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Dead spaces are spaces that have not been utilized. At present everyone is battling to get square footage. As such, leaving dead areas is a luxury that one can hardly afford. They can crop up anywhere in the outdoors. Here is a list of ways on how to use them up for improving the decor.

1. Build a BBQ zone

Alfresco dining is what everyone prefers in the warmer months. Creating a BBQ zone is a great idea when you have some unutilized space in the backyard. Have a portable or a permanent grill in the outdoor as you like. Get a table and portable chairs for sitting, and your BBQ zone is ready!

2. Create an outdoor fire pit

You can also build a fire pit in an unused corner of the outdoor area. This is very easy to build. Lay the bricks in a circle and dig out a hole in the middle. This should be approximately 12 inches deep.
Now pour sand in the hole and tap the level. Firing wood and barks will make the evenings enjoyable.

3. Hang a hammock

Warm seasons with blue sky lure everyone out. Maybe you have an unutilized space between the trees. Nothing can be more attractive than a hanging a hammock there. Arrange string light to decorate the place. This will be a nice place to relax. When it gently swings, it will take you to another world.

4. Include a water feature

If you have dead space in a corner, fill it up with a water feature. Non-threatening sounds of cascading water create white noise and deliver a soothing ambiance. Build a tiny hill with stones and pebbles and illuminate the place. This will deliver an impressive outdoor space.

5. Arrange cozy seating

Maybe there are empty corners and other unutilized places in the outdoors. Build a cozy seating nook in such dead spaces and cover with garden umbrellas. These are available in diverse sizes and stamps to fulfill the aesthetic and functional requirements. You will have a comfortable outside seating area in the warm season.

6. Create a hidden storage

If you have steps or stairs in the outdoor, space underneath remains unutilized. You can create hidden storage under the steps. This will prevent the wastage of the dead space and maximize your outdoor space. Such storages are ideal for stashing assorted things including gardening tools and tackles.

7. Use swings to use the dead space

Everyone loves swings. Depending upon the size of the dead expanse you may have a porch swing or a hanging chair. They will make the place super chic. You may also add cushions and pillow to make them more comfortable.

8. Create built-in seats

Maybe you have some unutilized space near the wall. Creating a built-in sitting arrangement is a brilliant way to use it up. You may use stone or concrete and use the fence as the backrest. This will add a charming rustic touch to the outdoors.

9. Build a walkway

Dead spaces are usually formed under the trees. Building a walkway under and around the tree will allow linking different areas. You can build a wooden sidewalk or can use colored pebbles to construct the pathway. This will add character to your outdoor and prevent wastage of space.

10. Have a baby pool

Varieties of portable baby pools are available in the market. These are made of plastic materials and are very light. Get one and place it in the dead space. The children will fall for this, and it will also prevent wastage of space.

11. Build a playhouse

Building a playhouse for the kids is a brilliant way to use the dead space. Anyone having some DIY exposure can easily make this. Fill it up with toys. You can also hang a chalkboard there. The kids would love this.

12. Create a cozy quarter

If you have much space unused in the backyard, you may create a cozy quarter. This is very easy to build. Enclose the space with a wooden fence and have some comfortable seating arrangement inside. This will give a private nook. You can have porch umbrellas there for jazzing up the place.

13. Patio dining

Go for patio dining if you a large unused space. Surround a reclaimed wood table with cane chairs. This will uplift the place without any fuss. Use decorative lanterns for a magical ambiance.

14. Make it appealing with signs

Signs are an excellent way to welcome guests. They make a powerful statement and convey your lifestyle. Fill up the dead spaces with appropriate ‘welcome’ or ‘gather’ signs to make the outdoor appealing.

15. Fill up with artificial greenery

Artificial trees and plants are great for outdoor decoration. They are better than their live cousins as they have no maintenance demand. The can easily blend with the live plants to spruce up the place. These are strong and durable and can withstand all weather conditions. They also do not create any mess underneath.

