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Landscaping Classics from SilkPlantsDirect – Faux Ficus TreesHave you meant to redecorate the surroundings of your office, home, restaurant or any other space? Do you wish to add a beautiful summery vibe to the area and leave visitors, family, and friends amazed? Then the product that you have been looking for is the ficus range offered by SilkPlantsDirect. These lush green, realistic looking and absolutely captivating ficus plants can brighten up the area they are placed in. Tolerant of all weather conditions, the faux ficus plants can be placed in both indoors as well as outdoor situations.

Affordably Priced Options For A Makeover

Giving any space a makeover can prove to be an expensive ordeal. People are always wondering how to give their homes or offices a beautiful new look at affordable prices. Using artificial landscaping products is a great and convenient way to ensure that you bring about the changes that liven up your living space. The faux ficus plants offered by SilkPlantsDirect are just what you need to bring in an affordable and easy makeover. The price range that these plants are available in makes them very easy on the pockets and the perfect items for gorgeous makeovers.

Can Be Installed In A Wide Range Of Setups

Another excellent feature of the artificial ficus trees and plants offered by SilkPlantsDirect is that these faux landscaping products can be installed in both exterior and interior landscapes. Here’s a list of spaces you may want to consider installing the plants in:

  • Office meeting rooms, office pantries, conference rooms, outdoor parking area in the office building, office reception or lobby, corporate building lobbies and banquet halls can be decorated and given a makeover with the faux ficus plants. 
  • Trade shows, exhibitions, conventions, party halls, restaurants, cafeterias, coffee shops, bars, pubs, and lounges can be given a vibrant new feel with the help of these artificial landscaping products. 
  • Apartments, government buildings, senior citizen homes, hospitals, doctor’s clinics, dental facilities, psychiatric facilities, museums, art galleries and car showrooms can also be great places to install the faux ficus plants and trees. 
  • Hotels, resorts, outdoor swimming pool area, private beaches where parties are conducted, public gardens and private schools and colleges can be given a makeover with the artificial landscaping products.

Limited Maintenance And Care Required

If you’re looking to install a landscape in your surroundings, you’re probably well aware of the maintenance and care that is required when you install real plants and trees in the surroundings. Not only do the real plants require regular watering, pruning, cutting, trimming, changing of soil and other care, but these plants often require professional care and treatment that can only be provided by a gardener. Such maintenance and care can prove to be time-consuming and also ends up wasting a lot of your money. In the case of the artificial ficus plants, you don’t need to worry about providing any maintenance or care. If you feel that the faux plants have gathered dust, all you need is a spray of water to keep them looking young and fresh.

Afraid Of Fires? SilkPlantsDirect Has Fire Retardant Plants For You

Artificial landscaping products have been the reason of countless fires. Installing faux plants and trees that are susceptible to fires can be a nightmare. Not only can the area that such plants are installed in getting ruined but a fire in the surroundings can be a risk to human life too. In the case of the faux ficus plants, you need not worry about fires and damage being caused to your home or office. The raw materials of these plants are treated with special fire retardant chemicals that ensure the finished products are completely fireproof. You can install the plants in all kinds of humid and dry conditions without a single worry.

Fade Resistant And Weather Proof Ficus Plants

Some artificial landscaping products tend to be intolerant towards harsh weather conditions. When exposed to the sun, these faux plants fade or lose their color. When exposed to excessive rainfall or snowfall some brands of faux plants begin to deteriorate in quality and spoil. In the case of the faux ficus plants by SilkPlantsDirect, you don’t need to worry about the leaves fading or the plants getting spoiled. These plants are very sturdy and completely climate tolerant. They can be installed in all types of weather conditions and will still last for years and years on end without facing any kind of damage. When not in use, you can even store away the faux ficus plants in a warehouse. These plants have a very long shelf life and can sustain for long even when stored away.

Install A Landscape With A Theme

The best part about the artificial ficus plants is that installing them in any surrounding can help you give the place a beautiful summery and tropical vibe. Imagine living in a cold country like Alaska, or a wet place like Seattle, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could beat the gloomy weather with a splash of summer? Now you can. The ficus trees have a lovely hot summer vibe to them, and you can give your landscape a lovely beach-like the theme. Even installing these plants in a themed way in restaurants, malls or boutiques can change the vibe of the place and attract more customers.

Well, what are you waiting for? You have all the reasons why these fabulous ficus plants are just the thing you need to install in your landscape. Log onto the SilkPlantsDirect website today and place your order. Your order will be shipped right to your doorstep, and a team of professional installers will ensure that your landscape is completed in an aesthetic, strategic and practical manner.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

mothers day gift

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” 

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May every year. Even the ancient Greeks highly respected the mother of the Gods Rhea and the Romans also had festivities held in honor of the mother goddess Cybele.

