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10 Must-Have Habits for a Clean and Organize Home

10 Must-Have Habits for a Clean and Organize Home

We all know that keeping a home tidy and organized involves several hours of your time dedicated to cleaning. But when you introduce these habits into your daily schedule, the cleaning job will not be that tedious. I promise you sure can live in a home that is neat and tidy.

1. Make your Bed

Why not start your day by making your bed? When you do an organizing activity as a very first thing in the morning, it will make you feel closer to your goal. Although it is a simple task of smoothing your comforter, it might be difficult for you to do that initially. But when you make it a point to do that regularly, eventually you cannot even think of stepping aside from your bed without making it. You will acquire a sense of accomplishment when you complete a task just within seconds after you wake up. You will get that cozy feeling when you see a neat, made bed.

2.No throwing off your clothes!

It is very common that most of us throw our clothes either on the floor or at the least on a chair. Stop doing that right away, if you want a well-kept home. Make sure to leave them in laundry if the clothes are meant for washing else hang them on hangers. If you are not finding a proper place for your clothes, then it’s high time you start redesigning your room. Don’t be afraid! You are not going to buy anything that’s going to put a hole in your pocket. A simple closet organizer can do the trick. In most cases, hanging second closet rod above the first one, or buying a few hangers will solve the problem.

3.Clean on the go

When you walk out of your bedroom, see that magazine lying in your bedroom? Why wait for a cleaning time? Grab it and keep it in the magazine rack in your living room as you go. Make sure you don’t go out of any room empty handed until you feel your home is well kept. Yes, it is understandable you can’t do this when you are getting your kids ready for your school. But once you are done with your household chores, just try putting things in their respective places. It is for sure, and there will be something lying around the floor after your kids leave. Take only those things that belong to the place where you are going. Don’t take a pile of stuff belonging to various rooms and make the task tedious.

4.Wash your vessels every now and then

Why not wash your cooking utensils just as you cook? While your favorite food is cooking in the pan, why not wash the vessels in the sink. Don’t wait for the entire cooking to get over, to start washing your dirty vessels. This tip may prevent you from being overwhelmed when you see the sink full of vessels. Once you finish your meals, be sure to wash your plates or put them in the dishwasher.

5.Have cleaning supplies in close by places

Make sure you keep all your cleaning supplies, close by the area, where they are required. Do keep a toilet brush, cleaning solution, or a cloth to wipe the mirror in the bathroom. Cleaning the toilet or wiping the mirror will just take a minute or two. It can be done before you take a bath. It will make your bathroom appear clean not only after deep cleaning days but always.

6.Schedule your cleaning

You are not a superman or something to do all cleaning at once. Try doing one or two cleaning activities at a time. Just don’t have a long list of activities and at the end of the day, you would have done nothing. Have a realistic list of the few activities that can be done immediately and save the remaining for later. Create a To-Do list and schedule things according to your time availability.

7.Minimalist approach.

Try to follow the minimalist lifestyle. Always keep things that are needed and used. Don’t ever try keeping thing because you “might need them in the future” Say a big “No” to your temptation to keep unused things idly in your home. Donate them or why not make some bucks by selling them at a sale?

8. Do your laundry regularly

Depending on the clothes you get and the number of family members, do your laundry regularly. It might be on every day or every alternate day. This will prevent your hamper from overflowing, and your laundry will not eat up your entire weekend. Rather, you can have a cozy weekend at your home or have an outing with your loved ones.

9. Do a quick clean up

Whatever you do, either you make a coffee or make a salad, just a quick wipe will not let your surface get an untidy look. Whatever you do the entire room, even decors will not be of any use unless you keep your surfaces free from mess.

You can apply this quick cleanup even to your entire home just before you go to your bed. Yes, you heard it right. It will be just a matter of a few minutes before you put your kid’s toys or study materials in their proper places. You will be grateful that you put those things in their proper places so that you need not to be in a hurry burry searching thing on the next day morning.

10. Why not consider having plants in your home as decors.

Remember, having a clean and organized home might give a tidy look, but will not freshen up your space. Plants do freshen up space. If you feel like your home doesn’t have the proper lighting or if you’re not a person with the green thumb, then try having silk plants. They look very much like their natural counterparts and don’t wonder when your parents try watering them during their visit to your home.

If there is no space for plants, try having silk flower centerpieces in your living room. Believe me, and you will be awestruck to witness the life these silk flower arrangements bring to your home. Silk tulip will be an excellent choice for a smashing floral arrangement to brighten your living room. They are sure to aid you in creating a welcoming atmosphere no matter the time of year.