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Snake GrassIn the times where interior, as well as exterior decor, is considered to be one of the finest ways to turn any place beautiful, artificial plants are the number one choice. There are several kinds of faux plants that change your landscape to look much better than before. However, one of the most common types of artificial plants is Faux Snake Grass. The snake grass is one of unique decor elements which looks both like a grass and like plant and makes the place look gorgeous with a minimal touch. Moreover, these plants are readily available on this website, which makes it very convenient for anyone to find one of the finest faux plants for decoration purpose. Let us find out some of the crucial factors regarding how artificial plants can change your decoration game entirely in a jiffy.

What Is Snake Grass?

Snake Grass is one of the finest well made artificial flora which is created in a soothing eye way so that they seem to be natural and fetch an abundance of glamour to the entire place. The faux yet convincingly natural looking plants are found in various shapes and sizes which are made keeping all the necessary utilities in mind. These plants are available in different colors also, making the entire structure, a lot more realistic. The snake grasses are free in maintenance which provides with the liberty to have them without the tension of them getting dirty.

How Can Snake Grass Be Used?

When it is about the exterior and interior office decor anywhere in the world, Snake Grass is the best way to get the best result out of it. While having these foliages, one thing should be fixed in mind always that the overall outlook towards decorating should be minimalistic, helping your place to be more elegant and attractive. These types of faux plants can be implemented to turn any available wall look attractive. Few of the clever ways how these faux plants can be implemented are:

  • These may be implemented to change the monotony of a plain shaded wall, by adding some natural beauty.
  • These may be used as interior decor element to glam up the aesthetics of the seating area of a restaurant.
  • These may be implemented to lift up the decorative values of the reception or a hotel, making it the very attractive.
  • These can change the overall look of any office or home if implemented near the entrance or the walls.

Where Can These Snake Grass Be Used?

One of the most interesting facts about snake grass is, they can fit into decor setup they are placed in and will retain the authenticity and vibe of the entire area. The design palette, material, and variety related with Snake Grass maintain a reputed standard, turning the entire point of decorating suit the aesthetics of the office decor perfectly. It is the perfect choice to maintain the serious ambiance of the office along with eye soothing and relaxing in minimal decor. These artificial plants suit any decor as they bring a setup of natural vibe along with them, uplifting the aesthetics to an entirely new level. However, some of the best possible areas to use these plants are:

  • Corporate Sector: Corporate office is often very monotonous and boring where as we spend most of the time of our day. So indeed it is necessary to decorate the entire workplace to find a more eye soothing and relaxing work environment to maximise productivity and the snake grass foliage just helps to achieve it in a very fine manner even withstanding the minimal tone which it bears along with itself.
  • Retailer Malls: the malls business has started growing big and competitive in the recent times where they have moved on from just shopping locations to food hubs and hang out spots. A decoration of any such mall is a very intricate matter that is why mall owners want to have their game up the ante, and they can use these snake grass foliages to decorate their entrances and other places to have a minimalistic touch of nature in them.
  • Hospitals: the biggest problem while decorating a hospital is that they must be placed keeping in mind the level of hygiene and cleanliness. Even though these grass foliages look natural, they are made of high-quality fabric which is very helpful to maintain the desired level of cleanliness in the surroundings.
  • Restaurants and Hotels: having food in a posh restaurant or a hotel is not just about the good food but also some great ambiance along with it. These faux snake grass foliages are a perfect option for such cases as they blend perfectly with any ambiance to uplift the aesthetics of a place as well as fetch a natural look to the entire place at the same time.

Maintenance free: one of the main factors as of why snake grasses are preferred over the natural ones is because these don't include complex procedure regarding attending them on a daily basis. Once in a while, these faux plants can be dusted or washed off to regain their natural glamour. Moreover, there is no demand of trimming and shaping these plants, which makes them the final decor element to have an overall look flawless.