The silk trees and plants are available in a plethora of varieties. You can get them as flowers, plants, trees, topiaries, Palms, etc. Crafted professionally from prime quality materials, they are stunningly realistic. Even the most experienced eyes cannot feel the difference.

Use of special fire retardant chemicals makes the artificial outdoor plants safe to use. Since these have self-extinguishing properties, they do not help the spread of fire. They also do not attract any insect and, therefore, you get an insect-free environment.

The lawns and backyards may have blemishes due to plumbing and other utilities. The artificial boxwood topiary is excellent for hiding such ground flaws. They can also be used for covering the unutilized corners. Being non-allergic they are hygienic.


Identifying and utilizing the dead spaces can make your home look awesome. This list is not exhaustive. There could be other unutilized spaces as well. The above tips are simple and easy to adopt. Try those to increase the market value of your home.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

When it comes to making your home look stunning, it is not just about decorating the exterior facade or the living space. In addition, you also need to pay attention to other rooms in the place like your kitchen. The kitchen is the most beautiful integral part of any room, and we all spent a lot of time here for preparing meals every day. Thus, it becomes very much essential to design a kitchen that is functionally fabulous and aesthetically appealing. Creating a kitchen space that looks excellent and works efficiently is doable, but there are some vital elements which you will need to consider first.

The layout of the kitchen

The present architecture of the home will usually dictate the layout, but if renovation is on the schedule, the common plans which you can think of for your kitchen are L-shaped, U-shaped, single wall, parallel or an island. Arrangements of your kitchen cabinets are also a significant factor while trying to make the space look contemporary. One of the best plans that you can opt for is an L-shaped setting which can also give you a spacious room. Moreover, make sure that the sink, hob, and fridge are all comparatively close to each other as this helps in increasing functionality.

Style and Design

Style and design of the kitchen showcase your personality and preference. Make sure that the design of the kitchen is such that it can cope with the demands of the busy kitchen. Typical clean lines; modest modern design; or traditional delicate detailing, there are no restrictions to creating the style you want. It is essential to keep fit in mind that the style will influence the look of the kitchen and your overall cooking experience. You can seek the help of the interior designers when it comes to adding style and design to your kitchen space.

Kitchen appliances

It is essential to ensure that all your cooking appliances are at your fingertips as this will help you to save time and energy consumption. The best way to showcase them is by creating an inbuilt cabinet. This is the best way to give your space a modern look that to almost right away. Moreover, you should ideally store away the appliances which you do not use every day. This will help in making the kitchen space look more spacious and functional.

Add proper lighting

To make the kitchen look stunning and aesthetically appealing, you should think about installing designer light fixtures. You can either opt for focus lights or your LED backlights counters. Make sure that the kitchen receives a lot of natural light during the daytime. Task lighting, such as cooking and dining, food preparation can be created with a cluster or a statement pendant. For a compact kitchen, you can choose smaller shades. You can also add floor lights as they are a magnificent way to create atmosphere and light up your space. Also, dimmable lights can be fitted below wall cabinets as they will make the kitchen look cozy.

Create stylish, streamlined storage solutions

Kitchen storage is of extreme importance. You can create fashionable, modernized storage solutions across the room. Using all the space within the kitchen, think about how to showcase the storage containers, glassware, and crockeries. Find out if they can be kept within the open shelves, cupboards or pull out drawers. To make a chic compact addition to your kitchen storage, you can think of adding in-built spice racks. On the other hand, you can keep the dried food and crockery sets in deep drawers. If space is limited, consider trolleys and tall shelves as well as open shelves and wall organizers to keep the crockery, cutlery, containers, and glassware.

Create a focal point within the kitchen

In order to impress the guests and visitors and to make the experience of cooking in the kitchen outstanding, you can think of creating a focal point in the kitchen. This can be done by including artificial plants or artificial floral arrangements. By investing in these fake plants and trees, you can save a lot of time as you do not need to water them or take care of them. Moreover, decorating the kitchen with artificial plants is a comparatively easy task and an incredible way to add stimulating color and a charismatic touch to the area. Faux plants and silk flower centerpieces add charisma and create interest in a kitchen. So, move ahead and create an enjoyable setting in your kitchen area.

