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Highly treasured for their showy, mesmerizing blooms, Lilies are one of the most artistic flowers. And its not just about blooms. Even their branches and picks offer a beautiful display which is tough to ignore. Here, we have some of the most creative and imaginative artificial Lily stems, sprays, branches and picks which will make for a wonderful display. Exuding charm and flair, these silk Lily stems, sprays, branches and picks are minimal yet striking design elements which will bring joy and enthusiasm to your landscape.

Everything about Lilies is stunning. From their slender, green stems to the wonderfully folded and gracefully shapely blooms. And if you’re looking to introduce this mesmerizing flower to your home décor, then have a look at our no-maintenance, inexpensive and impressive collection of artificial Lily Stems, Sprays, Branches and Picks. Available in a range of colors, styles, sizes and combinations we have a range of silk Lily Sprays, Stems, Branches and Picks which will make your home décor highly captivating.