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Outdoor Topiaries

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  1. Silk Plants Direct Outdoor Rosemary Spiral Topiary – Green – Pack of 1
  2. Silk Plants Direct Outdoor Triple Bay Leaf Topiary  – Green – Pack of 1
  3. Cedar Tree - Green - Pack of 1
  4. Cedar Tree - Green - Pack of 1
  5. Outdoor Boxwood Pick - Green - Pack of 1
  6. Boxwood Topiary Ball - Green - Pack of 1
  7. Silk Plants Direct Outdoor Double Ball Cypress Topiary – Green – Pack of 1
  8. Silk Plants Direct Outdoor Rosemary Spiral Topiary – Green – Pack of 1
  9. Silk Plants Direct Outdoor Cedar Spiral Topiary – Green – Pack of 1
  10. Grass - Green - Pack of 1
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Items 1 to 10 of 97 total

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If you are one of those who seek perfection in everything you do or in everything around you, then we have something for your garden landscape design which is an epitome of perfectness – our collection of artificial outdoor topiaries. Something which embraces perfection in their look, appearance, form and style, these topiaries will give you comfort everytime you look at them. A decorative accent which dates back to the Roman times, our range of faux topiaries will be a delightful presence in your garden and will be provide a spark of life to it throughout the year.

A great way to express yourself, topiaries can be blended in any shape, geometric or fanciful and allows you to unleash your full creativity and imagination. A great way to provide a focal point to your landscape, our outdoor topiary spirals will be the true star of your garden and you can bring in other plants or flowers to support it. It will assume a primary role of beauty and will draw attention in your setting and allow you to blend other things around it. Our topiaries are manufactured from premium quality material and as such they look extremely realistic. If you are looking to create an outdoor landscape that feels fun, playful and interesting, then try bringing in one of our outdoor boxwood topiaries. You just cannot go wrong with them.

One of the visually pleasing decorations, our outdoor topiary balls, and ball topiaries are full of personality and will allow you to be bold in your garden display. Whimsical and playfulness, they will make your space great and will allow you to make a statement in your landscape and have fun. Yet another striking decorative accent is our range of preserved topiary – balls, plants, and trees. Featuring preserved boxwood foliage, unexpected shape, and element of drama, they will be full of charisma in an otherwise predictable and conventional garden area. Durable and striking, our topiaries do not require constant upkeep and will become a timeless element of the landscape.

If you are looking to develop a quirky, creative garden of your own, then these faux outdoor topiaries will be the perfect ingredients. The best part about them is that they don’t allow you to stick on a theme. As something which is full of character and individuality, you can play around with shapes, styles and sizes and stay away from the usual cliches. If you love to imagine, dream and try out fun stuff in your garden, then this is your treasure.

Topiaries are some of the boldest and most fun accessories around. Not only they add a jolt of color to the setting but they have a whimsy feel which lights up a space. If you’re looking for some faux greenery to add to your space, then look no further than our outdoor artificial Topiaries. A great way to ensure year round color and interest to your garden or outdoor space, we have outdoor faux Topiaries in various varieties, forms, sizes and styles which will make your space visually interesting season after season.

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