Wallet friendly: being sold online and pocket-friendly, the snake grass proves to be one of the most enquired faux foliage varieties on the internet. The raw materials used to make them are of the premium quality which enables them to be flawless for years, making it the deal cracker for you. One of the simplest ways to purchase snake grass is by perusing this site, which makes it a lot simple for you to get the perfect one.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

Palm TreeEveryone loves tropical vibes and surroundings. Imagine being able to have a fully tropical feel even if you happen to live in the coldest part of the planet. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Well, that's now very much possible with the help of Silk Plants Direct's faux palm trees. These artificial palm trees are summery, stylish and classy. Their lifelike and realistic feel can fool even the most trained eyes. You can create all kinds of gorgeous and majestic landscapes with the installation of these trees. Here is everything you require to know about the artificial palm trees:

Affordable And Cost Effective

If you're looking to create a majestic landscape over a massive piece of land or across a very large office, you're going to require palm trees in large quantities. That being considered, one would typically worry that ordering silk plants and trees in such large quantities would burn a hole through the pocket or put a dent in the savings bank account. However, in the case of the palm trees offered by Silk Plants Direct, one need not worry about price. The palm trees are extremely affordable and reasonably priced. You can go right ahead and create the tropical landscape of your dreams without needing to worry about overshooting your budget.

Very Easy To Maintain

Another excellent feature of the artificial palm trees is that these landscaping products are very easy to maintain. They can be placed in both indoor as well as outdoor landscapes without having to worry about maintenance. Unlike the real palm trees, the faux palm trees do not require constant exposure to sunlight for healthy growth. Further, these artificial palm trees do not need watering, trimming, pruning or any other kind of regular maintenance and care. These faux landscaping products do not shed their leaves like the real palm trees, and thus one need not worry about cleaning up a seasonal mess.

Can Be Exposed To Harsh Weather

It doesn't matter whether you want to create an indoor landscape or an outdoor one; the palm trees are manufactured to withstand all types of climates and surroundings. One need not worry about the trees being exposed to excessive rainfall or the sun, the palm trees will not lose their color or fade with excessive exposure to water or the harsh rays of the sun. Further, these beautiful plants can also withstand snowfall, humidity, dry air and all the other harsh elements of the weather. So, irrespective of whether you reside in the North Pole, or the Sahara desert, you can pretty much install these trees anywhere.

Long Lasting, Sturdy And Durable

Another brilliant feature of the palm trees is that these landscaping products are extremely long lasting and very sturdy and durable. You can use the trees for years on end without having to worry about them spoiling or deteriorating. If you're a wedding planner or an event planner, you can use the palm trees along with other silk floral arrangements for decorative purposes. After the completion of the event, the flowers and palm trees can be stored away for weeks or months until the next event as they have an extremely long shelf life.

Fire Retardant Palm Trees

Architects, interior designers, and landscaping artists are often apprehensive about installing faux trees in their landscape projects. This is because faux trees are often susceptible to catching fires. This can lead to a major destruction of the surroundings and can also cause casualties. In the case of the palm trees that Silk Plants Direct has to offer, one need not worry about such mishaps. The palm trees have a fire retardant coating that will prevent them from going up in flames and causing havoc in the surroundings. Thus, these landscaping products have gained popularity globally and are safe to install in all outdoor as well as indoor spaces. People with children who wish to install the palm trees in their homes and gardens can do so without any worries.

Different Places Where One Can Install The Palm Trees And Silk Plants

The palm trees, silk plants and other landscaping products offered by Silk Plants Direct can be installed in a long list of places. These places include the following:

  • Casinos, water parks, and theme parks are a great place to install the palm trees
  • Hotel lobbies, hotel rooms, restaurants, bars, lounges, night clubs and other such commercial spaces can sport the palm trees in a stylish and sophisticated manner.
  • Government buildings, office buildings, residential buildings, public gardens, parks and other such places are also great for the installation of the palm trees.
  • Hospitals, doctor's clinics, dentist's clinics, healthcare facilities and senior living facilities are also places that the palm trees can be installed in.

