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It’s a beautiful spectacle to watch our artificial Frangipani flowers gracing your living room all round the year instead of just a few months. With realistic looking petals and lifelike foliage, our silk Frangipani flowers will give an air of sophistication to your décor. These faux blooms do not require constant upkeep and are an inexpensive way to upgrade your interiors.

A delicate beauty which is sublime and sophisticated, nothing comes better than our collection of artificial Frangipani flowers when it comes to serene and relaxing demeanor. Clusters of pure, colorful blooms which will enliven any space, these silk Frangipani flowers will give your eye a place to rest in the setting. A delightful piece of decoration which will blend in beautifully in the bedroom or any seating area, our faux Frangipani flowers will transform your room in a gorgeous way. If you’re looking to introduce some flowers in your space which will infuse it with tranquility and playful spirit, then look no further.