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ramp-up-the-style-quotient-of-your-restaurants-with-artificial-plantsIf you are in the restaurant business, the only way to flourish the business is to have loyal customers, who will come to your restaurant again and again. There are several factors that help to achieve loyal patrons. No doubt that you will have to supply quality foods to the customer first time and every time, your service should be excellent, and the guests must also feel relaxed and comfortable coming to your restaurants. Landscaping plays a very vital role in creating a great ambiance for enjoying foods.

The entrance of a restaurant is crucial because it creates the first impression. So, it should be attractive, alluring and welcoming too. Otherwise, the onlookers will never feel like stepping into your restaurant. The interior is also extremely important, as this is where the guests enjoy the food. If they find it cozy and comfortable, they will not hesitate to patronize your restaurants. According to various studies on the interaction of humans with nature, people become more relaxed and are in a positive frame of mind when they are near nature. That is why including something green is the best way for ramping up the style.

But why use natural artificial plants for landscaping?

Creating a perfect exterior and interior landscape for a restaurant is quite challenging. While everyone knows that people always feel connected with natural elements, including live plants in any commercial setting brings in many problems. They are expensive, needs time to grow and you have to take regular care of the live plants. Using Silk Plants Direct artificial plants lets you have pseudo-natural fully grown plants ready out of the box. Available in many types, shapes, and sizes, these can also be personalized for blending with other decorating accessories that you may have in the restaurant. Moreover, these are not environment specific and, therefore, can be placed in low illumination areas. What is more, these give relief from maintenance, manpower, and cost issues permanently.

Fake plants have wide range of variants

Silk Plants Direct has a plethora of replicated plants that can be used for landscaping any restaurant. These are also available in different sizes and include the followings:

  • Fern
  • Fall plants & shrubs
  • Ivy
  • Grass
  • Cactus and Succulents
  • Moss Rocks, Sheets, Balls and wreaths
  • Leaves and branches
  • Hanging plants

These replicate nature in all respects

Backed by a team of experts containing botanists, engineers, designers and landscapers, Silk Plants Direct’s artificial plants are made to look like their live cousins. These are manufactured meticulously with stringent quality control using prime quality foliage, color pigments etc, to make them one hundred percent botanically correct. Place them anywhere in your restaurant including tables, and they will continue to deceive even the most experienced eyes, as one can only feel the difference by touching. If you are ready to accept a little trouble of caring, combining the replicated plants with natural ones is sure to take the exterior of the restaurant to the next level.

Faux plants are really clean

Unlike the live plants, the artificial plants never wilt and do not shed leaves. When you use these for your restaurant indoors, there will be no chance of water spillage. Moreover, if that is accidentally knocked over by your guest, you will not be required to clean the mess created by soil. So, you can go on including fake plants on the tables, or in every corner, or can use those as hanging plants; your guests will never face any mess. These inherent advantages of fake plants make those the most desirable landscaping option.

These are shining throughout the year

While the live plants are season specific, the artificial plants are not so. Once installed in the restaurant, they continue to charm the guests with their lush green appearance equally in all seasons.

Artificial plants are great for theme restaurants

Theme restaurants are getting increasingly popular these days. For creating any theme, you should choose the right plants. Moreover, whatever theme you may choose to create, the central idea should revolve around having something unique so that the guests feel it relaxing and luxurious. If you want to impart a desert vibe in the restaurant, fake Aloe plant, cactus and succulents are the best for the job. In case, you want to bring back the prehistoric look, then moss rocks can do that very well. For introducing freshness and charm in your restaurant, Silk Plants Direct grass collections are ideal.

Your safety is not compromised

The artificial plants are manufactured using plastic material that is usually prone to fire. But, Silk Plants Direct manufactures their mimic plants following the unique ThermaLeaf® Technology. In this process, a special fire retardant chemical is infused into the foliage by injection molding process while it is being manufactured. As this involves no spraying of chemicals, there is no question of washing those off. These make the silk products self-extinguishing type and they never help fire to spread. Due to this the faux plants are totally safe to use for interior landscaping.

