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Top 10 Tips for Getting Rid of Kitchen Odors

Top 10 Tips for Getting Rid of Kitchen Odors

Are the foul smells coming from your kitchen, causing embarrassment to you? No matter how hard you try to drive away these odors, you don’t seem to be getting any success. If the stacks of room fresheners are burning a hole in your pocket, then we bring you simple tricks to deodorize your kitchen.

Boiling water

It is one of the most underated techniques and is very effective in driving odors away from your sink. Whenever you boil water for anything, one should keep in mind to use that boiled water immediately for kitchen sink. The hot water flushes all the mild smells and clears off the little pieces of food scraps that can lead to stinky basins. Alternatively, one can plug the stopper in the sink and fill it with hot soapy water and then unplug it. The result would certainly be a cleansed sink which is odor free for sure.

Baking Soda

After having a hectic day at work, you would surely not want your kitchen drain welcome you with foul odor. Baking Soda is one such item in your kitchen that always comes to your rescue as it absorbs odors very effectively. If your kitchen drain is stinking, put 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda to the drain and after an hour run hot water for few minutes. Repeating this practice few times a week will surely make your drains odorless. If stinking garbage cans irks you then sprinkle the magic ingredient at the bottom of the can and all your odor woes will be taken care of.

Fresh air

This might seem an oddball on the list and many might consider this to be old-fashioned, but nobody can underestimate the effectiveness of fresh air. If your kitchen is missing a window or you don’t open it, then make this a habit. The window in your kitchen will sweep out the bad smell in a few minutes. Moreover, I will suggest putting a fan in the window which will help in circulating the fresh air all around.


After hours of preparing food you do not want to spend any time further working to get rid of the bad odor. Simply put on stove, a cup of vinegar to boil. The vapors of vinegar will cut the bad smell. Or you can place bowls of white vinegar at different places in the kitchen. Vinegar neutralizes the odors which are alkaline in nature. Alternatively, one can create aroma in the room by roasting coffee beans or by baking a little quantity of cinnamon, butter and brown sugar for few hours.

Lemons and Oranges

Citrus fruits help us fight cancer, weight gain and provide us vitamin C. Usage of citrus fruits is not only limited to eating, but can also be used for fighting the offensive smells in your kitchen. We just have to cut lemon and oranges into chunks and put them in the running garbage disposal. If the smell does go by this way add half a cup of white vinegar with cold water in the disposal containing the chunks of lemons and oranges. One can get rid of the smelly microwaves quickly with the help of lemons. Boil 250 ml of water in a bowl containing pieces of lemons and aromatic spices like clove in your microwave and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Remove the bowl and keep the door half open for half hour or so and your odor free microwave will be ready.

Light scented candles

We know you like to reserve scented candles for romantic dinners, but don’t forget to keep some in your kitchen too. Placing one or two light scented candles of your favorite fragrance in the kitchen that would not only help in keeping all the bad odors at bay but also it will enhance your mood and keep you fresh.

Burn toast

If one is too lazy to get their kitchen rid of the smell, but at the same getting irritated by the smell. All you have to do is burn a slice of bread. If it sounds stupid or unrealistic, then you have to give it a shot. The science behind this trick is that the burnt bread in toaster absorbs the bad smell. Don’t bother about the smell of burn toast it fades out completely in a few minutes.

Apples and Milk

Fishes are a type of food one can die for but the smell that hangs around while cooking fish is obnoxious. We have an item that is easily available and keeps the dreadful odor away. Before cooking a fish place a slice of apple in the pan which you are about to use for fish or a spoonful of peanut. These ingredients are good at absorbing the smell. Also, while cooking, hang a towel near the stove to absorb any residual smell. Alternatively the fish can be soaked in milk around a half hour before cooking so as to reduce the smell. 

Indoor plants

Houseplants can be a great help in getting rid of the unpleasant odors from your kitchen. Artificial flower arrangements like silk roses and faux cactus along with indoor plants give a very elegant look to your home. But indoor plants help you in improving the quality of air and absorb the foul odors present in the air. My personal favorite houseplants are Snake plant, English ivy and Peace lily.


It is a multi-utility item. Usually used for removing impurities from water, charcoal can also be used for removing bad odors. Put a chunk of charcoal in a pierced container. Place it anywhere in the kitchen. It soaks the lingering smell that spoils your mood.


Humidity and kitchen odors are a deadly combination to bear. In such situation dehumidifier is a must have. It sucks the water from the air and improves the quality of air. It is effective in not only keeping the allergies away, but also the stinky kitchen smells.