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7 Gorgeous Flowers and Shrubs for Winter Gardens

7 Gorgeous Flowers and Shrubs for Winter Gardens

Winters can be dark and drab and dominated by gray. The end of fall prompts us to start prepping for a mundane, chilly garden. Except that is not the case at all. You do not have to wait until spring to see charming flowers in your garden again. There are loads of striking shrubs and beautiful blooms that can not only withstand winter but bring great structure and fragrance to winter gardens. Below are a few stunning flowers and shrubs for winter gardens that will look at their absolute best while everything else is dormant.


A cool weather favorite, Pansies bring stunning color to gardens and are great for both spring and fall. Featuring heart-shaped, overlapping petals, they come in a wide range of bright, pretty colors – from sunshine yellow to gorgeous violet and can even survive a frost. Best suited for USDA zones 5-9, Pansies will brighten up your winter gardens.

Winter Jasmine

One of the earliest flowering plants to bloom, Winter Jasmine blossoms in January and brings great interest to winter gardens. Featuring gorgeous, plentiful yellow blooms that are about 1-inch wide, Winter Jasmine is a popular and reliable shrub that is known to cheer up gardens in the depths of winter.


Native to the eastern US, Winterberry is a deciduous holly shrub with bright red berries that will bring great appeal to your garden throughout the winter and spring. They will drop their leaves in winter but the beautiful berry-laden branches will catch the eye against snowy backdrop. Only fertilized female plants will produce a gorgeous display of berries, so ensure that there is at least one male plant to allow for cross-pollination.


Highly prized for their beautiful blooms, Camellias are attractive evergreen shrubs that will brighten up your winter gardens with their showy red, white and pink flowers. Ranked as one of the best flowering shrubs, Camellias will bloom in your landscape from October through May and are hardy to 0 degrees Fahrenheit (USDA zones 7 to 9).


Just when it feels that the winter gloom has reached its peak, Crocus flowers will bloom to spread some cheer. From pinks to reds, oranges to yellows, blues to purples, Crocus flowers will not only provide amazing winter garden color, but they will spread and come back year after year with even more flourishing display.

Cabbage and Kale

Some of the hardiest plants around that can withstand negative temperatures (some varieties), Cabbage and Kale bring stunning color and texture to winter gardens. Once hardened by cooler night temperatures, they can survive cold winters as well. There are ornamental varieties as well as ones that you can eat, so make sure you know what you’re planting.


Ideal for gardens that don’t get much sun, Hostas live really long and bring great height, texture and color to the garden. From variegated white to lime green to blue-green, Hosta leaves come in various colors and their shape and texture range from smooth to narrow to ridges and heart-shaped. Just like Crocuses, they thrive in cold weather and continue to grow bigger and better each year.