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sage ivyWhile talking about commercial landscaping, majority of the people think about outdoor landscaping for enhancing the look of the commercial space. But, every time one steps into a luxury restaurant, posh hotel lobby, arcades of shopping mall or into the reception area of a large corporate house or a theme park, one unknowingly starts looking around for the decors displayed and forms an opinion about the business. It goes without saying that natural elements help to deliver a serene and tranquil ambiance to professional spaces and this makes interior landscaping a vital requirement for every commercial setting.

Other than creating a beautiful environment for the customers, clients and guests; interior landscaping plays a vital role for enhancing the effectiveness of a professional setting. Including topiaries artificial elements and other fake plants and vines in the reception area, meeting room and other places reduces stress and people stay generally happy resulting increasing the business values. Studies also reveal that when greenery is incorporated in the hospital rooms, the patients tend to recover faster.

In case you are considering to give the indoors of your luxury hotels & restaurants, posh resorts & spas, large corporate houses, exotic bars & casinos or any other professional space, you can think about using Faux Sage Ivy Hanging Bush along with other landscaping accessories like tropical trees and plants to make the indoor chick and classy. With its beautiful blooms and lifelike foliage, these deliver a mesmerizing ambiance.

Outstanding landscaping element

Customer satisfaction is the main theme of each and every commercial organization. Opting for green happens to be the best option when you want to make a professional indoor free from stress. No matter what type of commercial space you are having, the fake Ivy plants and hanging bushes are loved by all. Being compact in size, these do not eat up much space but helps to delight the clients, customers and visitors with their charming looks. While you are revamping your commercial indoor with tropical trees and plants, you can also add these for creating a calm aura in your setting. Adding these to your welcoming & waiting area, porches, conference rooms, even near the stairs will, no doubt, glorify the commercial space.

Choosing artificial Ivy bushes over the live ones

Why to choose topiaries artificial and fake Ivies is the first question that strike every mind engaged in landscaping projects. Of course, you can use live plants and vines for decorating the professional indoors. But, being live, they need regular care and attention. They need soil, water, fertilizers, and insecticides to keep them healthy. Moreover, they outgrow the space and needs periodic pruning and all these involve dedicated manpower and cost. Using the fake decorative elements you need not worry about this. Further, using fake Ivy hanging bushes you can enjoy the bloom equally in all seasons which is not possible with live plants. Thus, the artificial plants are great for elevating the dull indoor landscapes. When walls are adorned with fake Ivy bushes, they do not cause any damage to the walls.

Unique product with many varieties

Silk tropical trees and plants are made using high quality material. These are also made botanically correct. With their magnificent blooms and realistic foliage, the topiaries artificial and fake Ivies cannot be differentiated from the live ones without touching by hand. You can get these in many varieties like Sage Ivy hanging plant bush, English Ivy hanging plants, Silk Ivy hanging plants variegated and many more options. All of these have elegant look and are ideal for decorating walls and other indoor spaces. Featuring an adorable look these help to liven up the commercial indoors.

These deliver many enjoyable benefits

Other than being a no maintenance option, the fake landscaping elements have many other added advantages.

Bring warmth to the indoor: With their sparkling lush green appearance, the fake landscaping elements bring in warmth to commercial ambiance for successful business outcome.

These are durable: Being made from high quality material, these have long life and can withstand all weather conditions.

Easy cleaning: Periodic washing and dusting is enough to maintain their looks for a long time.

These are not allergic: Many people are sensitive to pollen and insecticides. The fake plants, vines and bushes are made from high-quality inert material and, therefore, the visitors will not suffer from allergies.

Require no replacement: Fake bushes are not live. They neither shade leaves nor die after sometime and, therefore, no replacement is needed for a long time.

Cost effective: When you opt for using the fake bushes for indoor landscaping of the commercial spaces, there is an automatic cost reduction because of no maintenance.

Unique portability: The fake Ivy bushes come in standard shape and sizes. These can be used anywhere at your own choice. These are absolutely portable and shuffling between places is also possible for changing the interior landscape periodically.

