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If you are looking to cast a romantic glow in your rooms, then nothing beats the charm of our artificial Rose centerpiece and candle ring collection. A perfect combination of beauty and utility, these silk Rose candle rings act as a centerpiece yet bring a mystery to the space. One of the most creative and vibrant pieces of decorations, our faux Rose candle ring selection is ideal to introduce warmth and color in any setting. Available in various sizes, colors and styles, they will shield the flame from breeze and bring style and a textural element to the tablescapes.

Whether it’s a new or a recently renovated room, if you want to bring character and style to it, then nothing will do it better than our artificial Rose Centerpiece and Candle Rings. A delightful way to display your candles, upgrade your room and make it special, these silk Rose Centerpiece and Candle Rings will bring wonderful appeal to the setting. A great option if you’re looking to bring a refined, polished look to the space, our faux Rose Centerpiece and Candle Rings are rich and captivating and will make it highly interesting. They will add a nice, chic finishing touch to the setting.