Easy Selection And Installation Process

Another reason why you should consider enhancing your landscape with the artificial palm trees is that these trees can be selected and installed with the utmost of ease. Silk Plants Direct has a team of skilled professionals who will help you select the palm trees that are best suited for your home, office or commercial space. After the selection has been made, a team of trained professionals will ensure efficient and accurate installation of the landscaping products in your residential or commercial space. You need not worry about hiring professionals for a large sum of money to get the installation completed. From selection till installation, skilled professionals will walk you through the entire process.

So, if you're looking to redecorate your home, office, restaurant or hotel, the faux palm trees are just what you need. You can give your space a summery, tropical vibe that will leave guests and visitors coming back for more. Silk Plants Direct has a wide range of palm trees for you to choose from and these products are available in a collection of different sizes. So, don't wait any longer and place your order today!

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

Fake TreesArtificial trees have become a common necessity for landscaping in commercial spaces as they need only the setup and installation time to beautify any interior or exterior landscape.

The beautiful fake trees

The popularity of artificial trees for landscaping necessities has increased a lot over the past decade, the primary reason being, their absolute natural look and no need for any maintenance for years. Being made from synthetic raw materials, they do not attract pest, mites and other bacteria, which might be a cause for concern in interior landscapes and sensitive spaces like hospitals, nursing centers, etc. These artificial trees provide the same sense of tranquility as that of the natural trees and help in uplifting the moods of the visitors.

Top 7 reasons to choose Silk Plants Direct artificial trees

Although there are numerous reasons to choose Silk Plants Direct's artificial trees, here are seven reasons that make them most popular among the clients.

1. Silk Plants Direct has amazing exclusive discounts for wholesale buyers, and there is even free shipping for clients shopping over $200. With over 20,000 products, there are distinctive and unique products to choose from, which make it a one stop destination for all landscaping requirements. These artificial trees need no maintenance at all and thus, saves the money needed for hiring professionals to take care of proper fertilizing, watering and mowing and other needs of a naturally grown plant or tree. In addition to that, these faux trees solve the problem of having greenery in controlled, air conditioned environments, where it is almost impossible to grow natural trees and plants. Being available in bulk quantities, with amazing discounts, these artificial trees are perfect for casinos, restaurants, hospitals, malls and other commercial buildings.

2. Custom Products are manufactured as per the customer requirements. The clients can choose from the wide range of faux trees available and request a custom proposal for any size that is perfect for their particular landscaping needs. Except for the normal stocked products that are available in the catalog, the customers are free to come up with any unique ideas or faux trees that are not enlisted in the product list and can request Silk Plants Direct to manufacture that product for their requirements. Requests for bulk requirements of custom made products are considered as these are not stocked and made according to the particular client needs. The customizing options are very flexible, and the customers can get professional help for the same to turn their abstract ideas into reality.

3. Be it for the festive season, all season landscaping, or temporary decorative for the parties; Silk Plants Direct has a range of floral arrangements, silk flowers, artificial plants, trees, etc. that are fit for any occasion. These are absolutely budget friendly, and the clients can even choose the raw materials like foam, plastic, wood, PVC, etc. This makes them, even more, pocket-friendly as the material used makes a huge difference in the pricing factor of the product. For example, the foam is a convenient solution for temporary uses as they are very affordable and most inexpensive, out of all the available options, but at the same time, foam solutions do not last very long.

4. These artificial botanical beauties are manufactured from the top quality, commercial grade materials so that they last very long, making them worth the money spend on them. The use of quality materials also ensures that these artificial yet natural looking trees last very long without withering away and maintaining their structural integrity. The vibrant colors of these faux trees remain intact for years, without fading away. The quality materials used in manufacturing them also ensures that they can withstand harsh climatic conditions and temperature changes of the external environment.

5. Silk Plants Direct provides great after sales services and support to the customers. Buying artificial landscaping products from Silk Plants Direct will not only ensure that one gets the best quality products in the exact specifications that they want but also provides guarantee that if something goes wrong with the specifications or there is any confusion with any of the elements, one can one contact the support and services easily to clarify doubts regarding the product and even return the product if there is any major mismatch with the desired requirements.

