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A dense, undulated foliage with a riot of colors, our selection of artificial Pineapple flowers is an enticing and curious one. A unique set of blooms crowned by a tuft of leaves, these silk Pineapple flowers are whimsical and add a bold accessory to bring home. If you are looking to add some interest in your home décor, then these silk Pineapple flowers are perfect. They will make sure that your guests stop and take notice. Highly exotic and extremely unique, if you love the fruit, you will love the flower too. Trust us, it is fascinating!

We all, not exactly all, but many absolutely love Pineapples. And even if you don’t we’re sure you wont hold it against these artificial Pineapple flowers. Flowers which are as impressive and unique as the fruit, these silk Pineapple florals will introduce life and fun in your living space. Simple as they look, we can assure you that these faux Pineapple flowers are full of personality and will lift the less exciting corners, accessories and furnishing in your home interiors with incredible ease. They will be a truly captivating presence in your home.