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One of the simplest and easiest ways to brighten up a room is by bringing in a plant. From the tried-and-tested flashy favorites to the most humble foliages, plants have a great ability to bring energy and enthusiasm to any space. Whether you are looking to add color to your patio or lawn or your living space, whether it’s your dour reception area or any commercial setting, plants have the tendency to introduce freshness and a welcoming feel to any space. We understand how important plants are to make any landscape look better and as such we have come up with a large collection of indoor and outdoor artificial plants which look extremely lifelike and will bring a sense of exclusivity to your décor.

If you feel that your surroundings lack some spark or creativity, then try adding one of our large collections of plants and see it add some dramatic color. If you are having a party in your home or office and want to make a statement, then try bringing in one of our big, bright foliages and watch it being a focal point of your party. One of the great ways to add style and grace to the setting, whether you opt for our Ferns or the ever so popular Philodendrons and Pothos, our plants are loved by garden designers and landscape architects for their wonderful and glossy leaves and the hassle free aspect.

Perfect for adding a wow factor in your setting, our plants are ideal to add to a quirky as well as a lifeless setting. A great conversation starter which will lift the overall panache of the space, plants have become a vital part of the décor as they make spaces feel lively and inviting. Made from premium quality material, our plants are extremely realistic and their lifelike color and texture brings serenity and brightness to the space and will make you feel connected to nature. The fact that our plants do not require constant care creates an unmatched outdoorsy feeling in the interiors without much hassle.

Whether you are looking to add a natural privacy ‘curtain’ on your windows with our hanging plants or you are looking to bring the desert vibe in with our succulents, decorating with our artificial plants is extremely easy and stylish. Rooms with green thumb are fresh and energetic and make a big difference in offering contrast to monochromatic walls. And if you want some splash of colors alongwith the greens, then our Orchid grass, flower bushes, fall plants, wreaths and other selection of plants will make your space feel brighter and vibrant. From floor plants to tiny ones, desktop plants to big baskets, Silk Plants Direct offers you myriad ways to style up your landscape with our plants.

Plants are graceful. They are such an energetic presence in the space and combining them with other decorative elements look so festive. Plants are a great way to introduce a jolt of color to any space. Plants are happiness.

Bring refreshment to your home or office interiors with our artificial plants. Our wide range of silk plants include faux greenery, bushes, grass, garlands and wreaths, tabletops, hanging baskets and much more. If you’re looking to spice up your décor, our silk plants are definitely the one’s to own up.