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Make your home décor flourish with our artificial Sedum. Display it in a vase on its own or team it up with other floral accents, our silk Sedum flowers have vibrancy and vigor about them which will transform your entire setting. Our faux Sedum have something about them, a charm and cheerfulness which wins hearts almost instantly.

Star-shaped flowers which will be the undoubted stars of your home or office décor, this range of artificial Sedum flowers will bring life to your drab, dated space. Flowers which will give your décor sophistication and a dash of joy, our silk Sedum will bring energy to your rooms and will make the setting entertaining and enthusiastic. Place these faux Sedum flowers in a vase or a pot and display it in any room. We’re sure it will change the mood of the setting and will let you enjoy your room so much more. A great way to add interest and personality to home design, our fake Sedum flowers will bring style to the space.