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Did you know that the design of your retail store can have an impact on your customers’ purchases and motivate them to buy more? If you own a retail store and you’re looking for an effective way to increase sales, you should seriously consider changing the interior décor of the area into a smart one. We beget some plans that can help you revamp the store and boost your sales to a great extent. Here are some ideas worth incorporating:

Getting Rid Of Clutter From The Store And Having A Spacious Display

When a customer walks into a store or looks into a store from the outside, the store needs to look inviting, spacious, clean and classy. If the store looks cluttered and messy and overflowing with products, it will only end up confusing the prospective customer and putting him off. The store needs to look spacious, roomy and well-planned and the display needs to have selective but captivating products on showcase. Often if a store is overflowing and cramped with products, shoppers may get confused about what to purchase and end up buying the wrong product. This will only result in increased numbers in returned goods and decreased customer satisfaction. Make sure that your store is clutter free and the display is well-planned.

Lighting Should Be Appropriate

Inappropriate lighting in a retail store can prove to be the ultimate disaster. You need to make sure that you opt for lights that make your products stand out and look great. Let’s discuss the impacts of various kinds of lighting:

•  Extremely dull or dim lights in your store can end up making your product look poor in quality and below customer expectations. Further, the broken lights will not let the original shades of the products stand out.

•  Excessively bright lighting can hurt the eyes of customers and employees and make them irritable. It can also end up increasing your energy consumption and energy bills.

•  Spotlighting is an excellent option for your store. In this method of store lighting, the products have bright spotlights cast over them while the rest of the store has a dark and subtle lighting pattern. This method brings attention to the products only and can prove to be cost-effective on overheads.

Decorate The Store With Artificial Plants And Trees

Adding a little bit of nature and green to your store will make it more inviting and attractive to customers. You can opt for artificial silk plants, faux floral arrangements, and other such options. If you have a store with a very high ceiling, you can even select fake trees for the premises. The silk flower arrangements can be placed in crystal and glass vases around the store. The silk palm trees and other varieties of faux trees can be placed at your store entrance. The best part about installing artificial plants is that they require no sunlight or watering or maintenance. They will enhance the décor of your store and are affordably priced too.

Have A Show-Stopping Window Display

The display window of your store needs to be show-stopping and fabulous. When a passerby looks into the window, he needs to be utterly impressed and tempted to walk into the store and shop. You need to make sure that the storefront windows are always clean and spotless. Windows that have blemishes, dust and dirt particles will reduce the impact of the display. Further, you need to make sure that the screen is well planned and not overly cramped. Use natural elements like seashells, pebbles, and other such items to display products. The usual mannequins and commercially available display materials and boxes can prove to be very uninteresting and boring.

Paint An Accent Wall In Your Store

Adding a burst of color to a single wall in your store can make the place stand out and look very inviting to customers. While you can leave all the other walls in your retail store their original color, one single wall can be painted in a bright, captivating and stunning shade. Opt for shades of blue, pink, magenta, green, yellow and other such colors for that single wall.

Keep The Cash Counter Neat And Organised

The cash counter of your store needed to be kept neat and organized at all times. Make sure that the billing machine or the computer is working efficiently. Ensure that the cashier hasn’t left old bills, receipt copies and other papers lying around. Don’t let wires and cables and chargers get in the way of the billing cycle. Customers are often in a hurry and delays at the cash counter can prove to be a pain for them. If your cash counter is neatly organized, your customers will be able to make swift purchases without delays and be on their way.

Organise For Seating Arrangements And Beverages

Your customers or the people accompanying them may want to stop and sit to take a breather. To be able to do this, your store needs to have a comfortable seating area. Install armchairs, couches, coffee tables and other such basic furniture in a cozy corner of your store. Offer hot and cold beverages to customers while they take a moment to unwind from all the shopping. Keep some fun toys and games handy for customers who come into your store with their children. If the children of the customers remain occupied with fun things to do, your customers will be able to shop freely without any hassles and interruptions.

Upgrading your store décor smartly and practically can play a significant role in increasing your sales and profits. Use the ideas mentioned above that we have put together for you and see the transformation in your sales numbers. A smart store décor will make the place more inviting to prospective customers and will result in an increased customer database too. Get to it immediately and make these changes in your store. We guarantee that you will be amazed at the results.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

Are you looking to give your living space a makeover that makes it look a world apart? Well, we have some fantastic and intriguing ideas for you. You can transform that dull old space into a vibrant, captivating and elegant area that will leave your guests, family members, and visitors utterly awed and impressed. Here are few suggestions that are worth incorporating:

Learn To Differentiate Between Cramped And Cozy

While you may love to have a cozy and comfortable living space, a large number of people often end up confusing cramped with cozy. The whole point of having a cozy living space is making sure that the seating of the area is intimate and closely spaced. You can also place a soft and fluffy rug on the floor to add to the intimacy and coziness of the city. Though, make sure that you don’t end up cramping your living space with additional artifacts and objects. When it comes to décor, less is always more. Be smart and practical when transforming your living space into a snug and warm one and avoid cluttering it.