These are ideal for outdoors as well

Silk Plants Direct artificial plants do not discolor of fade, even if those are continuously exposed to the scorching sunrays. These are manufactured from PermaLeaf® grade foliage that is loaded with unique fade resistance chemicals and your outdoor will have a glowing appearance in all seasons for a long time.

There are some added advantages as well

Other than quality and maintenance fronts, the artificial plants have many other advantages.

  • These help to have a beautiful sense of welcoming breaking the monotony of the sitting arrangements.
  • These do not attract insects and pests and so your guests will be able to enjoy their food without any worry about insect attacks.
  • Being extremely lightweight, these are out-and-out portable and can be installed anywhere.
  • This is cost effective and onetime investment. Once bought, they remain fresh forever.
Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

artificial boxwoodOf late, the urban concrete jungle has become so much dense that it is now almost impossible to redesign a commercial complex for making it trendy. The only solution to this problem is to include some greens for livening up space. Studies conducted on the effect of nature on human behavior strongly indicate that people feel extremely relaxed and become positive when nature surrounds them. However, landscaping with live plants has a box-load of hassles. These need right soil, regular watering, fertilizing, etc for keeping them live and fresh. Doing these in a large setting call for increased manpower and involve high cost. That is why artificial boxwood is now in great demand.

No matter if it is a large corporate house, big hotel, luxury restaurant, exhibition hall, shopping mall, theme park, multiplex, amusement park, water park, municipal offices & government buildings, posh resort, or a private hospital, these can be given a nice facelift using artificial boxwoods. These can be used in a great way for revamping the commercial indoors and outdoors and can transform an otherwise dull and drab setting into a place with a magical appearance for energizing employees, enticing customers and entailing more profits.

One name many types

Silk Plants Direct has a large collection of artificial boxwoods to suit different landscaping purposes for converting barren commercial space into a mesmerizing one. There are many varieties of the replicated boxwoods like:

  • Boxwood topiaries
  • Boxwood hedges
  • Boxwood mats, panels & tiles 
  • Boxwood balls
  • Boxwood spirals
  • Boxwood cones & pyramids
  • Boxwood ball topiaries
  • Boxwood bushes, wreath & garlands
  • Preserved boxwoods

All of these can be placed in the commercial indoors and outdoors to infuse charm and excellence.

Artificial boxwood is a thoughtful consideration

Fake boxwoods by Silkplantsdirect can bring life to any commercial place. The business scenario is very complex these days with a large number of players fighting tooth and nail for survival. If your business does not look attractive, it will hardly be able to draw customers and survive the competition. Any business outdoor is the first point of contact with the customers, clients, and guests and, therefore, it has to be improved for creating a nice buzz about the business, and landscaping the interior with mimic boxwoods is great for keeping customers loyal to the business. These boxwoods are so realistic that they look like natural plants and also blend with other decorating accessories making these a thoughtful landscaping consideration.

Boxwoods are for privacy, beauty, and safety

Defining space is very vital for any professional space. Boxwood is an ideal choice for the architects, designers, and landscapers for all types of landscaping projects. You can define the driveway, walkway, patio, etc. Boxwood topiary, wreath, and garlands can also be used for revamping the front office, meeting room, etc. Even, boxwoods are used for uplifting hospital indoors to help speedy recovery of patients. Boxwoods can also be used for blocking unwanted sights form customers. When the driveway is defined, the drivers can drive in a relaxed manner.

Creates amazing business ambiance

A great business can only be achieved when the customers, clients, and visitors are highly impressed with the professional setting, and artificial boxwoods help to do that. Laying a nice boxwood mat greatly improves the ambiance for visit of important clients. Moreover, when you define your commercial outdoor and indoor with boxwood hedges, topiaries, spirals, cones, and pyramids, etc, the lush green presence adds a vibrant touch to the commercial setting. Adorning your business premises with replicated boxwood products motivates all concern to be more focused for cracking down tough business deals for more growth, and you will be continuously enjoying the trust of your customers and clients with updated business premises.

