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One of the most eye-catching plant varieties, Ivy is a striking, bright and interesting houseplant. You will find it in most landscapes as they’re quite interesting accents. If you’re looking to bring this exciting variety in your home décor without any fuss, then look at our collection of artificial Ivy arrangements and hanging baskets. Whether you’re looking for accents that will give your décor a cool, calm finishing touch or you’re on the lookout for ones that will bring a welcoming feel to the setting, these silk Ivy arrangements and hanging baskets are all you need.

Available in a range of styles, sizes and combinations, we have faux Ivy hanging baskets and arrangements that will refresh your space and will give you an engaging setting in no time. Whether you have a large home or compact space, traditional style or modern décor, there are Ivy hanging baskets and arrangements that will fit your space and style it up effortlessly.

If you’re looking to buy Ivy plants, then look no further than this delightful collection. Our fake Ivy arrangements and hanging baskets make use of premium quality material and as such they look really lifelike. These are long-lasting, chic elements that do not require any sort of constant upkeep.