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How to Maximize Space Around Windows for Houseplants

How to Maximize Space Around Windows for Houseplants

Plants can do it all. They can improve air quality, create a soothing environment, boost life expectancy, and increase productivity.  In fact, walk into a home with plants and you will immediately feel a sense of happiness and relaxation. However, if you are living in a small urban apartment or basement, it might be tricky to have plants around you. Houseplants require a warm sunspot near a window and it is not easy to fulfill that requirement in tiny city apartments. Don’t worry, there are a lot of space-maximizing techniques to introduce plant life in your space and ensure a healthy dose of sunlight for them.

Tension Rods

Tension rods offer an easy way to shift your houseplants from counters and tabletops and free up valuable storage space. Large and sturdy tension rods can be used to support larger plants like leggy vines for example. They have the ability to hold a significant amount of weight whereas smaller tension rods can be used to suspend cute, compact hanging plants as well as small succulents.

Extra Shelving

Extra shelving is another way to increase the space around windows for houseplants. Ornamental shelves or creative shelving solutions don’t just bring extra spice to the interior design, but it will also give home to your plants in front of the window. Hanging over-the-window plant shelves, suction cupped shelves, and custom made shelves are all incredible options to go on your wall.

Hanging Baskets, Pouches and Containers

Hanging baskets, pouches, and containers offer a fun and effective way to maximize space around windows. A great space-saving way to introduce lively greenery in the setting, these elements are cost-effective and classy accessories to display your greenery in. Macramé hanging baskets, soft fabric pouches, plastic containers, and woven reed baskets are some options that can be easily hung from the ceiling and can safely house your plants.

Wall-Mounted Wire Grid

Wall-mounted wire grids alongside S hooks make for a highly versatile and exciting way to maximize space around windows for houseplants. The best part about these grids is that you can customize them according to your requirements. You can also hang all your gardening essentials from watering cans to gardening scissors for an easy, instant access.

Coat Hooks and Ceiling Hangers

Coat hooks offer an innovative and cost-effective way to add soothing greenery in any space. You can hang small succulent planters or other tiny houseplants from unused hooks on your towel or coat rack. Ceiling hangers, too, are ideal for use in small spaces as they can support your pop of greenery easily and add a fun, surprising layer to the interior design.