These are safe

Safety is a prime concern for all artificial landscaping elements. There have been instances, in the past, when the fake boxwood was found to be the culprit for spreading of fire. Silkplantsdirect’s fake foliage is manufactured using ThermaLeaf technology making them inert to fire. Special fire resistant chemicals are injected into the foliage for making them fire retardant.

All weather product

Being fake, there is no chance of shedding leaves. Moreover, these are made inert to all weather conditions by following PermaLeaf technology. Special fade resistant chemicals are infused in the foliage so that they do not fade due to the UV rays present in the sunlight.

Important benefits of artificial boxwoods

Faux boxwood is a great landscaping tool for making any commercial setting trendy and updated. These have the following important benefits:

  • These require little or no maintenance. There is no requirement of soil preparation, watering, applying fertilizers and spraying pesticides. As such, these do not require any dedicated manpower and thus, save on cost.
  • These are also easy to clean. Cleaning with soft wet cloth and periodic dusting is sufficient to keep these fresh.
  • Unlike live boxwoods, these never grow out of shape and, hence, no pruning or trimming is required.
  • These do not lose their luster due to harsh weather condition.
  • Being independent of sunlight, these can be placed in the low-light areas and even in the underground rooms without any problem.
  • Various shapes and sizes of topiaries can be included in the landscape for removing monotony. Boxwoods can also be lit with LED light for creating a mesmerizing ambiance.
  • Available in standard pots, bases and panels, these are entirely portable and are very easy to install. These can also be shifted from one place to other for making changes in landscape with minimum effort.
  • Being fake these do not attract insects. So, these keep the guests free from insect attacks.
  • Using mimic botanical boxwoods is cost-effective, and a onetime investment. Unlike live ones, you can keep these stored for future uses.
Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig TreesGreeting your visitors to a relaxing, elegant landscape with charming beauty is something everyone wants. If you are looking to set up extraordinary landscapes at domestic or commercial locations, you can check out some essential information about landscaping. It will help you before you leap onto designing your landscape. Classy and elegant landscapes depend on planning and innovative thinking more than investment in costly products. You may choose to greet the visitors with a lavish looking landscape with costly items or may go for creative ideas and modern technologies and create an extraordinary one at a lower cost.

Extraordinary landscapes

Extraordinary landscapes do not necessarily need huge investments. Instead, they are made of warmth and energy to bring in the positive vibes to make every visitor have a memorable experience. Apart from brilliant walls and furniture, you need to include other items which will attract the attention and also infuse with a sense of natural relaxing vibes to make it home like. For having extraordinary landscapes, you need to think out of the box and make a modern, innovative approach towards landscaping.

Modern landscaping tools

Today, you will see the artificial green landscapes widely in use at commercial locations. Mostly they look natural and refreshing but are artificial greenery in reality. So, what is this artificial greenery in landscaping? They are the smart replacements for natural plants and other greenery in landscapes. Made with premium quality materials, they are the artificial plant structures giving the exact impact of a real plant in the landscape and eliminating the side effects of a real plant as well. Let’s take a look at details.

Why use the artificial greenery in your landscape

Artificial greenery provides the desired quality look essential for any classy landscape. It makes any landscape adorable and delightful with its fresh and natural look and also backs it up with the advantages over other commonly used landscaping items, eliminating their drawbacks. That makes faux greenery ideal for any landscape. You can pick your favorite botanical item and use the silk version of it as you need not worry about its availability in the area or its ability to grow or survive in the given conditions.

Advantages of using silk greenery in landscapes

  • Fully customized- being artificial, they can be modified completely to meet your requirements. You will get your desired items at the required size and shape to fit your landscape.
  • Smooth- no one wants to work hard or put effort into maintaining the glaze of the landscaping items. The faux products need no care, and they will continue to look fresh and new for ages.
  • Hassle free, forever- having greenery in your building does not mean you need regular watering or pruning to keep them fresh. The faux greenery will continue to enhance the landscape at zero maintenance. The silk plants will not die or perish like the real ones. 
  • The best return on investment- you can set up the landscape indoor or outdoor, as per requirement and need not worry about harsh weather conditions like the direct sun (UV exposure), rain, wind or snow. 
  • Pure elegance- the silk plants have better aesthetic beauty than the real ones. Owing to their fresh glow round the clock, you can bank on the adorable décor to ensure your guests have a memorable visit.