This year Mother’s Day falls on May 13, 2018. This is the time to show your mother how you love and care for her, and also to remember how she molded you into what you are today. Since Mother’s Day is practically knocking at the door, you must be looking for gifts for the very special person of your life. To help you out in your quest for the perfect gifts, we have come up with 10 memorable ideas that are sure to warm her heart with tears of joy flowing down the eyes.

1. Bake a cake

Mothers always love DIY gifts and baking a cake is perhaps the best thing you can gift your mother with your personal touch on the Mother’s Day. She has been taking care of you throughout these years so why not put some effort to turn the table on this special day? If you have any doubt, do not feel shy to get the recipe from her. She would be delighted to help you out. Make it personal by writing something on the cake.

2. Gift a scented candle

Scented candles make great Mother’s Day gifts. Plenty of scented candles are available in the market; nevertheless, it is the best to make one at home for ensuring a personal touch. Take a glass container and set the wick in place. Now melt wax on medium heat, add crayon color and mix thoroughly. Next, add some essential oil and then pour the wax slowly into the container keeping the wick upright and leaving some space at the top of the container to prevent overflow of wax when the candle burns. Your mom will definitely like this as it will remind her of you.

3. Give a card with handprint art

Sending handprint art is the most adorable gift for the moms and the grandmothers. You can give the imprint of your hands and that of your brothers and sisters on the Mother’s Day card. Just color your palms with paint and put these on the card. Draw some branches and leaves so that it looks like a flower. Framing the card will add to the beauty.

4. Pamper her with personalized gifts

As the Mother’s Day is coming very fast, why not show your mom how much you love her by presenting a unique personalized gift for her. This can be a personalized T-shirt, personalized cushion, engraved kitchen cutting board, ‘Thank you mom’ jewelry box, or ‘OMG mom was right about everything’ coffee mug. These decorative and useful items will brighten her up with your personal touch, and she would love these.

5. Connect her on Skype

In case you have to stay in some other city or another part of the world away from your mother, organizing internet and Skype installation could be the best Mother’s Day gift this year. Arrange to send a technician to her place for installing strong internet connection with a webcam and get in touch with her the first thing on the morning of the Mother’s Day. Your mom would also enjoy speaking to her grandchildren regularly.

6. Comfort her with a natural oil diffuser

Your mother deserves a special treat on the Mother’s Day. So, you must think of a unique gift that makes her feel like a special someone. Maybe she aspires for some little more comfort while resting at home. Giving her a stylish natural oil diffuser will make a perfect Mother’s Day gift. The seven color therapeutic lighting can be programmed to display a rainbow of colors, and the fragrance helps create a relaxing ambiance in the room.

7. Surprise with a rocking chair

If your mom enjoys sitting for a long time with her favorite book in hand, presenting a rocking chair could be a nice Mother’s Day gift this year. Get a wooden rocker with a comfortable cushion. You may get it painted in your mom’s favorite color. She will be surprised to receive this on the Mother’s Day and start using this. As she will relax and unwind sitting on the rocker, this could be her favorite chair soon.

8. Gift her faux landscaping products

Mothers love to décor homes. What could be a great idea than to gift her artificial flowering plants, bonsai trees, topiaries, etc for home decoration? The silk plants look like the real one in all respects and therefore great for decoration. These are made from prime quality foliage and made fade and fire resistant by special chemical treatment. The great advantage of these non-natural landscaping products is that these are available in customized sizes and starts adorning home the home from the day. These never wilt, so their charm and freshness will be preserved for a long time.

9. Nothing can match Jewelry

Your mom is the most precious person in your life. She brought you to this world and helped you grow up and be what you are now. So why not gift her Jewelry pieces on this Mother’s Day? This can include anything from ‘mama’ script rings, family tree necklaces, bracelets, stone drop earrings, pearl pendants or whatever else you may think of. She will be the happiest person to wear these sparkly pieces of jewelry and will cherish the memory forever.

10. Donate to the charities

If your mother has everything that you can think of gifting her on the Mother’s Day and continuously insist on not giving any gifts, then you have to think some ways to show your love and respect for her. In such cases, you can donate something on behalf of your mother to the charities working for the mothers who find going tough. This will make a great gift for your mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

The faux Phoenix palm branches have a tropical vibe about them. These branches are popularly used to create landscapes with themes. People who are looking to give their surroundings an exotic theme can consider installation of the Phoenix palm branches. Besides their overall summery vibe, the Phoenix palm branches are extremely useful due to their countless noteworthy and convenient features. Let's now discuss why you should consider installing these branches in your landscapes.