Choose the right color

A clean and fresh kitchen is vital, but a little zest of color will bring your space to life. Add splashes of color to the design as this can change the mood of your kitchen and at the same time can draw the eye towards certain features. An intelligent way of incorporating color is through kitchen accessories, for instance, colored stools or patterned flooring can do great wonders.

Add color to the cabinets

To make the kitchen space look more inviting and cozy, it is important to add color to the cabinets. You can choose colors that can complement the color of the walls, ceiling or floors. You can even mix three different colors cabinetry in the kitchen as this will make the kitchen look unique and attractive. However, you can still seek the advice from a kitchen design professional for assistance when it comes to choosing colors and cabinetry styles that work perfectly together.


You can follow the tips mentioned above when it comes to designing a kitchen which is functionally fabulous and aesthetically appealing. However, you should not be afraid to think outside of the box as it is perfectly fine. For instance, when adding color to the walls and cabinet of the kitchen, there is no such arduous and fast rule that you will have to follow the present trend. You can always choose your preferred color for the kitchen to bring creativity and inspiration to the most favorite room in the house.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

If you live in an apartment, you may be lucky to have a balcony to it. You would like to use it to sit out and enjoy the view around; entertain your guests, or even grow a small balcony garden in it.

Well then, you need to keep these aspects in mind before trying to make a garden balcony that will make your guests go WOW!

1. Planning

See the space available. Measure carefully to see what fits in there. Then budget it out. Finally, purchase the items you want. Don’t create unnecessary clutter on the balcony. It is difficult to maintain and sustain in the long run. It also eats up on our space and wastes money. So list out carefully, mentally fit it in, scout for the price, and then purchase what you want.

2. Privacy

Not all apartments will have enough space between the buildings to give you the privacy you want. Often, you end up unwittingly peeping into the neighbor’s balconies or rooms adjoining them. Thus, you have to do something about it. The best way is to plant some outdoor artificial plants like artificial tree branches with leaves or artificial palm tree leaves. These look beautiful and give you the privacy.

3. Furniture and seating

Try to use bright and colored furniture. It contrasts well with the green plants in your balcony garden. Place some colorful cushions on weatherproof outdoor chairs or wicker chairs. Go in for floor cushions seating arrangement which is welcoming and comfortable to sunbathe as well as take a nap in the afternoon. Built-in benches with cushions, hammocks or cane swings also look good in a balcony garden.

4. Walls

Surely there must a wall adjoining your neighbor’s balcony. It may be low or high, opaque or transparent, made of wood or net. Decorate this wall. Fix some wall panels, red bricks, stone pebbles, etc. on this wall and hang some silk flowers arrangements on it.

5. Weather Proofing

Use materials that are durable and simple to manage. Use as much of natural material as possible. Metals will rust and heat up. Plastic too has the same problem. Use cane and wicker for furniture; and artificial plants instead of real ones for easy maintenance and durability. Place a garden umbrella for that bright sunny day and rain shed for that rainy one.

6. Plants

Your balcony garden need not have only greens, succulents, or flowers growing there. Try to grow some vegetables and herbs too. You will love to pluck fresh tomatoes, coriander, chilies, capsicum, etc. from your little garden and eat them. The best way to avoid mosquitoes and other insects from coming into your house through this garden of yours is to use lots of outdoor artificial plants like;

  • Fake hydrangeas
  • Pink silk tulips
  • Artificial bonsai tree
  • Silk trees and plants

Try to hang them as cascades or inside hanging baskets to save space and enjoy the greens as well. These fake plants add beauty to the balcony and are durable as well. There is no problem like wilting or withering. You don’t have to water them or even add manure. Place the pants in colorful pots. It makes you more energetic and lifts your mood as well.