Silk fiddle leaf fig trees- pure tropical charm

The silk fiddle leaf fig trees are an exotic landscaping item to fill your space with the refreshing tropical vibes. It will ensure the visitors have a pleasant visit to your commercial space or to ensure the guests have a pleasant stay. Considered as a tropical ornamental plant for long, the faux fiddle leaf fig trees have the delicate, simple look that will turn heads and induce a sense of awe on the onlookers.

The woody, real-life stem and the crisp leaves with smooth and shiny surface make it lifelike and all you need to do is place it on a base that goes well with the alluring beauty.

Designing stunning interior landscapes

While designing interior landscapes with the faux fiddle leaf fig trees, you need to ensure there is sufficient amount of light for the tree to be visible to the visitors. That will give the feel of a natural tropical landscape. You may look to place it anywhere on a fancy designer pot or base based on the size of the item. Just keep one thing in mind, the silk fiddle leaf fig tree should be placed at the focal point of the visitors like near the couch, at the reception, inside the boring meeting rooms, etc.

Dazzling exterior landscapes

Designing exterior landscapes with the faux fiddle leaf fig trees should not be a matter of concern as it is made from premium quality materials and won’t fade away on exposure to natural conditions. You may look to use the silk fiddle leaf fig trees in multiple numbers in definite pattern to make it adorable, and eye-catching or put them up separately with sufficient amount of light. They are incredible while creating tropically themed landscapes. Putting them at focal points will create a classy impression of your home or commercial place.

Where should you use the silk fiddle leaf fig trees?

You can use it anywhere including domestic and commercial locations. They are widely used in:

  • Shopping malls and multiplexes.
  • Restaurants and hotels.
  • Casinos and bars.
  • Government buildings.
  • Offices and corporate sector.
  • Domestic application.

Fire retardant variety

Owing to the increased fire accidents at commercial and domestic places where landscaping items facilitated the fire spread, modern landscaping items come with ThermaLeaf technology where fire retardant chemicals are impregnated to stop the spread of fire. Sometimes, cheap material helps spread of fire quickly.

The step is taken as there should be no compromise on safety over elegant landscaping and to ensure safety to life and property.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

areca palmLandscaping is a unique aspect which requires a different approach and new ideas and products go a long way in making gorgeous landscapes. You will be amazed to know that you do not necessarily need loads of investment for getting the desired landscape. Some advanced ideas and innovative approach will cover it up and make brilliant landscapes in very low investments.

Modern landscaping items

The modern landscaping ideas revolve around making a place look extraordinary and increase its brilliance by actually adding things that will not only amaze the visitors but will also blow their mind away by adding the refreshing natural vibes that will make it memorable to them. If you want to bring in the refreshing tropical vibes into your office, commercial locations or homes, you need to set up your landscape with a new approach and fill it with tropical greenery.

Faux areca palm- tropical delight in your landscape

Ever thought about using the tropical delight in your landscapes? The areca palm is a native plant of various tropical as well as sub-tropical regions. It is also called butterfly palm due to the unique arrangement of the leaves curving upwards in shape resembling a butterfly. It was widely used as an ornamental plant for a long time, but the excellent variety is used in various commercial and domestic landscaping. Apart from small plants or other varieties, the faux areca palm sprays and fronds are more widely used due to their exquisite look.

Where can you use the silk areca palm?

The silk areca palm spray is already widely used in following landscapes.

  • Hotels and resorts.
  • Restaurants and bars.
  • Amusement parks.
  • Commercial buildings.
  • Government offices.
  • Domestic Landscapes. 

So, there are no bars to the usage of the refreshing tropical décor. You may choose any location and create a jaw-dropping landscape with it effortlessly.’