The Branches Are Fire Retardant

While there are many brands in the market offering palm branches, not all the available brands have fire retardant products. Artificial landscaping products have been the cause of countless fires. Such mishaps can lead to a destruction of property as well as loss of human life. In the case of the artificial palm branches offered by Silk Plants Direct, you don't need to worry about any loss due to fires. The raw materials of these branches have been impregnated with certain fire retardant chemicals that prevent the finished products from being susceptible to fires.

Weather Proof Branches For Those Harsh Weather Conditions

Another reason that the Phoenix palm branches offered by Silk Plants Direct are highly recommended is that these landscaping products are completely weatherproof. It doesn't matter whether you live in rainy Seattle, icy Alaska or dry Arizona, the palm branches can withstand all kinds of climatic conditions. The leaves of these branches will not fade or lose their when exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. Also when installing in outdoor landscapes, the artificial palms are sturdy enough to tolerate heavy snowfall and rainfall without deteriorating in quality or getting ruined. The fact that these landscaping products are completely climate tolerant make them the ideal choice for your landscapes.

Cost Effective And Affordable Landscaping Products

Setting up a landscape can prove to be a very costly affair. Some brands that sell faux landscaping products have items that are priced at exorbitant and unaffordable rates. In the case of the palm branches and other interesting landscaping products offered by Silk Plants Direct, you don't need to worry about the products being unaffordable. These palm branches are priced very reasonably and can be purchased in large quantities without a hassle. Even people who wish to install landscapes that are extremely large can purchase these palm branches in bulk quantities without a hole being burnt through their pockets. Affordable pricing is another reason that the Phoenix palm branches are highly recommended.

Easy To Provide Maintenance To

Installing real palm trees in any landscape can be a very tricky and complicated situation. Palm trees are high maintenance plants that require proper sunlight and just the right amount of water to thrive. Excessive water or lack of sunlight can kill the real plant. Now unless you're a horticulturist or a gardener, it would be nearly impossible to provide real palm plants and trees such maintenance. The faux Phoenix palm branches, on the other hand, are far easier to maintain. You don't need to water these artificial branches, provide sunlight or even trim them on a regular basis. The easy maintenance feature of these faux landscaping products makes them a worthy and hassle-free investment.

Hassle Free Installation Process

Just because you have been dreaming of installing a landscape in your home or office space does not indicate that you have the experience of installing faux landscaping products. Haphazardly installed artificial plants and trees will only end up ruining the show of the surroundings. In the case of the faux branches offered by Silk Plants Direct, you don't need to lift a finger to ensure that your landscape looks beautiful and properly planned. A team of skilled installers will come and complete the installation process for you. These professionals have complete knowledge on how to create beautiful and exotic looking landscapes in both commercials as well as residential setups. These installers also have the necessary tools and equipment that will be required for the installation process.

Delivery To Your Doorstep

Another reason for installing the palm branches and other landscaping products from Silk Plants Direct is because of the convenient delivery process of the brand. Once you have placed an order for the goods that you require, these items will be delivered right to your doorstep. Depending on whether you wish to install the landscape in your commercial setup or residential setup, you can mention the address of the location where you wish to install the plants. Convenient delivery options are essential particularly in situations where the customers don't have the time to go to a store or boutique to select, purchase and carry back the products they require.

Can Be Installed In Countless Different Areas

Another reason that you should consider installation of the faux branches in your landscape is because these beautiful and exotic landscaping products can be installed in a wide range of commercial and residential spaces. Here's a list of spaces where these plants are commonly installed:

  • Libraries, public gardens, schools, universities, colleges, medical centers, parks, dog parks, banquet halls and bars can be decorated with the palm branches.
  • Office buildings, government buildings, hospitals, old age homes, lounges, restaurants, apartments, bungalows, and hotels can be given an exotic theme with the help of the Phoenix palms.
  • Art galleries, mall parking lots, boutiques, coffee shops, conference rooms, exhibitions, and trade shows can be brightened up with the installation of the faux landscaping products.

Now that you have all the reasons why you should consider installing the Phoenix faux palm branches in your landscape, the only thing left to do it place your order. We guarantee that these breathtaking landscaping products will give you that perfect landscape you have always dreamed of having.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

Cherry BlossomWhether you have a huge office space or a medium sized waiting room, with the help of Silk Plants Direct, increase the aesthetic appeal ten-fold of any indoor or outdoor landscape. When a client or visitor walks into your office/home, before you are introduced, your surroundings introduce you. With the help of the numerous artificial landscaping products available at Silk Plants Direct, you will have all the means to leave a lasting and amazing impression. Artificial landscaping has been around for some time, but Silk Plants Direct has taken it to an all new level with their realistic and lifelike faux plant collection.

