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The Nine Remarkable Artificial Flowers for Your Empty Vases - Good Vibes, Forever

The Nine Remarkable Artificial Flowers for Your Empty Vases - Good Vibes, Forever

We all know that flowers are a great mood-buster. Recent research also proclaims that flowers have an immediate impact on happiness and induce feelings like excitement, surprise, and gratitude. Flowers can alleviate feelings of sadness and depression and also help build long-lasting relations. So many reasons to have flowers around you!!

A lot of people do love flowers but are wary of creating flower arrangements. Real flowers are expensive, difficult to maintain, may have harmful allergens and are not available throughout the year.

Gone are those days when you would have to rely on fresh flowers and wait for spring to bring floral happiness into your life!

With a stupendous variety of artificial flowers easily available in the market, today's generation prefers artificial flowers instead of real ones to create awesome floral arrangements. Artificial flowers do not wither away, require no maintenance, are available throughout the year and are free of dangerous allergens.

Here are the Nine Most Remarkable Artificial Flowers for Your Empty Vases, widely recommended by floral artists and designers. Not only are they easy to use and create but look amazingly incredible.

Calla Lillies:

Ancient Greek philosophers believed the white colored calla lilies to symbolize faith, purity, and innocence. Artificial Calla lilies can also be found in a wide palette of colors like – yellow, pink, purple, orange and even the unique black!!

The easiest way to set up a flower arrangement within no time is to arrange a few calla lilies stems in a simple long glass vase or even throw them together in an old wine bottle. As easy as ABC!


The 18th century English poet eternalized the beautiful summer flower, the daffodil when he wrote about them in his poem – Daffodils. As he quoted, "And then my heart with pleasure fills, and dances with the daffodils"; daffodils are truly an everlasting source of happiness and pleasure.

The yellow colored daffodils are a harbinger of spring. A lot of people believe them to bring good fortune, inspiration, and forgiveness. In the United States of America, it is the official symbol of the American Cancer Association, symbolizing it as a hope for a cure!

Artificial daffodils are hugely popular in hospitals and hospices along with homes. They can be easily arranged in different short and long vases, but the most popular form is a bouquet of several daffodils closely packed in a clear vase.


Since time eternal, orchids are considered one of the most exotic flowers known to mankind. These timeless beauties represent love, strength, and beauty. Artificial orchids are found in white, yellow, pink, purple and orange colors.

Orchids can complement both modern as well as vintage vases. A modern orchid arrangement of a single stem of white orchid paired gracefully in a flat white dish is as charming as a bunch of royal purple orchids arranged in a wooden vase.


Researchers have discovered that roses have a positive effect on both psychological as well as physiological being. While the clichéd red roses are used to signify love, peach roses signify gratitude and yellow roses are a symbol of friendship and good health.

Roses are very easy to set up in long vases and look good with almost any colored vases. A very unique rose flower arrangement is to set them up in heart-shaped arrangements or even creating spirals!


Artificial Petunias come in a rainbow of colors. The most popular petunia colors are purple and pink.

Petunias are often arranged in circular bowls, often color coordinating with other flowers. Artificial petunia flowers can also be used as a cascading arrangement in hanging baskets.


Artificial tulips are the perfect choice for easy arrangements. Tulips come in different colors and are just the right size for any vase. Beautiful red tulips signify true love and yellow ones symbolize sunshine and hope.

The beauty of tulips can complement any mundane or ugly vase that you have. It can brighten up the dreariest of rooms! Tulips are very easy to arrange in any vase. You may also use old coffee mugs or chipped jugs to set up a bunch of artificial tulips in them. Multi-colored arrangements look as good monochromatic ones. They look especially good on kitchen counters and coffee tables.


Very few flowers come in different shades of blue. You may easily find yellow, pink, red, purple and white flowers, but hydrangeas are hugely popular for their blue color. Though they are found in a wide spectrum of colors, their blue tones remain the all-time favorite.

Hydrangeas can be arranged by themselves in rustic tea kettles, watering- jars and even simple glass vases. They are often used as a compliment with white roses to create stunning décor statements.


Peonies are very popular among women. They have a fluffy charm and their delicate colors appeal to women. Their cheerful colors are perfect for lighting up dull rooms.

Peonies look a lot like roses and are best put in a glass or white vases to accentuate their pretty colors. You may even pack an old tea kettle with a bunch of artificial peonies. No need for expert floral arrangement skills!!


The hibiscus with its unique shape, dandy structure and multi-colors is a very exotic flower. Though they are native to tropical regions, you may enjoy their beauty in your home, thanks to the broad plethora of artificial hibiscus flowers that are available in the market. These look so real that it is difficult to make out the difference between artificial and real flowers.

A hibiscus flower arrangement in a red terra-cotta pot is sure to bring out a Mediterranean clime in your home. They also look great as floating flowers in a flat dish full of water.

Did you know that the art of arranging flowers – "Ikebana" has been prevalent in Japan since the early 16th century?

Today, it is widely used in homes, hotels, commercial spaces, and even hospitals to enhance their aesthetic appeal. Artificial flower arrangements are nothing short of a piece of art – a floral way to create sculptures!!