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Versatile, durable and easy to care, our artificial Cattleya Orchid flowers are just the sort of interior decoration that you’re looking for. Perfect for use during festivities or on the special occasion, this silk Cattleya Orchid flowers will help you create a stunning everlasting display that will enliven your home interiors.

The best part about Orchids is the number of varieties, forms and colors they are available in. No matter what sort of design style you have, there is always an Orchid available for it. Blending a spectrum of colors and forms, our collection of artificial Cattleya Orchid is extremely lifelike and will bring an exotic allure to the setting. An ideal focal point in any room, these silk Cattleya Orchids exude warmth and charm in abundance and will create a stunning ambiance. Our faux Cattleya Orchids are easy to maintain and their superlative elegance will impress every onlooker.