These are absolutely safe: The Silk fake Ivies and other landscaping elements are made fire retardant. This makes them absolutely safe to use for indoor landscaping.

No insect attack: Live plants and bushes attract insects. Being artificial, these do not attract the pests and insects and, therefore, you need not worry about insects attacking the visitors.

Do not attract pets: Being artificial, pets are not attracted to these and there is no chance of pet damage.

Equally good for outdoors

Aside from rejuvenating the professional indoors, the artificial Sage Ivy Hanging Bush also works well for outdoor landscaping. If you are considering creating fences or wanting to define spaces, these fake Ivy bushes can help you do that with great improvement in decor. In case there are existing fences, the same can be made to appear lush green by using the fake Ivy hanging bushes and can also build an amazingly green boundary using those.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

pothos plantsPopularly known in Asia as the money plant, the pothos plant is just what you need to liven up your living space. The thick green foliage of these faux plants can give a calming and visually pleasing feel to the space that they are installed in. The variegated leaves in these faux landscaping products are manufactured to resemble the real plants identically. Available as shrubs, ivy garlands and in pots, the pothos plants can be installed to create a unique landscape in both indoors and outdoors spaces. Here’s everything you need to know about these popular and lifelike landscaping products:

Easy To Take Care Of And Maintain

One excellent benefit of installing the pothos pole plant,  in your landscape is that these plants are very easy to take care of and maintain. Unlike the real plants, these faux landscaping products do not shed their leaves and prevent a mess in the surroundings. Further, unlike the real plants, these silk pothos do not require regular trimming, watering, and pruning. You do not need to spend large sums of money on hiring a professional to provide regular and timely care to the plants.

Sturdy, Durable And Long Lasting Landscaping Products

The pothos hanging plant is incredibly beneficial for indoors and outdoors landscaping due to their durable, long lasting and sturdy features. Unlike several other competing landscaping products that tend to deteriorate in quality within short periods of time, the pothos plants offered by SilkPlantsDirect will last for years on end without spoiling or withering. These plants can be used and re-used and can even be stored away when not in use due to their long shelf life. Thus, these gorgeous and lush green money plants can prove to be an excellent long-term investment that will keep your living space lively and vibrant.

Cost Effective And Extremely Affordable

Another excellent benefit of the pothos plants is that these landscaping products are extremely affordable and prove to be very cost effective. You can order these tropical trees and plants in large quantities without having to worry about a hole being burnt through your pocket. A large sized landscaping project can be completed with these faux money plants within a limited budget, making these plants the perfect decorative installation for your living spaces.

Can Be Placed In Several Different Types Of Residential And Commercial Spaces

Besides your living space, the pothos plants can be installed in several commercial and residential spaces. Here’s a list of spaces that these plants are popularly installed in:

1. Hotel lobbies, hotel rooms, restaurants, lounges, bars, pubs and other such spaces can be decorated with the pothos plants.
2. Casinos, water parks, amusement parks, theme parks and various other such commercial spaces are great spaces to install the money plants.
3. Hospitals, medical centers, old age homes, doctor’s clinics, dentist’s clinics and psychiatric facilities can be given a livelier and less stressful atmosphere with the installation of these plants.
4. Residential buildings, apartments, villas, offices, office buildings, office cabins and various other such spaces can be decorated with the help of these pothos plants.

Fire Retardant Faux Landscaping Products

Often, interior decorators, landscaping artists, and architects are apprehensive about installing faux landscaping products in their projects because artificial plants are prone and susceptible to catching fires. This can create a disastrous situation in the surroundings and also put people’s lives at stake. However, in the case of the faux landscaping products offered by SilkPlantsDirect, you do not have to worry about your living space going up in flames. These plants are manufactured with fire retardant chemicals that ensure the safety of your living spaces and surroundings. You do not need to worry about your property being destroyed with the installation of these plants.

Custom Made Pothos Plants For Your Living Space

Although SilkPlantsDirect has the pothos plants available in several convenient sizes, often the dimensions of your living space are larger or smaller than the available plant sizes. In such cases, SilkPlantsDirect offers the option of allowing you to place a custom order for plants that will be directly proportionate to your living space size. The option of making custom made plants can be extremely convenient and useful for those looking to install a large landscape in their homes.

