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One of the most popular coffee table flowers, Primrose is as elegant as it is comfy. Borrowing a certain charm and loads of romanticism from Roses, our collection of artificial Primrose provides an excellent backdrop to any setting. Whether you want to include it in a theme or display it in a glass vase on its own, our silk Primrose is both enticing and fun. Their simple look and no fuss persona makes them an ideal décor. Subtly fabulous and inviting, if you are looking to create a romantic table for a dinner or want to make your bedrooms full of love, our faux Primrose is the ideal accessory.

If you’re tired of same decorations or the usual flowers and would like to decorate your home with some unique flowers, then do check out our range of artificial Primrose. Featuring simple green leaves and gentle, minimal flowers, our silk Primrose plants also consist of a faux butterfly which adds to the drama. Decorative elements which will help you craft a highly fun and playful space, these faux Primrose plants will elevate your rooms to an altogether different level.