7. Create space

Most balconies don’t offer much space to play around with. You need to save space by using some smart ideas:

  • Install shelves for planters as well as garden equipment
  • Grow tall plants which grow more in height than in width
  • Plant vertical gardens
  • Hang planters on railings
  • Use adjustable garden pockets which you can move as you wish
  • Layer plants with taller ones in back rows
  • Use multipurpose accessories like a combination of a planter and a laptop holder
  • Use planters which are high and narrow than short and wide

8. Flooring

Balcony gardens look best with wooden or vinyl floors. They are weatherproof, easy to maintain, and connect you with nature instantly. The green plants and colorful accessories look great in contrast to them. Avoid rugs as they will get wet in the rains and fade out in the hot summers. But, you can go in for artificial green grass instead.

9. Personal space

Personalize your balcony for your relaxation or entertainment in social gatherings. Have a shelf for your favorite books and magazines; fix speakers in strategic places to listen to your favorite music. You could even have a built in stone or a wooden bar an extension of your living room for social occasions. Keep a tiny fridge too if you can afford one and space allows. It will have your outdoor relaxation undisturbed with visits to the kitchen for water, ice, a refreshing drink, etc. If space permits, go in for a small water fountain or even a tiny garden barbeque equipment.

10. Accessories

Your balcony garden will look drab without some displays on the walls or the tables in it. Hang some figurines, handicraft items, colorful pottery on the walls. You could also hang a wind chime or some bells that tinkle with the wind. Hanging lanterns and fairy lights are also good. Place a bird feeder and watch the thirsty birds fly in. Place pebbles of different colors and sizes to add to the beauty.

11. Garden Implements

You will have to buy garden implements for your little balcony garden. Avoid storing them in the open unless you can artistically display them on walls, around plants, on the railings, etc. But, take care to maintain these tools like spray bottles, spades, etc. and keep them looking clean and pretty as well. Hang them with the plant hangers and baskets. If you have to store them, then make dual-purpose arrangements. Have storage cabinets below the benches.

12. Watering and seepage

Watering the plants may be an issue. You can arrange for a tap and water outlet at some corner. Keep the bird feeder or tiny mushrooms near it. Buy a garden hose or a watering can result in attractive colors. Put saucers, pebbles, or waterproof mats under the planters. Keep several pots together as it’s easy to water them. Fix a tiny colorful or glass basin to wash your hands after gardening.

Try out these dozen garden balcony decoration ideas. Make your guests go WOW and enjoy the thrill and peace of sitting out here daily.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

People say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but you do judge a house by its entrance! The exteriors of the building may not be under your control if you live in apartments, but the entrance into your home is under your control. A well done up entry not only pleases the eye of the beholder but also hints at what to expect inside and also at the nature of the people living in it.

So, it’s very important to take care of the entrance to your house. Here are some simple, yet effective ideas to do it up.


The first thing is to decide on the style of the entrance. Is it going to be a contemporary, a traditional look, a designer appearance or a classic style? This largely depends upon your nature and style. As said above, the entrance will reflect on the nature of the people living inside. You can also decide if you want a bold look or a subtle one. Whatever the style you choose, remember to place some pretty artificial plants and trees at the entrance.


The main door to the house is the protector of the people inside. It has to be reliable and sturdy. Thus, choose a door with the strong and durable material. You can go in for double doors: one with a mesh and one solid opaque. Then you can think of the ways to decorate it. Paint it with bold and bright colors and make the borders in contrast; or paint it in shades of creams and whites and give bright contrasting borders to it. You could even choose neutral colors like grains of natural wood. This matches with any other décor you want to do outside and inside. Try doors with brass inlay designs. Place a faux palm tree near it.


The fittings like handles, locks, door frames, etc. depending upon the color and finish of the doorway. Fix easily to handle fixtures. Bold brass knockers or handles look smart and go with most door finishes. There are options of stainless steel or antique look locks and controls as well. Whatever your choice, make sure that these are polished and shining at all times.


