stunning and aesthetically appealing, you should think about installing designer light fixtures. You can either opt for focus lights or your LED backlights counters. Make sure that the kitchen receives a lot of natural light during the daytime. Task lighting, such as cooking and dining, food preparation can be created with a cluster or a statement pendant. For a compact kitchen, you can choose smaller shades. You can also add floor lights as they are a magnificent way to create atmosphere and light up your space. Also, dimmable lights can be fitted below wall cabinets as they will make the kitchen look cozy.

Create stylish, streamlined storage solutions

Kitchen storage is of extreme importance. You can create fashionable, modernized storage solutions across the room. Using all the space within the kitchen, think about how to showcase the storage containers, glassware, and crockeries. Find out if they can be kept within the open shelves, cupboards or pull out drawers. To make a chic compact addition to your kitchen storage, you can think of adding in-built spice racks. On the other hand, you can keep the dried food and crockery sets in deep drawers. If space is limited, consider trolleys and tall shelves as well as open shelves and wall organizers to keep the crockery, cutlery, containers, and glassware.

Create a focal point within the kitchen

In order to impress the guests and visitors and to make the experience of cooking in the kitchen outstanding, you can think of creating a focal point in the kitchen. This can be done by including artificial plants or artificial floral arrangements. By investing in these fake plants and trees, you can save a lot of time as you do not need to water them or take care of them. Moreover, decorating the kitchen with artificial plants is a comparatively easy task and an incredible way to add stimulating color and a charismatic touch to the area. Faux plants and silk flower centerpieces add charisma and create interest in a kitchen. So, move ahead and create an enjoyable setting in your kitchen area.

Choose the right color

A clean and fresh kitchen is vital, but a little zest of color will bring your space to life. Add splashes of color to the design as this can change the mood of your kitchen and at the same time can draw the eye towards certain features. An intelligent way of incorporating color is through kitchen accessories, for instance, colored stools or patterned flooring can do great wonders.

Add color to the cabinets

To make the kitchen space look more inviting and cozy, it is important to add color to the cabinets. You can choose colors that can complement the color of the walls, ceiling or floors. You can even mix three different colors cabinetry in the kitchen as this will make the kitchen look unique and attractive. However, you can still seek the advice from a kitchen design professional for assistance when it comes to choosing colors and cabinetry styles that work perfectly together.


You can follow the tips mentioned above when it comes to designing a kitchen which is functionally fabulous and aesthetically appealing. However, you should not be afraid to think outside of the box as it is perfectly fine. For instance, when adding color to the walls and cabinet of the kitchen, there is no such arduous and fast rule that you will have to follow the present trend. You can always choose your preferred color for the kitchen to bring creativity and inspiration to the most favorite room in the house.