6. The past century has witnessed multiple cases of fire spread due to the use of cheap quality silk plants, and hence there is a separate collection of SPD- silk plants which are exclusively made with fire retardant properties and to make them fit for both interior and exterior landscaping. These faux botanical beauties are specifically manufactured by incorporating fire retardant chemicals in the foliage that is used for crafting these artificial trees. These are UV safe and can also withstand extreme climatic temperatures without much damage, making them perfect for areas that get a lot of sunlight during the summers and face very high mercury level rise during some days of the year.

7. There is a huge collection of artificial trees at Silk Plants direct which can be easily sorted according to their shapes, colors, sizes, container sizes, uses, packs or bundles of multiples that have some discounts, and various other aspects. This makes it easy for the consumers to reach to their desired products easily, without investing much time and energy. These artificial trees also come with detailed documentation of the installation and set up the process, which saves a much of time and ensures that anyone, even without any prior experience can easily install these fake trees.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

Artificial Silk Floral ArrangementWhether you are the pride owner of a large commercial space, architect or designer engaged in landscaping projects, you can never ignore the importance flowers to revamp surroundings of any commercial setting. Being the best gift of Nature, the flowers can cheer you up and induce a positive attitude for your visitors. A garden full of natural blooms is enticing no doubt, but it needs much effort, money and time to keep that alive and blooming. Moreover, they do not bloom throughout the year making the landscaping option, with natural blooms, a difficult proposition.

After all, the outdoor is the first point that people meet first and having a good outdoor landscape is essential for creating a buzz about your business. When your customers see the floral landscaping of your commercial space, they have an everlasting impression. Thus, if you want to add drama to your commercial space, you have to make floral arrangements for landscaping. But, changing the landscaping design with the change of seasons is not possible. So, the only option remains is to use the artificial silk floral arrangements. These are much colorful and being mirror images of the natural blooms can offer you the best landscaping option for your commercial property. These are available in wide varieties and can perfectly match with other landscaping accessories delivering an amazing look. There is every reason for investing in them.

Various places where you can use artificial silk flowers

The Silk Plants Direct faux flowers can be used for adding charm to both indoor and outdoor landscaping. Those are usually installed in

  • Massive corporate houses
  • Various places of the Shopping malls
  • Lobbies, terraces, entrances, reception desk and rooms of posh hotels
  • Tables of big restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Government buildings
  • Casino lounges
  • Government buildings
  • Conference Rooms
  • Amusement Parks
  • Theme Parks
  • Water Parks
  • Trade shows and Exhibitions

Other than the places mentioned above, you can use the blooms in many other places and varieties of ways.

Fake flowers bring you close to nature

All commercial spaces are frequently visited by a large number of customers, clients, and guests. People working in the commercial settings have to stay there for long hours. Providing a natural ambiance to any commercial setting helps to boost them up, and the guests also have a relaxing stay. The artificial silk floral arrangements from Silk Plants Direct are made botanically correct and, therefore, deliver a pseudo natural landscape in the commercial settings. These are meticulously made from high-quality materials maintaining the ultimate accuracy of color, shape, and size of the petals. These can be easily used in combination with live elements for a nice face lift.

Awesome fake flower varieties

The artificial silk flower arrangements from Silk Plants Direct are perfect for landscaping projects. Whether you want to revamp the indoor or the outdoor of your commercial space, these deliver you the most realistic, inspiring and exotic solution. Silk Plants Direct has the largest collection of fake flowers for varied landscaping themes. These are available in blue, brown, green, orange, pink, purple, red, white, yellow and many more colors. In case you want to make your commercial setting delightful, you can choose the blue varieties, and the orange varieties are for livening up commercial spaces. When you want to convey the message of love and passion, the faux red flowers are the most suitable for the purpose. Other than colors, you can get the artificial silk flowers in many flower varieties like Calla Lilies, Daffodils, Marigolds, Orchids, Roses, and Tulips, etc. These are also available in a large number of flower shapes such as flower stems, sprays, branches, picks, topiaries, bundles, and balls, etc. You can also get some varieties in transparent vases with acrylic water creating an illusion of fresh cut stems in water. Besides using for landscaping options, the fake flowers are also available for many other occasions.