Easy Delivery And Installation Process

In the case of the plants offered by SilkPlantsDirect, you do not need to worry about the delivery and installation of the plants. SilkPlantsDirect will ensure timely and efficient delivery of the products to your doorstep. Further, SilkPlantsDirect has a team of skilled experts who will help you with the installation of the faux plants. This professional team has the necessary experience that is required to create a beautiful landscape and ensure safe installation of the faux plants. Thus, you do not need to spend additional sums of money on hiring landscaping artists of interior decorators to get your landscaping project installed.

Weather Proof and Climate Tolerant Landscaping Products

Last but not least, the faux landscaping products are extremely beneficial because these plants are entirely weatherproof and can tolerate all types of harsh weather conditions. The pothos pole plant can be installed in places with harsh sunlight, and you do not need to worry about them fading or losing their color. Further, the faux landscaping products can also tolerate rainfall and snowfall without deteriorating or spoiling. Thus, these plants are ideal for all kinds of indoors and outdoors settings and will last for years on end without spoiling.

So, if you are looking to redecorate your living space, you can liven the surroundings up with these amazing and cost-effective pothos plants. Place the order for your faux landscaping products today. Once installed, we guarantee you that your guests, family members, visitors, and clients will be utterly impressed and left in awe. The pothos plants will be one of the best long-term investments you will ever make.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

ivy garlandsDecorate your boring and dull walls with these lush green faux needlepoint ivy garlands and leave your guests, family members, clients and customers amazed!

Having plain white walls in your home and office can create a very dull and lifeless atmosphere. Installing paintings and other wall decorative items can be an extremely expensive ordeal. To make your walls look more creative in an affordable manner, installing the faux needlepoint ivy garlands is highly recommended. These artificial landscaping products are extremely realistic and lifelike. Their bright green leaves can create a forest like and mystical vibe in the surroundings. Here’s everything you need to know about these beautiful and breathtaking needlepoint ivy garlands:

Cost Effective And Affordable Decorative Products

Although the faux needlepoint ivy garlands look extremely realistic and expensive, in reality, these landscaping products are very affordably priced. You can buy the garlands in large quantities and decorate the walls in your office and home with them without having to worry about a hole being burnt through your pocket. Thus, bing so cost-effective and affordably priced, one need not spend large sums of money on paintings and other products to decorate their spaces.

Easy To Take Care Of And Maintain

Another excellent feature of the needlepoint ivy garlands is that these landscaping products require minimal or no maintenance. Unlike the real needlepoint ivy plants, these faux plants do not require trimming, maintenance, watering, and pruning. You need not spend large sums of money on hiring a professional gardener to take care of the plants. Further, real ivy garlands when growing onto walls and other appropriate surfaces can weaken the structure of the wall or surface. One need not worry about any such structure weakening that may cause mishaps in the case of the faux creepers.

Can Be Installed In Numerous Settings And Spaces

The needlepoint ivy garlands can be installed in all kinds of commercial and residential spaces. Here’s a list of spaces where one can install these gorgeous landscaping products:

1. Hotel lobbies, restaurants, hotel rooms, entrances of 5-star hotels are some of the spaces that these needlepoint ivies can be installed.
2. Water parks, theme parks, amusement parks, government buildings can also be decorated with the needlepoint ivy garlands.
3. Medical facilities like hospitals, doctor’s clinics, psychiatric facilities, old age homes, dentist’s clinics and other such spaces can be made more lively and less gloomy with the assistance of the needlepoint ivy garlands.
4. Casinos, pubs, lounges, bars, and cafes can be decorated with these landscaping products.
5. Apartments, villas, residential buildings, office buildings, office cabins and office waiting areas can also be great places to install the needlepoint ivies.

