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Whether it’s an entire tree or some fronds, artificial palm leaves or branches assembled with other plants and flowers, there is something about the lush green foliage and the needle sharp leaves of palm which brings life and beauty to any living space. If you are not a big fan of palm or any large trees indoors, then these small yet striking elements of the palm will get you going. You cannot underestimate the joy and freshness they will bring to your space and placing them amidst existing designs and landscapes will show you how creative and refreshing they can be.

Bringing a big tree indoors or even in your deck, patio or garden space can sometimes be intimidating. Our artificial palm sprays placed in existing centerpieces or room designs can be just as beautiful and elegant as the entire package. In fact, sometimes, these small inclusions can go a long way in refreshing the entire look. Artificial palm leaves, fronds and branches are known for their soothing presence and placing them in an area where you see them often can make you stress free and rejuvenate you after a long day. Also, you can try including them in a space which you see first thing in the morning and watch them get you on pleasant mode even on the most manic days.

Whether it’s the dining area or living space, our artificial palm leaves can be a lovely touch and will have a refreshing impact on the setting. Crafted from premium quality material, our palm components are highly realistic and do not require constant maintenance. They are extremely durable and will continue to provide a fun and tropical touch to your space till times to come. Pair them up with your favorite flowers, centerpieces or existing landscape and watch them evoke the feelings that you crave for.

No matter if you opt for our Areca palm spray or Cycas palm spray, Coconut palm spray or Banana palm leaves, they can really bring a dour space to life. If your garden lacks greenery or if it lacks personality, then our palm components are highly recommended. On their own, our branches and fronds may look ordinary, but when you use them along with other plants and trees, they will help in emphasizing the trendy look of your design and will give your spaces a stylish finishing touch.

A key component in modern and minimalistic centerpieces or decorations, our faux palm tree components are easy to work with and provide a striking contrast to your landscapes. Whether its indoors or outdoors, they will perk things up in the drabbest of settings.