Ten reasons to choose silk areca palm in your landscape

  • Swanky look- the amazing beauty associated with the areca palm is unbeatable. The unique tropical plant brings loads of refreshing natural vibes into the landscape paired with stunning beauty. You will surely like to treat your visitors with the delightful landscape which will be admired by everyone. Won’t you?
  • Easy for all buildings- sometimes some domestic landscaping items do not fit into the commercial scenario as there are some additional requirements for commercial buildings like low maintenance, economical and exact precision to superior quality. The faux areca palm spray will fit perfectly into any landscape, enhancing its beauty.
  • Pest free atmosphere- sometimes, using real plants can add on to some unwanted visitors at the place including various flies and pests. Using the silk variety of the alluring item solves the issue as the flies and pests will not be attracted to the silk material and won’t cause much of an unhygienic atmosphere making it perfect for public places like hospitals or corporate offices.
  • Brilliant interior use- the areca palm fronds and spray will look brilliant on table tops, mantle, shelves and anywhere else where more and more visitors will see it. Just remember to place it at the focal point of the visitors and let it will increase the glow of the place with its natural vibes. Isn’t it effortless?
  • Suitable for outdoors- you may add the warmth and glow of the wonderful landscaping décor in the outdoors as it is made of durable materials and color to stand the harsh weather conditions. Placing it on a balcony or open roof resorts is a great idea to treat the visitors to the beautiful nature.
  • Fits in all locations- you will be amazed to know that the delicate and charming landscaping item is available in sizes ranging from 31” to 55” which means you can pick your suitable size for your location at your office or commercial area.
  • Tropical theme- the faux areca palm spray is essential in case you are planning a tropical themed landscape. These small items act as fillers and complete the landscape. 
  • Zero maintenance- after all no one wants to spend much energy or money on maintenance of landscaping items. The silk areca spray is ideal for a zero maintenance landscape as it does not require regular watering or care and will look fresh as a new one. You can simply restore the glaze by rubbing with a moist cloth. This makes it ideal for commercial buildings where high maintenance landscaping items have loads of problems are avoided.
  • The best return for investment- faux areca palm spray is the ultimate choice for everyone looking for the best return on their investment as once it is put up, it will continue to enhance your landscape until you decide to change the look. It will not decay like the real plants.
  • Simple yet classy artificial landscaping- the faux areca palm may look simple and small, but it goes a long way in enhancing the landscape after you put it on a suitable base and keep it within the focal range of the visitors. Just remember to make it more eye-catching. 

Artificial greenery - newest trends in landscaping

Like the artificial areca palm spray, there are a wide variety of artificial plants and trees used as landscaping décor all over. They are smart, swanky and brighten up any landscape. Made with the superior quality materials, they are simply better than any other landscaping décor.

Advantages of using faux landscape

  • They look superb with no maintenance or any care or watering.
  • Once set up, they will brighten the space forever.
  • They can be shifted and made to form different landscapes also. 
  • Being artificial, they are fully customizable and can be made according to requirement. Can be used at any location irrespective of the presence of sunlight. 

You can use the alluring and classy items to welcome your guests and clients with warmth and enthusiasm into any suitable pots of bases available with the landscaping items.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

office plantsDo you think the looks of your office landscape need to be upgraded with right kind of landscaping solutions? Well, this is quite important for commercial or corporate environments as their employees keep feeling good in the work environment. Moreover, if you have day to day customers flow in your commercial space, it is crucial to make your space look adorable that can offer a great first impression on the visitors. To meet all your landscaping requirements, SilkPlantsDirect will surely have all the necessary solutions to make your landscape look fascinating. They are amongst top leaders in artificial landscaping industry with highest standard products. If you want to convert your dull and bare office landscape into an eye-catchy landscape, explore the options available with SilkPlantsDirect.

