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12 Decor Tips to Make Your Bedroom Extra Cozy This Winter

12 Decor Tips to Make Your Bedroom Extra Cozy This Winter

Winter is around the corner, and with the drop in temperature, our outdoor activities meet a sudden drop. Curling on the couch and binge-watching your favorite TV shows sound like a perfect relaxation regime. Consider these tips to turn your home into a welcoming hub:

1. Stock on some winter bedding

The fall in temperature calls for the perfect timing to grab some tidy beddings to compliment the chill. Once you start amending the bedding, the look and feel of your bedroom will showcase a drastic change. For an unbeatable look, go for the classic linen bed sheets, but if your mind longs for some variations, then colorful velvet bed sheets will do the trick.

2. How can we not include the pillows?

With bed sheets comes this huge ball of fluff which gifts us an unhindered sleep every night. When you hear the word ‘cozy’ what comes in your mind? An easy guess, a giant-sized comfy bed loaded with cushy pillows? If your aim is to sprawl in bed all day and night, then this step, as well as the preceding one, is mandatory.

3. White is not boring anymore

Gone are the days, when white used to be a lifeless and drab color. But, this color is called the epitome for restoring peace, and thus it shouldn’t be a wonder why an all-white interior should not be in your checklist right now. Throw in a massive white bed dressed in white sheets amidst a room painted in white, and trust me you would feel loathed to leave the room even for bathroom breaks.

4. If not white, then what it should be?

If the all-white look doesn’t appeal you, then opt for neutral interiors. Start with painting the wall in beige or cream tones and then proceed with the look. You can add elements which speak about coziness. For instance, a suede shade with silk floral arrangements by its side will do this task. Or else, colorful silk orchids adorning the simplistic walls and in a way adding comfy elements to the room.

5. Winters are synonymous with blankets

Who doesn’t love a big heavy but soft blanket to cuddle during the winters right? Well, if blankets are old school then give a thought about a faux silk throw in animal prints. To begin with, both are fluffy and cuddly and can pamper you so much that you will hate to wake up! Knit blankets are a thing right now, and you can even make one by yourself, all thanks to YouTube.

6. Let everyone turn green in envy

You might not be able to relate green with cozy, but once you start incorporating forest topiary trees in your décor. Green in every shades and form enlivens every accessory of your room in a way uplifting the interiors. Once you decide which type of artificial boxwood topiary will promote comfy omens in your house, this step will be very easy to follow As you would get various genres of fake plants for sale both online and offline.

7. Hideout in your attic

If your house has its own cutesy attic, then you are lucky, because many crave to be you. Twist and spice your monotonous indoor life and consider spending leisure time in your attic room. Yes, decorate it like the way you want, somewhat like a mini bedroom. Proceed by making a canopy like structure with layers of bed sheets, and you will deport to Pandora’s fantasy world.

8. Time to turn off the TV for a while

Since you ought to get bored ogling at the TV for many hours, it’s time to switch your attention to something fruitful. Believe it or not, reading your favorite novels in the corner of your house will make your heart filled with content. Hunt out a reading dungeon in your home and then start accessorizing it with a few cushions, and even a soft rug. Now all you have to do is to place some magazines and books handy, and voila you are done!

9. Let the fire spray some warmth in your body and mind

If your house comprises a fireplace of its own, then what more can you ask for? During winter, one of the best ways to laden your home with welcoming vibes is to invite warmth by using the best of your fireplace. Make sure you keep all the required supplies ready before the snow hits the ground. To set a treat for your eyes, go and adorn the mantle with the accessories you fancy, like a fake ivy plant or some elegant artifacts.

10. Lighting fixtures to relax your mind

Apart from the natural lighting which plays a huge role in bringing us to our senses, artificial lighting offers us a range of flexibilities. For example, when you are all by yourself relaxing on the couch, you can dim the fixtures. Whereas, if you are inviting guests you can automatically tune it to create a party ambiance by adorning your place with a string of rice lights, absolutely magical.

11. Time to do stack some rugs

Rugs are an absolute savior during the chilly months and thus placing them in every room will save you from the chill. Doing that, even you hop out of bed; you will still feel cozy walking barefoot in your house. When doing so, don’t forget about the chilliest place in your property, yes your bathroom!

12. Experiment with textures

Since it’s that time of the year, when a little bit of extra texturing wouldn’t harm, so showcase various textures in a range of fabrics and colors in your bedroom. If you have a love for black, try layering with a softer tone, and you would be in awe of your bedroom.

So now that you own all the tips for redecorating your bedroom interiors for the fall of the year, are you ready to shoulder the task? Go get up and then spend your time amidst five-star luxury offered by your own bedroom.