Fire Retardant Leaves That Keep Your Residential And Commercial Spaces Danger Free

Although the faux landscaping products are gaining great popularity across the globe and amongst interior decorators and landscaping artists, people are often apprehensive about installing these products in their projects. This is because lower quality landscaping products are prone and susceptible to catching fires. However in the case of the needlepoint ivy garlands provided by SilkPlantsDirect, one need not worry about any such mishaps. The needlepoint ivies are manufactured with special fire retardant chemicals that prevent the landscaping products from going up in flames and causing destruction in the space that they are installed in.

Can Withstand All Kinds Of Weather Conditions

Another excellent functional benefit of the needlepoint ivy garlands is that these landscaping products are manufactured to withstand and tolerate all kinds of harsh weather conditions. It doesn’t matter whether you install them in outdoor or indoor surroundings; these landscaping products are sturdy and durable and can withstand all kinds of temperature and humidity. The needlepoint ivy garlands will not fade or lose their color when exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. Further, these plants can also get wet in the rain or can tolerate extreme snowfall without deteriorating in quality, making them an excellent, affordable and cost-effective decoration item.

Easy Office Plant Delivery And Installation

For those of you who are looking to install the Ivies in your office, you may not have the time to put together a professional team who will do the installation or indoor landscaping for you. In the case of these tropical trees and plants offered by SilkPlantsDirect, one need not worry about delivery or installation. SilkPlantsDirect has a team of skilled experts who will ensure timely and safe delivery of your order to your office place. Further, this team will also help and assist you in creating a proper landscape inside your office. These indoor plants’ business-friendly landscaping products are just what you need to make your office space more motivating and lively.

Ideal Decorative Items For Events And Weddings

Wedding planners and event planners will find these needlepoint ivies the ultimate decorative items for their events and parties. The ivies are very durable and sturdy. They can be used and re-used innumerable times without spoiling or losing their color. Further, when not in use, these landscaping products can be stored away without any hassles as they have a long shelf life and will last for years on end.

Available In A Wide Range Of Convenient Sizes

Another great feature of the needlepoint ivies is that these faux landscaping products are available in a plethora of convenient sizes. You need not worry if the wall that you’re trying to decorate is long or short, you will find a needlepoint ivy garland that best fits your size needs. These landscaping products are available in 27-inches garlands, 6-feet garlands and 22.5-inches garlands for you to choose from. So depending on the wall that you are trying to decorate, you can choose a size that best fits your requirements.

So, don’t leave those walls in your home or office looking dull and boring. Place your order for the needlepoint ivy garlands today and liven up space with color and vibrancy. We guarantee that this is one of the best investments you can make in interior decorating products for your commercial and residential spaces.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

Faux Olive SprayBedazzling your room or office cabin with faux olive sprays would liven up the surroundings and give a sunny Mediterranean vibe to space. The lush green leaves of the olive sprays are visually pleasing and can prove to be motivating and inspiring when placed in a commercial or office space. Manufactured to look identical to the real olive plants, the thick foliage of the faux olive sprays has made them a popular installation amongst interior designers, architects, and landscaping artists. Today we will discuss the various functional benefits and features of these breathtaking tropical trees and plants.

Can Be Placed In Both Indoors and Outdoors Settings

One excellent benefit of the olive sprays is that these landscaping products can be placed in both indoor as well as outdoor settings. It does not matter whether you live in the harsh winters of the North Pole or the unpredictable rainy weather of Seattle. The olive sprays have been manufactured to tolerate and withstand all kinds of harsh and unexpected weather conditions. These plants can be placed in outdoor settings with extreme sunlight, and they will not lose their lush green color or fade. Further, the silk plants can also get drenched in the rains or withstand snowfall without deteriorating in quality, making them an excellent investment for indoor and outdoor landscapes.

Minimum Maintenance and Care Required

Another great functional benefit of the faux olive sprays is that these landscaping products require minimum to no maintenance and care. Unlike the real plants, the artificial plants do not shed their leaves seasonally leaving behind a mess for you to clean up. Further, upon installation of the olive plants, one need not hire a professional gardener to water, prune and trim the plants. Thus, the expenses incurred for hiring a professional for maintenance of the plants or the amount of time spent on providing care towards the plants is pretty much eliminated, making them the perfect home or office interior products.

