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6 Fabulous Living Room Style Improvement Ideas Worth Trying

6 Fabulous Living Room Style Improvement Ideas Worth Trying
The living room is the heart of every home. It should be both appealing for the guests and relaxing for you. Traditional or contemporary designs, the way we design our living room, shows a lot about our style and moods.

Farmhouse look, open plan places or a chic modern décor, the choices are many, and the trends keep evolving. We are here with some home décor trends for you to try in your living room.

Choose a bold paint color.

Gone are the days of mild, neutral looking colors. Bold and bright colors are being chosen for the walls of the living room to make a style statement. Multicolor options for a single wall is also trending these days. These clashing shades make the place look bright and beautiful and natural accents with all other décor elements of the room.

Wallpapers, which was an old school, is back again by popular demand. With floral patterns being preferred by many, these wallpapers come in various designs for you to choose from. You can also opt for matte black paint finishes to make a unique choice for your living room.

Fabric Choice matter a lot.

When it comes to using trending decors, fabrics play an important role too. Especially when the room is painted with bright and bold colors, the fabric color and make should make a style quotient for itself.

Velvet material for couches is a better option. Especially the upholstered sofas with a velvet finish and a lively color automatically adds a class. Colors like burnt yellow, deep blue, dark red are some of the trendy choices for sofas.

Decorating with greenery.

With urbanization taking a strong takeover, people are trying to bring in greenery into their homes. These plants act as décor elements and also enhance positive energy around the house. Ranging from pot plants, hanging plants, vines or indoor trees this greenery can help you decorate your living room.

Even if you don't have green thumbs, indoor artificial plants and trees are designed just for you. With the various options available you could decorate your living room with close to natural looking faux plants and trees. For example, a large corner plant can be a personality-packed focal point for the entire living room.

You could opt for artificial plants with pots like Areca Palm trees. The large topiary trees can be designed to any shape or size you want. Grandma's vases of plastic flower or inexpensive silks plants are some of the examples, which can be used to uplift your living room in accordance with the latest trend.

Patterned Carpets.

Rugs have been a living room decorating item for many years. From luxurious looking silk to easy-to-clean synthetics, the choices are many. Patterned rugs are the latest trending carpets. They are not only stylish, but they change the entire outlook of the living room. Dark beautiful floral patterns, or geometric patterns these come in various color and design.

Natural Features.

Unusual décor items are always on trend. Be it a single thing in a room or room full of natural elements, they brighten the place. Items like stone, copper, concrete, granite not only become a collectible but also automatically becomes a central point of the room.

Try to use some contrasting things to decorate. Pinecones can be a seasonal décor element. It can bring in the festivity and also acts as creative design. Natural wood furniture can make a style quotient for itself.

Natural wood floors are always on the top. Matte finish floors are gaining popularity. Recycled and engineered woods are alternative choices. And low maintenance, budget option is to go for tile or vinyl floors, which have the real wood, look.

Small Footprints.

Though changing the entire furniture for the living room becomes a costly affair, try to opt for open legged furniture. Upholstered couch, curvy lightweight coffee table are some of the examples.

When it comes to decorating the living room according to the trend, we have varied options. Try vintage lighting for instance. A gallery wall along the staircase still is a favorite décor for many, letting them travel thro their memories.

Not only the walls and main furniture offer great creativity with décor but other minute details also need your attention like the bookshelves or the wall hanging décor items. Bookshelves can be big enough to cover an entire wall, or it can be a creative shelf offering a good view.

Wall hangings can be of abstract paintings or geometric designs, or you could frame a perfectly symmetric leaf to give a natural element in the room. All the décor elements together should form an eclectic mix.

The living room is to be lived in. Do not overdo the decorations.
Mix your textures, use the negative spaces and make a perfectly usable layout. A cramped or cluttered look creates a bad impression and gives out negative vibes.


Your living room should be a favorite hang out spot at a party or a quiet place to catch up on a book. Game night or date night, it should serve both ways.

Use the above trends and add some strokes of your imagination to decorate your favorite room of the house. Practice balance and try bold styles of decoration. Combine ideas and create a focal point to make your statement. Keep it minimal so that you could opt for changes too.

Include these ideas in your décor to be on trend.