Cherry Blossom Bonsai

Beautiful, elegant and charming, cherry blossom bonsai trees are the stuff of many landscaping dreams. The cherry blossom bonsai remains flowerless for most of the time, blooming only during peak spring and lasts for just 14 days. But with Silk Plants Direct's cherry blossom bonsai you can feast your eyes on the beautiful ‘sakura' flowers every day whole year long without having to worry about the upkeep and the maintenance that one requires when growing a bonsai tree.

Charming Cherry Blossom Bonsai- Let your Dream Décor Come True

Faux Cherry Blossom Bonsai will instantaneously light up any interior or outdoor landscapes with just the right amount of charm and elegance. You can surprise those around you with your perfect little bonsai tree with its colorful cherry blossom flowers. The places where you can use these artificial landscaping bonsai are numerous, from your waiting room, conference room to your reception at the office, from your porch, living room to your dining room at home, it is the perfect fit for all your desired locations. For those of you, who want to customize the artificial cherry blossom bonsai, rest assured that here at Silk Plants Direct all your demands will be satisfied.

Outdoor Statement

Faux Cherry Blossom Bonsai is a major plus for any environment. When it comes to landscaping, cherry blossom bonsai are very high maintenance. They have very specific and clear-cut climatic and environmental requirements. But with artificial cherry blossom bonsai, you need not worry about any of these. This artificial landscaping product for Silk Plants Direct requires no maintenance at all! The only thing you will require to worry about is finding a suitable spot to showcase this little beauty and you are done. With occasional dusting now and then, you and your visitors can feast your eyes upon these charming creations. Place this artificial bonsai landscape product on your porch or terrace, rain, winter or sun, this little cherry blossom will always be blossoming and charming as always.

Indoor Masterpieces

Cherry blossom bonsai landscaping is the stuff of many landscaping dreams. Interior as well as exterior. But the high cost, maintenance, and upbringing make it unaffordable to many. But compromise no longer gets the landscaping of your dreams with the help of artificial cherry blossom bonsai landscaping. This artificial landscaping product is a boon to many who wish to add the ‘wow' factor to their décor using exotic cherry blossom bonsai but tend to travel a lot or are busy quite often making it impossible to look after a real cherry blossom bonsai. Faux cherry blossom bonsai gives you all the elegance, charm and beauty of that of a real one without the hassle of maintenance and upkeep. Unlike live plants, you need not worry about keeping it in a dim lit area which in turn will affect its well-being. With Silk Plants Direct's cherry blossom bonsai every nook and cranny is a potential spot just waiting to be brought to life by these charming creations. Every room, whether it's the dining room, living room or the kitchen, you can add the charming factor of spring using this artificial landscaping product just like that. Whether you live in a hot region or a freezing realm, artificial cherry blossom bonsai are here to make your dream décor come true. Make your guests go ‘wow' with the help of this extremely lifelike artificial landscaping product from Silk Plants Direct.

Magical Creations

Are you bothered by the extremely dull and boring look of your office? Looking for a onetime investment that will reap big gains in the long run? Well what are you waiting for?! Silk Plants Direct's faux cherry blossom bonsai is the answer to all your décor woes. Whether you have a tiny office or a big office, a sunny one or a dreary one, rest assured that this artificial cherry blossom bonsai landscape product will change the overall aesthetic outlook through its charm and beauty. Keep your clients entertained by its elegance as they wait for you in your waiting room. Let them be enthralled by this little creation while you reap the benefits of having gained such an amazing addition to your décor.

Step up your house game by adding a faux cherry blossom bonsai to your home. Whether it's your living room or the bedroom, let the calming sight of cherry blossom bonsai soothe your family as well as your guests. You can even keep this cherry blossom bonsai in the washroom just to class things up a little. Now what guest wouldn't be blown away by that?

One of the biggest advantages of having a faux cherry blossom bonsai is that you don't have to clean up after it, care for it or worry about its maintenance when you have to go away for a long time. It's a great one-time investment with obvious benefits you will notice as you run your company or household. Something that will work to your advantage without absolutely demanding anything from you at all. You don't have to worry about insects, pesticides, and allergies either. Artificial cherry blossom bonsai products change the ambiance of any place with its charming and elegant features.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

FernBoston fern is a kind of classic charmer for all kinds of decor needs that has been utilized for over the years to enhance the interior of any commercial or residential space. The deep green and graceful fronds of these Boston ferns embellish the complete indoor environment with freshness, energy, and charm. Boston ferns come under tropical plants and give you a wonderful way to bring tropics to your indoor area. Now, when artificial plants are being preferred the most, ferns are still being used in an artificial form to enhance the indoor environments. Even in faux ferns, you can find numerous varieties, along with sizes and plants of your choice.