Where to Buy Silk Plants which are Cost Effective and Extremely Affordable

One reason why you should seriously consider installation of the artificial plants in your room or office décor is because of their cost-effective and affordable feature. As realistic and expensive as these plants may look, in reality, the olive sprays are very affordable and can be purchased in large quantities. You can buy the sprays in bulk without having to worry about a hole being burnt through your pocket. Due to their affordable prices, these plants are also cost-effective when installed in large spaces and rooms.

Besides Your Bedroom, These faux plants Can Be Installed In Several Other Spaces

Whether it is a commercial or residential space, the olive plants define all kinds of rooms and outdoor spaces. Here’s a list of spaces that these artificial landscaping products can be installed in:

1. Hotel lobbies, hotel rooms, resorts, and restaurants are a great place to install the olive sprays.

2. The olive sprays can liven up the surroundings when placed in coffee shops, bars, lounges, pubs, and cafes.

3. Medical institutions such as hospitals, doctor’s clinics, dentist’s clinics and psychiatric facilities can be given a new life with the installation of the faux olive sprays.

4. Office waiting areas, office cabins, the office pantry and the office building both indoors and outdoors can be bedazzled with the olive sprays.

5. Apartments, villas, and bungalows are a great place to install these landscaping products.

6. Water parks, amusement parks, and theme parks can also be given a new life with the installation of the olive sprays.

Change the Face Of Your Home With The Olive Topiaries Artificial Landscaping Products

We live in a world that is extremely fast paced and hectic. Having the time to take care of real plants can be a distant dream for many. However, lack of time should not prevent you from bedazzling your home with landscaping products. The olive topiaries are just what you need to give your home a vibrant and captivating feel. The topiary defines your home in an elegant and classy way and will leave all your guests and family members amazed.

Fire Retardant Olive Sprays for Safe and Long-Term Installations

Often landscaping artists and interior decorators are apprehensive about installing faux plants in their projects. This is because that the highly flammable reputation of faux plants precedes them. However, in the case of the olive sprays you need not worry about your project going up in flames. The olive sprays are specially injected with fire retardant chemicals that prevent them from being susceptible to fires. These plants can be installed in homes with children and young ones without any worries.

The Perfect Items for Wedding and Event Decors

Another place that these olive sprays can be installed is for weddings, parties, and other events. These indoor plants business landscaping products and outdoor events decorative items have an extremely long shelf life. After the completion of the event, the user can store the plants away for months on end without having to worry about them spoiling or deteriorating in quality. Further, these plants can be used and reused countless times without losing their color or shape.

Easy Installation and Delivery Process

The office plants delivery and installation process are very simple. Once you have selected the landscaping products of your choice, your work is pretty much complete. We will provide you all the necessary help and assistance for the delivery and installation. We have a team of skilled experts that will ensure timely and efficient delivery of your order. After the order has been delivered this professional team will help you create a landscape in the office or your home with the proper installation of the products. Thus, you need not hire expensive professionals or landscaping artists to get the installation job done for you.

Don’t waste any more time and add color and vibrancy to your home and office. Place your order for the olive sprays today and leave your guests, visitors and clients impressed and amazed!

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

Why-Go-For-SilkPlantsDirect-for-All-Your-Landscaping-RequirementsThe current business scenario is all about presenting. It does not matter what type of business you are in; you have to create a first impression that would last in the minds of the onlookers forever for building up a loyal clientele. Whether it is a posh hotel, luxury restaurant, exotic bar, casino, large shopping mall, government office complex, massive corporate house, amusement park, theme park, hospital, a water park; you need to adorn it for impressing the customers, visitors. As the owner of any commercial space, you cannot weigh the risk of making it dull and clumsy for fear of loss of business and have to include artificial topiary styles for improvising decor.

Thousands of people visit commercial complexes every day, and there are thousands of commercial settings like yours that provide the same service. To make your business a standalone type, you must consider giving it a special appearance. Landscaping helps in improving the ambiance of any commercial organization. Studies reveal that when people stay close to nature, they become relaxed and more productive. By right landscaping, you can induce positive vibes to your employees and customers as well. Of course, you can opt for landscaping with live plants. However, there are many hassles. The other alternative is to opt for outdoor artificial trees and other fake landscaping elements for adding a dash of wow to your business complex.

