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How to Use Artificial Ivies to Decorate Homes?

How to Use Artificial Ivies to Decorate Homes?

Are you a nature lover, looking to bring in greenery into your home? Do you love to spend time amidst plants and trees? Are you on a busy schedule, with no time for high maintenance indoor plants? Well, we have a perfect solution for you.

Artificial Ivies are making their steady way to the top in home decorating plants.

From potted patio plants to hanging plants, wall mounted plants to a plant wall the options that we can work with artificial ivies are many.

Artificial Ivies can be used as wreaths, to give a festive look for any occasion.

Wreaths are a classic design choice for festivity. You have the option to choose your ivy, in the shape of a garland of your choice. With natural looks and no care requirement, these are the apt decorations for the holiday seasons.

You also have the option to change the shape of a wreath, from traditional circle to square or triangle. This fosters creativity like never before.

Artificial Ivies can be used for special flower arrangements, to add splashing colors to any type of décor.

There are numerous artificial flowers that can be used for home decoration.
The bright colors and varied options that are available give us a chance to play with our imagination to create a striking blend of sophisticated style and luxurious glamor.

The artificial flower arrangements together with ivies will add color, enhance your mood and bring in the one thing that was missing previously.

Artificial Ivies can be used in hanging plants, to achieve the desired look for tight-knit spaces.

Another way to get more out of your space using artificial ivy is to use them as hanging plants. It suits perfectly to your porch, patio or deck. The faux ivy hanging plants will bring in a casual look with a unique and traditional feature to it.

Artificial ivies can be used in unusual ways for beautification.

The artificial ivy has an added advantage in that it typically has a wire in the stem making it easy to move and reposition while you decorate. This is ideal for decorating places like a ceiling, the perimeter around it or to create a specific pattern.

Small lights such as strands of Christmas lights, can work well with these ivies. Wrap them around or staple them together and voila you have your custom designed party lights décor.

Implement all your ideas about shapes, using artificial ivies in Topiary Trees.

Topiary is another place where ivies can be used to its perfection. The ranges of using ivies in topiaries are numerous. From artificial topiary trees to topiary tree shrubs, topiary plants to hedges they are the pinnacle of sophistication.

The artificial ivy plants not only enhance the room with its looks, but they will also create an aura of calmness in the setting. Try to glorify your entranceway with topiary artificial balls, spirals, and cones.

Introduce an Areca Palm Ivy Tree in your room for a tranquil feeling.

Artificial Palm ivy trees create magic around the space they are put in. Palm trees are associated with relaxation and a sense of calmness. If you want a tropical effect in a contemporary way, artificial palm trees are the answer.

This Areca palm, ivy does not require any heavy upkeep and will be a striking presence in your home design.

Artificial ivies along with Silk Flowers can be used to add décor-fostering creativity.

Silk flowers prove to be one of the ideal replacements for real flowers. Silk flowers are made of plastics and other non-perishable materials, and hence they last longer whereas the real silk flowers last only 5 to 7 days.

The caring and maintaining of silk flowers with artificial ivies are comparatively easy. It requires just wiping out the dust occasionally. The silk flowers can also be washed, giving it a fresh look every now and then.

The silk flowers have a realistic look and shine to it, which brings the same aura as that of real flowers, minus all the hassle for preserving them.

Artificial Ivies can be used to create a plant wall.

Plant walls are extensively used to create a style statement. A whole wall of the room can be used to design a serene look. Or frames can be used to give a contemporary look. Since artificial ivies can be worked out to create many shapes, they are usually preferred over other varieties.

You can accessorize your house with artificial ivies.

The fake ivy plants can be used in many ways to ornament your home.
For example mats. Mats aren't just for utility purposes. Artificial ivies can be used to create mats, which can add a little character to any home.

Not only do they add excitement to your space, but they can also be used for varied purposes. From displaying as artwork, masking flaws on a wall or even in themes and landscapes.

Use artificial ivies in some of your outdoor decoration projects.

The patio or backyard, which are ideal places for natural plants, can be decorated with artificial ivies. And they stay the same irrespective of the weather outside. You can use them to make a custom bird feed or you could work with them to cover the stair railings, giving it a tropical effect.

You could also make centerpieces for patio deck. The boring fences can be made to look more natural and wild, by using these ivies curled around them.


With the collection of fake ivy plants, instantly add charm and create a desired aesthetic. From dark settings to colorful walls, artificial ivy garlands will blend beautifully into a range of interiors. Sit back and enjoy the majestic looking faux ivy vines.

And all these can be done with minimal cost and even more minimal maintenance of the plants. Bring in one today, and feel the difference forever.