Artificial Boston Ferns from Silk Plants Direct

Silk Plants Direct is a renowned name in the artificial landscaping industry, offering the countless selection of artificial plants and trees across the United States and throughout the world. They have solutions for both commercial and residential landscaping needs. Silk Plants Direct brings you a large and fascinating selection of artificial Boston ferns made with quality material to offer superior decor product to your indoor at best prices. The ferns of by them offer you a trendy way to add freshness and grace to your office. They can complement any of your indoor areas from a living room to dining room, bedroom, front porch area or more. These plants have ornamental value and are highly recommended if you want to add a pleasant element to your settings.

Create A Happy and Lively Room with Silk Plants Direct Boston Ferns

All the varieties of artificial Boston ferns at Silk Plants Direct, let you create a living room that can make everyone happy and energized. Their lush green looks and sprinkling leaves can add an exciting blend of color to your interior as well. These are one of the stylish additions to your indoor settings. If you are looking to highlight unique features of your indoor area and bring elegant details to your settings, add these Boston ferns to your indoor landscape. These artificial ferns come in the form of sprays, hanging ferns and bushes that you can choose as per your interior requirements.

Artificial Boston Fern Bushes

Faux Boston fern bushes give you an ideal way to add greener charm to your space and enlighten it with new positive vibes. This is one of the most refreshing ideas to add greenery to your interior area and refresh your space. The fern bushes designed and manufactured by Silk Plants Direct can delight the eyes of onlookers and make them feel mesmerized. The bushes are made up of charming silk that make these look realistic. These artificial bushes are not only suitable for regular interior decor but can also be utilized for special occasion decorations. If organized perfectly, these can give you a heavenly decoration feeling without any maintenance requirements.

Artificial Boston Fern Sprays

If you require giving your space a natural green essence, artificial Boston fern spray is the ideal solution for you. Each of the fronds of these ferns is designed in the form of lovely sprays that add wonderful glory to your space. The material utilized in manufacturing these ferns consists of water resistant and UV resistant properties. You can expose them to Sunlight as well as cold or rainy season, and there won't be any damage to their looks, color or more. I whatever corner of your home or office area, you place these sprays, these will make your space look outstanding and beautified.

Artificial Hanging Boston Ferns

Hanging plants have been one of the ornamental plants for any landscape for decades. And when these ferns are utilized to create hanging plants, these add unique essence to the indoor space. The artificial hanging Boston ferns make you create elegance and reminiscent of those Victorian days. Whether you place them in your entry space, any empty corner of your indoor area or your outdoor yard, these will add extremely pleasant vibes to your area. These can be complemented with a blend of colorful flowers and flowery foliage to make the environment more vibrant and fresh. Commercial and residential owners widely use hanging plants with large landscaping areas.

Why Choose Artificial Boston Ferns?

Many reasons make faux Boston ferns preferable over real ferns or any other landscaping solutions. Below are a some of the major benefits offered by silk ferns from Silk Plants Direct.

No Maintenance Needed: This is one of the most important features of silk Boston ferns. Real plants require a large number of maintenance efforts invested ranging from watering, regular pruning, fertilizing and more. Whereas these don't need any such special treatment and an occasional dusting is stuffiest for these.

Weather Proof: Artificial Boston ferns are completely weatherproof. It means you don't need special weather requirements for these. They can withstand all seasonal conditions ranging from summer days to rainy days as well as killing winter days, as these come with UV and water-resistant properties.

Sturdy and Durable: Their weatherproof nature contributes a lot to the making these durable and long-lasting. Alongside they are highly sturdy and strong too as compared to their real counterparts. Real ferns are highly delicate and sensitive, and they require special attention to be maintained in good condition. Whereas, you can place artificial ferns anywhere around your space even in hard to reach areas.

Cost Effective: The cost you need to incur in bringing these Boston ferns to your space is quite less than the complete amount you need to establish a real fern landscape around your space ranging from watering, fertilizing and other gardening costs. Whereas in case of artificial Boston ferns, you need single investment amount for purchasing these plants and all other maintenance costs are not applicable in this case. This makes artificial ferns quite cost effective than real fern plants.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

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