Allow Natural Light To Flow In

Well, it’s a sad truth that most modern homes are small and cramped and they end up looking extremely claustrophobic. You can now make your home look more spacious and roomy by incorporating this simple yet effective trick. Allowing pure light to flow into the living space can be incredibly impactful in making the area look bigger and more spacious. Having the windows widened, installing skylights on the ceiling, having clear glass on the windows and other such options are suitable to allow the natural inflow of light. Natural light also adds brightness and cheer to the surroundings, and it can give your space a vibe that is a world apart.

Opting For A Monochromatic Décor

A single color all around your living space can transform the area into something new and fabulous. For instance, you can opt for all white walls, furniture, and other décor installations. Going for an all-white theme will make your living space look more spacious, and at the same time, it will give the area a minimalist feel. A large number of modern and contemporary homes now have a monochromatic décor in their living space. It is one of the leading and popular trends in the world of home décor and has proven to be an absolute hit!

Install Artificial Plants In Your Living Space

While installing real plants can genuinely add beauty and a sense of calm to your living space, it can become a hassle to provide maintenance to real plants. A better alternative to spruce up your living space and give it an upscale and elegant vibe is to install artificial plants and flowers around the area. You can get wholesale silk plants for your living space and install them all around the area. If you’re looking to give your living space an outdoorsy and mystical vibe, you can invest artificial hanging vines in the area. The artificial bonsai tree options are ideal for the coffee table and even the shelves in your living space.

The faux landscaping products and artificial trees can help brighten up your living room. These products are incredibly realistic and lifelike and require zero maintenance and care. They are easy to install, develop in a plethora of types and sizes and make great decorative pieces. The faux plants and trees are affordable, durable and long-lasting too. They can transform your otherwise dull and boring living space into a classy and fabulous room in the house.

Getting Fun, Comfortable And Non-Traditional Seating Options

You don’t need to stick to the basics when revamping your living space. You can opt for seating options that are unique and uncommon but at the same time comfortable. Here are some seating arrangements that are worth installing in your living space:

• If you’re looking to sprawl out in front of the television after a long day of work, you should consider opting for Lazy Boy chairs in your living space.

• If you want to lounge around the living space with a good book or with your family, bean bags are fun and colorful seating options that can be extremely comfortable and unique too.

• If you’re looking for furniture that’s unique but doesn’t take up too much space, then you need to invest in a hammock chair. Hammock chairs are charming, fun and take up no floor space.

Choose Vibrant And Captivating Upholstery

You can add a whole load of color to your living space by choosing vibrant upholstery for your armchairs, sofas and other seating options. Fabrics with designs and prints, bold colors, leather covers and other such options can transform your living area into a captivating and delightful space.

Art Makes Everything More Beautiful

Canvases, framed photographs, wall art, sculptures and other such art options can help you in transforming the décor of your living space. If you have a confined budget, you can purchase art pieces from upcoming artists or flea markets. If the price isn’t an issue, you can invest in works of well-renowned artists that will end up proving to be a significant long-term investment. Opt for paintings that have colors that mix well with the overall décor of your living space. You can choose wooden, metal, marble or stone sculptures for your living space too.

Your living space represents your style and character and should be remodeled in a way that suits your tastes and preferences. Select artifacts and furniture that fit your requirements and needs and that showcase your personality. Follow the tips and suggestions that we have for you but add your twist to make them more suited to your style. We guarantee that your guests and family members will be utterly impressed with your new and improved living space that looks utterly fabulous and a world apart.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

If you are not living in a customized home, enjoying a spacious bathroom could be a dream only. Most of the public houses have small bathrooms without any provision of adding footage. These deliver a cramped and depressed feeling. Here are some design tricks that will make your bathroom look big and sparkling.

1. Ditch the bathtub

Although we all love to soak, none can deny that tubs and small bathrooms do not go together. You may think of a bathtub built on the walls. But, these are not large enough to be comfortable. This is why it is better to ditch the idea of having a bathtub altogether.

