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Are you looking for something that would provide a finishing touch to your home décor? Do you have a floral arrangement in your space, but it lacks that special aura and spark? If yes, then we have something for you – a sparkling selection of Rose heads, petals, and clips which will complete your décor and make it special. From beaded artificial Roses in a multitude of colors to glittered Roses, Rose petals in multiple colors to floating Roses which will make your water or fountain decoration stylish, we have something which will bring a vibrant pop of color to your space and create a lovely display.

Roses are one of the most magical flowers, capable of creating any desired look and evoking a range of emotions with their colors and style. And if you want to bring a part of Rose in your home décor, then have a look at these artificial Rose heads, petals and clips. Great for adding color and appeal to centerpieces or existing decorative accessories, our silk Rose heads, petals and clips will improve their appeal. An easy and inexpensive way to create a comfortable and prosperous setting, these faux Rose heads, petals and clips feel absolutely ethereal.