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10 Things to Do – to Lend Feminism to a Bedroom

10 Things to Do – to Lend Feminism to a Bedroom

If you’re looking to give your bedroom a woman’s touch, there are several décor hacks that you can incorporate to give it that feminine and ladylike appeal. These simple and inexpensive décor hacks can upgrade even a bachelor’s room into an unmanly room. Today, we have put together a list of these décor hacks that will help you transform your ordinary bedroom décor to a dainty and elegant one. Here’s everything you need to know:

Use Floral Prints Wherever Possible

While this may sound extremely cliched, it really does work. Using floral prints can give your bedroom a feminine and ladylike appeal. You can use floral print bed linen, floral print wallpaper, floral print curtains and sheers, and other such products to upgrade the décor of the room. Further, you can also use floral print rugs and carpets around the bedroom to give it that dainty feel.

Add Bright And Vibrant Colors Wherever Possible

Another effective way to give any bedroom a ladylike and feminine appeal is by adding bright and vibrant colors to the décor. You can opt for an accent wall that is painted in a bright shade of blue, green, turquoise, red, pink, lavender, purple or any other such captivating color. for cushions with bright, colorful and captivating prints on them. Fuchsia pink cushions, neon green cushions, cushions with fabulous and bold geometric prints on them and other such options are ideal for the décor if you want to give the room that feminine vibe.

Rugs And Carpets Can Give Your Bedroom Décor That Woman’s Touch

Placing rugs and carpets all around the bedroom floor can give the room that feminine and dainty appeal. Choose gorgeous Kashmiri or Persian carpets and rugs if you have a generous budget for the décor upgrade. If you have a limited budget for the décor upgrade, you can always purchase bright and vibrant carpets and rugs from your local décor store, flea market or second-hand furniture market.

Add A Dash Of Mother Nature To The Décor

Another way to give the bedroom a feminine vibe is by adding silk floral arrangements and other artificial landscaping products to the décor. You can place the silk flower arrangements in beautiful crystal or glass vases on the bedside table. Artificial palm trees can be placed in the corners of the bedroom to give the surroundings a dainty and summery appeal. If your bedroom is compact, you can opt for silk plants instead of artificial trees to decorate the space. These faux plants and trees will add color and vibrancy to the bedroom and give it a more elegant and classy feel. The artificial landscaping products make excellent décor items because of their affordable pricing and also because they require zero maintenance and care. These products are long-lasting, durable, water resistant and weather resistant too. They will not fade or lose their color easily.

Decorate The Walls With Art

Using colorful and bright canvas paintings can be very useful in giving any bedroom a feminine vibe. You can visit your local art gallery or an upcoming art exhibit to purchase abstract art paintings, still life paintings, nature paintings and other such options to install on the walls of the bedroom.

Install A Chandelier As A Centre Piece On The Ceiling

Installing a feminine and gorgeous chandelier as a centerpiece on the bedroom ceiling can also play an important role in giving the surroundings a ladylike appeal. You can get a vintage crystal chandelier or a modern contemporary chandelier depending on the décor of your bedroom.

Opt For A Ladylike Headboard For Your Bed

Instead of settling for a rustic and rugged wooden headboard for your bed, select a ladylike cushioned headboard instead. You can get the cushioned headboard covered in a bright and colorful feminine tapestry. A shade of lavender or baby pink will be ideal for the tapestry of the headboard if you wish to give the bedroom a feminine vibe.

Get Bohemian Chic Wall Hangings For The Bedroom Walls

Bohemian chic wall hangings with vibrant and captivating prints are excellent décor items to install in your bedroom. Installing these wall hangings on the bare walls of the bedroom will give the surroundings a burst of color and also a feminine and dainty appeal. You can visit your local décor store to find wall hangings that will suit the décor of your bedroom. If you’re unable to find the right types of wall hangings in your décor store, you can always browse through online shopping portals for countless options of the same.

Get An Attractive Cloth Canopy For The Bed

Getting a beautiful white cloth canopy for the bed is also an excellent way to give the bedroom that feminine and romantic appeal. You can even opt for a netted canopy if you face the issue of mosquito infestations.

Use Cane And Wicker Décor Items Wherever Possible

Whether it is your wastepaper basket or the footrest at the edge of your bed or armchair, try to use cane and wicker furniture and décor items wherever possible. Cane and wicker have a very dainty and elegant appeal about them and will give the bedroom a feminine and ladylike vibe. Plus these cane and wicker options are also environmentally friendly options.

So there you have it, a list of ten fantastic décor ideas to give your bedroom that feminine and dainty appeal. These tried and tested ideas have worked wonders in the past, and when you incorporate them into your décor, you too will be thoroughly impressed with the results. The best part about these tips and suggestions is that they are classy and evergreen and they will never run out of style. So get right to it and don’t waste another minute. Start implementing these décor tips and suggestions in your bedroom today! Leave your guests and visitors equally impressed and amazed by your new bedroom décor!