Walls with seepage signs and other patches look extremely ugly and are a real put off. This is not what you would like to see when you enter your home. Keep the walls well painted or distempered. You could even go in for wallpapers which have numerous designs and colors to choose from. Designer walls with a plain bold paint on the door attract a lot of attention too.


They say that darkness is the gateway to negative energy. The entrance to your home should be very well lit. Dim or diffused lights to save on electricity bills will only attract negative energies into the houses. Always fix a bright light at the entrance. Choose a pretty lamp shade and make it look pretty. Keep the entrance light on the whole night and switch it off early morning. You could also go in for fairy lights along the doorway. It looks gorgeous and even highlights the efforts you may have put on the door. Try the idea of hanging some lanterns or traditional lamps as well.


There are very few people living in independent homes. Most people today live in high or low rise apartments. Therefore, you would surely have the stairway coming quite close to your entrance door. Try to keep the staircase looking pretty too. Remove all cobwebs and stains from the steps. Place some beautiful artificial plants and trees on the levels. It will brighten up the place. Wood panel it if you can.


Everyone likes to decorate the entrances to their houses with beautiful accessories available today. Hang some wind chimes for that tinkling sound. It is not only pleasant to hear but is also believed to ward off negativities from your house. Hang a horseshoe, in the inverted ‘U’ shape, above the door for good luck. Some of you may want o to hang some religious symbols as well. A pretty floral painting also brightens up the look. A clean and colorful doormat completes the look of the entrance.

Sometimes, it’s the fear of someone stealing away accessories that make you hesitate to place expensive items outside. There are always cheaper options available. You could place some colorful pots with plants in them.


The entrance to your home will look incomplete without any greenery around it. At the same time, you need to take care to avoid mosquitoes, flies, and other insects coming into your haven. The best solution is to place artificial plants and trees at the entrance. Put them in colorful pots or hang them as creepers. There are many varieties to select from, like:

• silk ferns

• silk orchids

• ficus tree

• artificial tall grass plants

• faux palm tree

These plants look as good as real and retain their shine always. It’s effortless to maintain them since there is no need to water or weed. They don’t require any manure, yet are long-lasting and durable. This will save you the bother of cleaning up the mess after watering, weeding, and manuring of real plants. The best part is that you can select the colors, shapes, heights, and varieties of your choice without waiting for the season!

The above ideas hold good for the exterior as well as the immediate interior of the house. When the main door opens into the house, the impact of the quick interior also becomes essential and has to be taken care of. Keep a console if you have space. Place some silk floral arrangements or some silk flower centerpieces on the console. There are options for placing some pieces of fine art; candle stands with colorful candles; a pretty lampshade etc. on it too. Have a couple of comfortable seats in the foyer if space permits. Hang a bright chandelier for a grand look.

If you live in independent houses, you may have the option of placing a water fountain at the entrance. Fix wooden panels or decorative tiles on the floor. Try a carved stone gateway or entrance too.

Do up the entrance and invite people home. Then take pleasure and satisfaction from seeing the awed look on their faces.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

Being the sleeping haven, the bedroom is the most adorable place in the house. A colorful bedroom is what everybody wants. Although there are many bedroom makeover inspirations, you may not have the funds for the same. Making the bedroom stylish on a budget is possible if you know the right tricks.

Here are 10 inspiring ideas to help you out.

1. Rearrange the furniture

Perhaps you have not changed the bedroom layout for long. This is sure to create boredom in the place. This is why moving the furniture in the bedroom is an excellent way of upgrading. It is the cheapest way to change the look and feel of your bedroom.

If your bed is against a wall, try to put it in a corner. This will deliver a more intimate ambiance. You can also drag the sofa to the other side of the room. Such actions can amazingly change the appearance of the bedroom.

2. Dress up the bed

The bed is the most obvious furniture in the bedroom. This is why it needs to be decorated first. Since changing the bed may be beyond the budget, consider spray painting the same.