Building a stand-up shower in the small bathroom is an excellent space saving option. These do not take much space and designed with full-height glass partition adds to the decor. Use clear glass instead of textured glass for removing the feeling of an extra wall. You can also use shower curtains instead of a glass partition.

2. Have a Trough Sink

When you are stuck with space shortage in a small bathroom, installing a Trough sink can save a lot of space. Although these have low profiles, you can improve the aesthetics by smart choices of matching colors. Mounted on the wall, this frees much floor space. This is an excellent option for accommodating more kids.

3. Consider installing a corner sink

Sometimes a pedestal or floating sink can be a barrier to traffic lane in a tiny bathroom. Better, try a corner sink when you want to maximize your space utilization. Plenty of stylish ceramic sinks are available. Although sinks across the shower are the norm, you may break the rule for out of box design. Use an Oval sink for generating more counter space.

4. Build shelves into the walls

Building open shelves and cabinets into the wall is a brilliant space saving idea for small bathrooms. These deliver a seamless effect when painted in the same color as the walls. They will appear as part of the bathroom and not separate furniture.

These floating storages will provide more floor space. Maybe you have many things that you do not need regularly. Hide all these items in the cabinets. This will make the bathroom free from clutter and impart a spacious feeling.

5. Build a hanging toilet

It is better to install a hanging toilet to make a tiny bathroom look spacious. It is sure that you cannot use the space beneath the toilet. Still, when you have a clear view of the tiles underneath, it creates an illusion of space.

6. Hide towel bars behind the door

Mounting towel bars on the door lets you save space in a small bathroom. This will also help quick drying of the wet towels.

7. Cover more with tiles

The larger you can cover with tiles, the better. The tiles of the floor and wall in the shower should be same for gaining a seamless integration. Better cover up to the ceiling with tiles, and paint the ceiling in the same color. It helps double the space available.

You should use strategic tiles in the bathroom and avoid using black grouts. This will make the bathroom look smaller. Better use large tiles with soft tones to have the illusion of a larger space.

8. Use mirrors for a spacious look

Using mirrors is the easiest way to double any space. As it reflects both natural and artificial light, it makes the bathroom brighter creating an illusion of depth. Install a large mirror above the sink, and it will impart a feeling of more space.

You may go big on the mirrors with a light on the top for a spacious feeling. Alternatively, increase the space by installing several mirrors on different walls in the bathroom. Arrange these vertically and horizontally for creating a similar effect like large mirrors. Hang a mirror opposite to the window for creating the feeling of an extra window.

9. Let the light in

If possible, go big on the bathroom windows. With more natural light coming in, it will deliver a more spacious feeling. When this cannot be done for no-window basement baths, you should arrange functional lighting. Scones on the mirror and cove lighting create a sweet emotion of space in the bathroom.

Avoid overhead lighting when your small bathroom has a low ceiling.

10. Mount faucets on the walls

Faucets on the countertop consume more space between the wall and the sink in a small bathroom. You can save much space by using wall-mounted faucets. These are available in plenty of varieties, and you can use those anywhere. Alternatively, you may try taps on the side of the sink for saving space.

11. Decorate with artificial plants and trees

Including fake greens in a small bathroom delivers a feeling of more space. These replicas are better than the real ones, as they do not have any maintenance demands. They are now professionally made from premium quality raw materials and look like mirror images of the live plants. Installing artificial palm trees in your small bathroom imparts an oasis feeling.

There are many varieties of artificial plants available in the market. You can get these in tailor-made sizes. These do not need any waiting period and continue to adorn the space from the day one. Since these are infused with particular fire retardant chemicals, they constitute a safe decorating option.

The artificial succulents have no sunlight requirements. You can place them even in the dimly lit corners without any problem. Keeping artificial orchids on the bathroom shelves also uplifts the ambiance.

The fake greens never attract insects and do not help mold growth. As such, these are safe and hygienic to use in the bathroom.


Your bathroom is an extraordinary place. It is where you can be entirely on your own, and can concentrate. For this, it has to be inspiring and comfortable. You may try some of these tricks to make your bathroom appear more significant, without expanding it in reality.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

KitchenOnly a few are blessed with large kitchen space. In most of the cases, remodeling of a small kitchen becomes out of the question. In such situations, there is no other option than playing with the existing setting. Here are some inspiring ideas that will give an improved look to your small kitchen.

Rethink the floor plan

Rethinking the kitchen floor plan is vital when you are thriving to make your compact kitchen look beautiful. When you have space crunch, you must find ways to steal space. If you have to get rid of something like swinging doors, then do that immediately. Building storage into the walls also makes the kitchen visually spacious.

