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One of the all time favorites, our artificial Carnations are versatile, durable and ridiculously pretty flowers. These silk Carnations will instantly bring in a modern look to your living room and will complement your interiors. Our faux Carnations will help you create a stunning everlasting display that will enliven your home interiors.

Do you often feel that your rooms are ‘blah’ and make for an uninspiring walk each time you set foot? Do you feel that you deserve a design space which will make your days brighter and better? If yes, then you need a color fix in your home design and these artificial Carnations will help you do that. A great way to make your rooms better and colorful, our collection of silk Carnation flowers will create energetic spaces in your home. Something which will ease into your design style perfectly, these faux Carnation flowers will make sure that you start and end your days on a positive note.

Want to evoke love and affection for your loved one? Do it with our artificial Carnations. Flowers which are revered for their incredibly rich and captivating looks, we have created a collection of silk Carnations which mimic the real ones beautifully and perfectly. Full of personality and admiration, our faux Carnation flowers will help you supplement the emotions you want to evoke in the most perfect manner. Featuring gorgeous colors and texture, these fake Carnations are one of the most appealing flowers which will make your day a little brighter.