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A pristine, eye-catching outdoor space sets the perfect tone. It also makes a great impression on everyone. If you’re looking to create a well-maintained, green, year-round attractive outdoor space, then our collection of outdoor artificial Hedge Panels and Wall Tiles should definitely feature in your project. From masking flawed walls and fences to hiding utility boxes and other unsightly views, we have outdoor silk Foliage Wall Tiles and Hedge Panels that will bring color, interest and durability to the substrates without any fuss.

From outdoor artificial Boxwood Mats to outdoor silk Fern Mats, outdoor faux Boxwood Mat Rolls to outdoor fake Cypress Mats, we have a large selection of Hedge Panels and Wall Tiles that can be easily installed for an added appeal. A great way to give your outdoor landscape interesting details all-year-round, these elements will bring wonderful character and personality to the setting season after season.

Our outdoor faux Hedge Panels and Wall Tiles are crafted using our innovative technology which makes them fade resistant. That means you can use them outdoors without worrying about color loss due to harsh sun, rain, snow or wind. These outdoor fake Hedge Panels and Wall Tiles do not require any sort of constant maintenance and will keep things interesting till times to come.