Hide things to improve

Design kitchen accessories in such a way, so that you can hide them when not required. This will create more space in the small kitchen area. For this, you may design pullout cutting board and backless stools. These can easily slip under the dining table or the kitchen counter and deliver a roomy feeling with less clutter.

Building cabinets also help a kitchen to improve. When you keep most of the things out of sight, the kitchen will look large and spacious. Only keep the essentials on the kitchen counter for a roomier feeling. Moveable kitchen bar also helps gain space in the kitchen.

Utilize the wall

Vertical planning is excellent for enhancing the look of a small kitchen. Utilize all wall space available up to the ceiling for increasing the storage capacity in the kitchen. You can quickly build floating shelves with reclaimed wood planks for a nice contrast.

Pots, pans, etc. are provided with holes in the handles. You can arrange to hang these on the walls or in the cabinets. This will let you have more storage space.

Maybe there is space between the cabinets and the ceiling. Build tiny cubicles for keeping different items. Just be sure to keep a step ladder ready at hand.

Look for smaller appliances

Opting for smaller versions of appliances makes sense in a small kitchen. Plenty of high-quality smaller kitchen appliances are now available in the market. This will consume less space in the kitchen without compromising the efficiency. Better opt for ergonomically designed chairs and tables for improving the kitchen area.

Color can enhance a kitchen

If possible, everybody would have gone for larger kitchens. Unfortunately, the reality is quite different. Majority of the homes have smaller kitchens without any scope for expansion. Colors offer an excellent alternative solution to expand a kitchen space visually.

Color play havoc in improving the kitchen and white is the king in this respect. White walls deliver a feeling of staying far and create an illusion of space. Paint the kitchen white; it will make it brighter. Painting the countertop and the cabinetry in white will also make a kitchen more spacious.

Punching colors also help improve a place. You can opt for a contrast between the walls and the furniture. Creating an accent wall with monochromatic colors enhance the look of the kitchen. With lacquered ceiling, you can fake the height of the kitchen.

Use mirrors for visual expansion

Mirrors can do wonders for creating an illusion of space. Careful inclusion of a mirror in the kitchen is sure to make the kitchen glamorous. Due to reflections of light in the mirror, the kitchen looks brighter and larger. Using mirrors for backsplashes is a great idea to make the kitchen look roomier.

You may also use tainted glass for a subtle effect. Use mirrors on the cabinet doors and the inside. This will boost the aesthetics and add a sense of depth to the cabinet. You can also use mirrors behind the sink.

Use kitchen subway tiles

Kitchen subway tiles can be a timeless and classic addition to a small kitchen. Use these glazed ceramic tiles in the corners of your small kitchen. They will add a stunning feature to the corner, and make the kitchen look more spacious. Available in varieties of colors and shapes these also make a striking decor statement.

Merge the worktop with the kitchen table

Merging the worktop with the kitchen table is a great solution to enhance the sense of space in a small kitchen. A trolley or any movable table can do the trick. You can also make storage option under the table.

Better use of foldable furniture

Foldable tables and chairs offer a brilliant solution to space saving in a small kitchen. You can get these in bright colors matching various decoration themes. Packing them up when not required saves much space. Alternatively, you may also try the garden furniture.

Improve the kitchen with green elements

Plants are great for improving a kitchen space. These also add fresh air to the kitchen. Aside from these, the live plants also make one relaxed and free from stress. But, using live plants in the kitchen has many associated pitfalls.

Your kitchen is the area that experiences extreme temperature variation. Live plants need regular care and maintenance. They also need a favorable environment to thrive, and this is hardly possible in a small kitchen. Silk plants offer a brilliant alternative solution to this problem.

Faux landscaping elements are now manufactured meticulously to replicate their live cousins in all respects. Manufactured from high-quality foliage they cannot be visually distinguished from their live cousins. You can get these in abundance of varieties like artificial succulents, artificial orchids, etc.

You can include artificial tree branches with leaves in your small kitchen for a glamorous look. Since these are infused with fire retardant chemicals, these make your kitchen safe. The fake green elements never attract any insect, nor cause any allergy. Thus, deliver a safe environment.