Combine nature and culture with commerce

Every commercial setting needs to show its quality and class for attracting new clients and influencing the existing clients for continuous patronization. Our sensory perception is at the root of our judgments and for that offering, a good visual is the most important for any landscaping project. Using SilkPlantsDirect artificial tropical trees, you can bring in a piece of nature in your otherwise concrete jungle. As nature symbolizes ethnicity and life, it soothes the minds of the people around there. This also helps to bridge the gap between the natural and commercial territory for enhancing peace and productivity. Any commercial space adorned with SilkPlantsDirect artificial topiary styles is sure to impress all who come there with a welcoming attitude and further helps to settle everything serenely.

Elevates the exterior and interior

Everyone spends more than one-third of life in the offices or commercial places and, therefore, it is essential that those places must have right ambiance. SilkPlantsDirect artificial tropical trees and fake foliage are energetic and graceful. When you use those for landscaping any commercial setting, their delicate charm helps to revamp the place in a jiffy. Whether you are adorning the exterior with outdoor artificial trees or using fake flowers and other decorative elements for improving the commercial interiors, they deliver you excellent landscaping performance. Being independent of sun rays these can be used in poorly illuminated areas, and for use in the outdoors, you can use the submersible and fade resistant types.

Countless collection to choose from

SilkPlantsDirect has almost limitless varieties of lifelike decorative elements. These include fake flowers, artificial tropical trees, plants, topiary styles, palms, outdoor artificial trees, plant containers, etc for meeting all specific landscaping needs.

Flowers: You can get Daffodils, Lilies, Marigolds, Orchids, Roses, Tulips and much more in vibrant colors and flower bushes, bundles, branches & picks, hanging bushes, topiaries, and centerpieces, etc for adorning both indoor and outdoor.

Plants: include many varieties like Cactus, Fern, Grass, Ivy plants, etc as leaves, branches, and foliage in different sizes,

Trees: Many varieties like Bamboo, Olive, Pine, Maple, etc are available. Further, you can have decorative trees, bonsai trees, flowering trees and various tree components for landscaping.

Topiaries: Boxwood shrubs, topiary balls, spirals, spheres and cones, screening fence, mats of all shapes are available. One can also opt for lighted versions.

Palms: Available in many varieties like Areca, Date, Kentia, Sago, Paradise and Christmas trees, etc. These are available in many sizes and lighted options.

Plant containers: These are available in both antique and modern styles for meeting all design needs. Transparent vases are also available with acrylic water for creating an illusion of fresh flowers and stems in water.

Reasons for choosing SilkPlantsDirect

Easy maintenance: The greatest advantage of using fake decorative elements is that those are immortal. This makes them independent of soil, sunlight, water, fertilizers, and pesticides. In fact, there is hardly any maintenance activity. They never grow, and so no trimming is required; they do not shade leaves making the place dirty and never die and so you do not need regular replacement. Periodic dusting is enough for maintaining their luster for long.

Uniquely precise: Over the time, the silk plants have passed through many developments and reached such an unmatched precision, that you can never feel the difference without touching by hand. These botanically correct fake decorative elements are made strong and sturdy for withstanding weather changes.

Delivers a great look: Using these you can have an equally charming indoor throughout the year. By including the specially made decorative elements in outdoor landscaping, you can easily get a chick exterior with cozy and warm feeling in all seasons.

Define quality & class: Your exterior is the first meeting point with your visitors and, therefore you should make it attractive and impressive. When you decorate the exterior of your commercial setting with SilkPlantsDirect unique mimic products, it displays your brand image and the quality and class you maintain.

Safe proposition: As these fake landscaping accessories are available in fire retardant quality, you need not compromise with safety for revamping the commercial landscape. You can explore the fire retardant varieties for a safer landscaping option.

Inert to insects & pets: These do not attract insects and, therefore, your guests will be free from insect attacks. Pets are also not attracted to these and hence no worry of pet damage.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

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