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Whether your outdoor space lacks color and intrigue during harsh weather conditions or your garden, patio or porch lacks personality altogether, topiary is something which should feature in the landscape. With their whimsical shapes and styles, they bring so much interest and excitement to any setting. If you’re on the lookout for some stylish ones for your space, then look no further than our outdoor artificial Topiary Cones. Beautiful and inspired accents that will style up your outdoor space without any hassle, these silk Topiary Cones for outdoor use will give you a truly special setting season after season.

From outdoor artificial Topiary Cones to outdoor silk Triangular Topiaries to outdoor faux Ball and Cone Topiaries, we have them in a range of styles, sizes and foliage varieties that will bring incredible appeal to your space till times to come. These are quite fun accents that will make a striking statement in your space.

If you’re planning to buy topiaries for your space, then browse our Topiary Cone collection and you’ll find one that fits in beautifully in your design scheme. These accents are created using premium quality material and as such they look quite lifelike. Stylish, practical elements, our fake Topiary Cones do not require any sort of heavy upkeep.