Your kitchen is where you start the day. Having a spacious and motivating kitchen is necessary. But unless you live in a large villa, you have to manage with a compact one. Following these design tricks will help you remove the depressed feeling of a cramped kitchen.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

Landscaping Classics from SilkPlantsDirect – Faux Ficus TreesHave you meant to redecorate the surroundings of your office, home, restaurant or any other space? Do you wish to add a beautiful summery vibe to the area and leave visitors, family, and friends amazed? Then the product that you have been looking for is the ficus range offered by SilkPlantsDirect. These lush green, realistic looking and absolutely captivating ficus plants can brighten up the area they are placed in. Tolerant of all weather conditions, the faux ficus plants can be placed in both indoors as well as outdoor situations.

Affordably Priced Options For A Makeover

Giving any space a makeover can prove to be an expensive ordeal. People are always wondering how to give their homes or offices a beautiful new look at affordable prices. Using artificial landscaping products is a great and convenient way to ensure that you bring about the changes that liven up your living space. The faux ficus plants offered by SilkPlantsDirect are just what you need to bring in an affordable and easy makeover. The price range that these plants are available in makes them very easy on the pockets and the perfect items for gorgeous makeovers.

Can Be Installed In A Wide Range Of Setups

Another excellent feature of the artificial ficus trees and plants offered by SilkPlantsDirect is that these faux landscaping products can be installed in both exterior and interior landscapes. Here’s a list of spaces you may want to consider installing the plants in:

  • Office meeting rooms, office pantries, conference rooms, outdoor parking area in the office building, office reception or lobby, corporate building lobbies and banquet halls can be decorated and given a makeover with the faux ficus plants. 
  • Trade shows, exhibitions, conventions, party halls, restaurants, cafeterias, coffee shops, bars, pubs, and lounges can be given a vibrant new feel with the help of these artificial landscaping products. 
  • Apartments, government buildings, senior citizen homes, hospitals, doctor’s clinics, dental facilities, psychiatric facilities, museums, art galleries and car showrooms can also be great places to install the faux ficus plants and trees. 
  • Hotels, resorts, outdoor swimming pool area, private beaches where parties are conducted, public gardens and private schools and colleges can be given a makeover with the artificial landscaping products.

Limited Maintenance And Care Required

If you’re looking to install a landscape in your surroundings, you’re probably well aware of the maintenance and care that is required when you install real plants and trees in the surroundings. Not only do the real plants require regular watering, pruning, cutting, trimming, changing of soil and other care, but these plants often require professional care and treatment that can only be provided by a gardener. Such maintenance and care can prove to be time-consuming and also ends up wasting a lot of your money. In the case of the artificial ficus plants, you don’t need to worry about providing any maintenance or care. If you feel that the faux plants have gathered dust, all you need is a spray of water to keep them looking young and fresh.

Afraid Of Fires? SilkPlantsDirect Has Fire Retardant Plants For You

Artificial landscaping products have been the reason of countless fires. Installing faux plants and trees that are susceptible to fires can be a nightmare. Not only can the area that such plants are installed in getting ruined but a fire in the surroundings can be a risk to human life too. In the case of the faux ficus plants, you need not worry about fires and damage being caused to your home or office. The raw materials of these plants are treated with special fire retardant chemicals that ensure the finished products are completely fireproof. You can install the plants in all kinds of humid and dry conditions without a single worry.

Fade Resistant And Weather Proof Ficus Plants

Some artificial landscaping products tend to be intolerant towards harsh weather conditions. When exposed to the sun, these faux plants fade or lose their color. When exposed to excessive rainfall or snowfall some brands of faux plants begin to deteriorate in quality and spoil. In the case of the faux ficus plants by SilkPlantsDirect, you don’t need to worry about the leaves fading or the plants getting spoiled. These plants are very sturdy and completely climate tolerant. They can be installed in all types of weather conditions and will still last for years and years on end without facing any kind of damage. When not in use, you can even store away the faux ficus plants in a warehouse. These plants have a very long shelf life and can sustain for long even when stored away.

Install A Landscape With A Theme

The best part about the artificial ficus plants is that installing them in any surrounding can help you give the place a beautiful summery and tropical vibe. Imagine living in a cold country like Alaska, or a wet place like Seattle, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could beat the gloomy weather with a splash of summer? Now you can. The ficus trees have a lovely hot summer vibe to them, and you can give your landscape a lovely beach-like the theme. Even installing these plants in a themed way in restaurants, malls or boutiques can change the vibe of the place and attract more customers.

Well, what are you waiting for? You have all the reasons why these fabulous ficus plants are just the thing you need to install in your landscape. Log onto the SilkPlantsDirect website today and place your order. Your order will be shipped right to your doorstep, and a team of professional installers will ensure that your landscape is completed in an aesthetic, strategic and practical manner.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

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