You need not change the bedding. Just change the bed sheets and the pillow covers. This will improve the bedroom in a significant way. Renewing the cushions will also make the bedroom colorful. Get things that complement the overall décor for creating excellent results.

3. Highlight the bed

The bed should be the focal point in the bedroom. Highlight the bed with something dramatic behind it. The headboards are an excellent option for this. But, this may be a bit costly. Be creative to find alternatives.

For instance, you may get some picture frames. These are not expensive. Fill those up with colored papers and hang in gallery style behind the bed. This will deliver you an unassuming headboard. You can also hang some colorful fabric, behind the bed, from the ceiling. It will instantly improve the bedroom décor.

4. Add throw pillows

Throw pillows are great for adding color and style to any bedroom. Adding a few trendy throw pillows can uplift your bed and the bedroom itself. Pick a base color that does not outshine the rest of the room.

Mix different styles, shapes, and prints for delivering a new look. Place the throw pillows on the bed and the couch in the bedroom. Better arrange these symmetrically on the bed for an improved look. Display these asymmetrically when you prefer a casual and effortless look.

5. Improve with an area rug

An area rug can bring in fantastic effect in a bedroom. Available in plenty of colors and designs, this is a brilliant solution for adding texture to the bedroom. It makes the bedroom warm and comfortable. This is also great for defining a space in the bedroom.

Placing the furniture atop the area rug delivers nice anchoring effect. Play around with the shapes of the area rugs for complementing the furniture.

6. Upgrade lampshades

Illumination matters in the bedroom. Replacing the lampshades is an affordable way of improving the bedroom. Plenty of colorful lampshades are available in the market. Get one that matches the base and the overall décor of the room.

Also, consider the function before you procure the same. Place two lampshades on both sides of the bed for an asymmetric look. Hang a pendant type lampshade to make a nice décor statement.

7. Replace the curtains

Curtains ensure privacy and can block outside light when not needed. These are also great to set the right mood in the bedroom. Get colorful fabric curtains that match the bedroom interior. Hang it high above the window frame for making the bedroom look taller. If fund permits, you may opt for velvet curtains.

8. Adorn with a mirror

A mirror is the best decorative piece in the bedroom. Mirrors reflect light from all sources and make the room bight. They also produce an illusion of more space in the bedroom. Include a medium to a large mirror in the bedroom.

There are no hard and fast rules for this. You may hang mirrors almost everywhere in the bedroom. You can also build a focal point by including a sunburst mirror.

9. Decorate with tapestries

Tapestries have immense decorating possibilities. You may attach it to the wall, or can also make a headboard with these. You can use these on the bed, or the center table for creating a beautiful focal point. This inexpensive option is available in a myriad of colors and designs and can improve your bedroom beyond imagination.

10. Harmonize with greeneries

Live plants can develop a bedroom like anything. They add style and make people relaxed and refreshed. But, these require dangerous maintenance activities. Having no such maintenance demand, the artificial trees form an ideal alternative.

The faux landscaping elements are available as trees, plants, topiaries, flowers, palms, etc. Passing through many evolutions, these now look like the real plants. You can choose the artificial plants, trees and flowers based on varieties, sizes, colors, and collections.

Fill an uninhabited corner of your bedroom with artificial palm trees. This will spruce up the place and make the bedroom appealing. These are made from superior quality foliage and color pigments. As such, these are durable and do not fade. Some of these are also made fire retardant by impregnating particular chemicals. Thus, you get a safe environment in the bedroom.

Including faux flower arrangements also improves the bedroom ambiance. These do not require sunlight or air. So, you can place them anyplace in the bedroom. They come in fully grown sizes and need no waiting period. Moreover, as they are independent of seasons, they maintain equal shine throughout the year.


Everyone needs a restful and relaxing retreat to end up the day. This makes the bedroom the most loveable place in the house. These natural and simple ideas can make your bedroom look awesome on a budget. Try these and have a good night’s sleep.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

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