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Which Fake Plants Look the Best in a Home?

Which Fake Plants Look the Best in a Home?

There was a time when homeowners considered fake plants a major faux pas. Times change and now market trends show that faux plants are increasingly preferred by homeowners, interior designers, and influencers due to their highly realistic looks, ease of maintenance, and longevity. They are simple solutions, ideal for the busy world, and bringing refreshing color and style to any space. Their leaves never droop or turn yellow, they don’t demand water and fertilizing and are also pet-safe, child-safe, and do not cause allergies. Simply put, artificial plants can do wonders for any home décor without any fuss.

If you’re looking to bring some fake plants in your home, then here are some trendy, lively options that will spruce up your space instantly. They look best in any home setting and will make a lofty impression in space season after season.


Faux Boxwood Topiary


faux boxwood topiary


One of the mainstays of landscape designs in the United States for centuries now, Boxwood can make any home décor special. It’s elegant, mesmerizing, and full of history. In the form of topiaries, Boxwood is shaped into fun accents that can bring interest and appeal to any setting. And this Faux Boxwood Topiary is no different. Available in various styles, from ball to spiral to pyramidal, faux boxwood topiaries are incredibly striking elements and will fill your home with intrigue and excitement till times to come.


Faux Paradise Palm


paradise palm


Palm is one of the best tree varieties that you can bring to your home décor and get instant gratification. That’s the magic of this variety. And in the form of faux Paradise Palm, you can inject a shot of magic and tropical freshness in your space. A great way to introduce a sultry vibe and breezy appeal in any setting, this artificial Paradise Palm Tree will help you create a picturesque, everlasting tropical holiday feel in your home. Blissful, indeed!


Faux Olive Tree


olive tree


The most popular trees in the interior design world right now, faux Olive trees are right up there with Fiddle Leaf Fig. And we believe this will be the year when the Olive tree will beat the Fiddle Leaf Fig for the title. With its highly attractive foliage and slender, detailed trunks, this Faux Olive Tree will surely make a statement no matter where you place it. If you’re searching for an eye-catching, compact tree to introduce in a bland area or an empty corner, it doesn’t get better than this artificial Olive Tree.


Fake Eucalyptus Plant


Fake Eucalyptus Plant 

Bring home this fake Eucalyptus Plant and you will have a highly attractive, inviting setting in no time. Featuring a highly realistic and detailed trunk and full lush foliage on top, this Eucalyptus Plant will add a serious dose of color and vibrancy to your space. The simplest way to freshen up any dull area or corner, this faux Eucalyptus Plant will bring plenty of style and personality to the setting. 


Artificial Lavender Bush

 Lavender bush


If you think that your home requires a more pleasing and soothing presence, then opt for this artificial Lavender Bush without any second thoughts. Consisting of beautiful, breezy green stalks and lavender-colored blooms, these artificial flower bushes make for a lovely addition to space. An excellent choice if your room needs color and grace, this faux Lavender Bush will make your home a cool, calm retreat in no time.


Artificial Hibiscus Plant


Artificial Hibiscus Plant


Compact enough to fit in tight spaces but striking enough to light up a large space, this artificial Hibiscus Plant is absolutely stunning. With a gorgeous, wavy stem, dark green foliage, and spectacular red flowers, this faux Hibiscus Plant will never cease to impress. A great way to bring interest and appeal in any setting, this flower plant will catch the eye and spark joy no matter where you place it.


Hanging Baskets

 hanging baskets


Graceful, enjoyable, and endearing, that’s what hanging baskets are all about And we might even say that they’re the best fake plants you can bring in your space. No matter what décor style you have, faux flower hanging baskets fit in effortlessly and can cheer up a setting with minimal fuss. From Azaleas to Bougainvilleas, you can bring in any hanging basket in your home and watch it become the heartbeat of your space. They’re home décor essentials.


Preserved Tea Leaf Topiary Ball


tea leaf topiary


If you’re tired of Boxwood (which is impossible but still) then Preserved Tea Leaf Topiary Balls are for you. Gorgeous, minimal foliage globes crafted from preserved tea leaf foliage, this artificial topiary boasts of rich color and real texture and will bring a revitalizing, zesty feel to your home season after season.