Choose From Varieties of Artificial Aspens

Artificial aspen plants offered by SilkPlantsDirect are just lifelike and realistic. They are realistic in such a way that you can fool anyone without letting them know that your landscape in not real. There are many verities of artificial aspen that you can choose as per your preferences or landscaping theme. These may come in the form of potted plants as well as large trees for both inside and outside lawn for your commercial area. Add a small potted plant of faux aspen to your office interior, and it can wonderfully liven up your area with its grace and aura. Artificial aspen is ideal to be installed in lobbies, reception areas, restrooms, restaurant lobbies as well as any empty corner that you see around your interior space.

Add Creativity to Your Space with Boxwood Topiaries

Creative and artful décor item will bring a feeling of interest to your space. Even a single creative item added to your space will fill up all your employees as well as visitors with encouragement and zeal. In artificial landscaping, creativity is just another name of boxwood topiaries. These are wonderful sculptures that add an artful element to your yard. Whether you use them indoor or outdoor, they will complement any your settings wonderfully. Topiaries are only simple landscaping products, but they are the ideal solution for special occasion decorations as well. In addition to standard topiaries like spirals, cones, balls etc., you can have custom designed a form topiary with SilkPlantsDirect. You can have your favorite character, cartoon, business logo or animal form designed in boxwood topiary to add to your commercial area. With such creative elements, you can have your office upgraded with ultimate looks ever.

Silk & Artificial Tabletop Plants

Do you want to enliven your commercial interior? Silk tabletop plants are the ideal addition to any office interior that can add a vibe of color as well as nature of the space making it look fresh and energetic. The broad selection of artificial tabletop plants available with SilkPlantsDirect can lift everyone’s spirit to the highest level. The tabletop plant varieties vary in plant and flower type as well as the planters. You can place beautiful plants on the reception desk, meeting room desk, conference room table, waiting room and more thus making everyone stay fresh, healthy and interested in work. These are ideal to be placed on tables, bare surfaces, shelves, cabinet tops and different counters to rejuvenate the dull looks of your interior.

Artificial Palm Plants and Trees

Palms are one of the most popular and rejuvenating plants among various landscaping products that can add unique color and theme to your landscape, making it look eye-catchy and appealing. The palms are of countless varieties, and you can find all types in the range of SilkPlantsDirect’s artificial plant's range. Artificial palms can be made available in the form of plants as well as large trees for outdoors. For your outdoor landscape, faux palm trees can create a wonderful tropical landscaping theme with least efforts. They introduce luxury and relaxing feeling to commercial indoor and outdoor landscape. Whether you have traditional space arrangements or contemporary settings, palms can complement all kinds of your space efficiently.

Artificial Bonsai Trees for a Majestic Landscape

Do you want to make your landscape stand out and look most close to nature? This is possible with faux bonsai trees. These are perfect for decorating both offices as well as residential areas. All of the Bonsai varieties will add a unique charm to your settings. Whether you choose artificial cedar bonsai, tea leaf bonsai or Japanese bonsai, these will introduce elegance to even your dull space. You can choose from different sizes and varieties as per your preferences.

Artificial Privacy Screens

For commercial environments and corporate spaces, privatization of their premises, as well as interior sections, is crucial. This not only prevents outside sights from coming inside but also create an organized surrounding. SilkPlantsDirect offers a large variety of artificial green privacy walls that you can utilize to privatize your outdoor compound. These walls can also be used indoors if you want to create a partition of a larger indoor area privatizing each section. In this way, you can prevent constructions while also enhancing the looks and appeal of your interior and exterior. These walls are strong enough to withstand various environmental conditions without deteriorating or fading away. Most of the commercial events, tradeshows, and other events use such artificial green privacy walls to create lush green stage backgrounds that appeal the eyes of onlookers.

Outdoor Hanging Plants

Does your outdoor landscape look boring and unattractive? In that case, you need something exciting and eye-catchy to be included in your space to fascinate your staff as well as visitors. The range of hanging plants of SilkPlantsDirect adds charming accents to your outdoor landscape settings. All varieties of artificial hanging plants and vines can fit all landscape designs and themes making the area look stunning. With hanging plants, you can perfectly cover the surfaces, flaws of your walls and all making them look much more beautiful than what they are.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

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