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5 Ideas for Including Faux Flowers in your Home

5 Ideas for Including Faux Flowers in your Home

Flower arrangements are some of the most familiar and attractive design elements that have graced our homes for hundreds of years. Whether a living room needs a happy vibe or the entryway needs a standout presence, flowers are the go-to elements to transform the space. If you’re planning to bring some to your home, then we highly recommend faux flowers. Faux flowers are inexpensive, convenient, long-lasting, and beautiful plants that can light up a room with their presence. The right flower arrangement in the right place can make a stunning impression that communicates a sense of style and atmosphere of positivity. Below are a few ideas for including faux flowers in your home.

Hallway – Want to make your home more welcoming for your guests? Greet them by placing a striking display of faux flowers in the hallway. A flower display that catches the eye of a neighbor or friend in a hallway is a perfect conversation starter and a healthy presence in your home. Big, exotic flowers such as Hydrangeas, Roses, Orchids, Lilies, and Dahlias will make for an exquisite addition in your hallway and will go a long way in making your home welcoming to others.

Workstation – Faux flowers can also be a prime addition to the workstation. The pandemic and work-from-home culture showed us how dull our work environment can get and faux flowers bring a much-needed energy to the setting. You can imagine how much more enjoyable it is to be surrounded by flowers during a long meeting or while completing a work task. It also brings the welcomed sight of nature as it can be difficult to be cooped up in your office.

Tables – One of the greatest strengths of faux flowers comes from the ability to make custom arrangements suited to any type of table you may have. For example, if you have a large dining table, then you can introduce two or three arrangements to accentuate the look of the table and the space. It is recommended to opt for smaller, often singular flowers when purchasing arrangements for smaller tables, whereas larger tables present the opportunity for bigger arrangements. You can also match the color of flowers with curtains, sofas, and other elements of your décor for a cohesive look.

Front Door – Flowers beside the front door is the first opportunity that you get to welcome your guests to your home. For this purpose, you can introduce tall flower arrangements on either side of the door, hang a faux flower wreath on the front door, or display a charming hanging basket.

Kitchen – One of the most eventful areas in your home is the kitchen. Flower arrangements in your kitchen will add conversation, positive energy, and a happier vibe. Afterall, the kitchen is usually minimally decorated and bringing in some colorful artificial flowers will add a bit of personality and plenty of style to the setting. Artificial flower centerpieces are perfect for spicing up any kitchen décor in no time.