These are strong but delicate

Seeing the naturalness of the Silk Plants Direct fake flowers, people think those to be fragile. But, these are made using high-quality synthetic latex making them strong enough to adorn your landscape for a long period, when used under shade. Special water resistant and exterior grade fake flowers are also available.

Why use artificial silk floral arrangements in commercial settings

Have you ever thought that you spend more than one-third of your awake-hours in your commercial settings? So, it has to be as beautiful and as natural as possible for cheering you up. Filling in the commercial spaces with live greeneries is a good idea for creating a positive vibe, only if you are ready to meet the demands of their care. Including fake blooms for interior and exterior landscaping refreshing you from such maintenance hassle and you can enjoy many benefits.

  • These do not wilt: Being artificial, the silk flowers never wilt in summer or dry in the winter. The stems never snap, and the petals never fall apart. They maintain their form and shine even with extreme temperature variation.
  • Available round the year: While natural blooms are seasonal, the replicated flowers are always available. Moreover, the natural flowers take the time to bloom. But the artificial flowers are always blooming.
  • Looks fantastic: Made of high-quality synthetic latex and being botanically correct, these are bestowed with absolute realism. Only by touch, one can feel the difference.
  • These are hypoallergenic: Some people are sensitive to pollen and odor. The artificial silk flower arrangements have no pollen and scent and, therefore, cause no allergy.
  • A Cost effective option: While the live flowers have to be replaced regularly, the fake flowers stay as-it-is for a long time without any maintenance and hence, a cost effective option.
  • Easy cleaning: Periodic dusting and cleaning with a moist cloth are enough to preserve their fascinating charm for long.
Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

Faux Ivy GarlandIf your dream of owning a luxurious property has come true, and now you want to make it into a plush multi-cuisine restaurant, then other than the food specialties you must think about how it should look. Getting a perfect landscape decor for the interiors and exterior part of the restaurant premises can be a real hard job. As it is a known fact something which looks good attracts the most. The decor items should be such, which will further upgrade the ambiance of the luxury restaurant and will also form a connection with every customer paying a visit there.

It would be best if you install decor items meant for indoor and outdoor landscapes which would have some relationship with our mother nature. Interesting plants, trees, topiaries, wreaths, garlands or hedges can be a great choice. It will fascinate each visitor as well as every staff working over there. But if you are worried, thinking about the amount of time, manpower and cost these botanical beauties would incur regarding maintenance regime, then that is indeed a big issue worth worrying.

Hence, opting for an alternative solution by installing artificial foliages like faux Ivy garlands would be the ideal and smart move in decorating your huge restaurant. These fake botanical beauties look 100% real and create the same amount of appeal like the original ones.

Why would it be ideal to use the fake Ivy Garlands, other than opting for the original botanical beauties?

Cost effectiveness and lower maintenance regime of a decor item are always preferred if you want to turn your exterior and interior landscapes into some other level. Be it the interiors of a large hospital, the faux botanical items like fake Ivy Garlands from Silk Plants Direct can lit up the atmosphere and will always score over the real ones. The reasons for supporting these statements are mentioned below:-

  • Suitable for every weather condition

There is no requirement of any specific weather condition for this replica of the original Ivy garlands, while the original ones will only survive on the conditions suitable for it.

  • Regular watering and sunlight not required

Watering the live plants and trees are must, and its exposure to proper sunlight is also mandatory. The fake alternative will not require any of these.

  • No insecticides and fertilizers required

The faux botanical beauties never attract any insects, and no question of insecticides or also fertilizer use is associated with it. On the contrary, regular investment on these things is mandatory for real plants and trees.

  • Low care regime

You need to only dust the surface of the replica of the original Ivy garlands or wash once in awhile, while the original will compel you to hire more manpower for taking its care.

  • Extremely cost effect

Apart from the above-mentioned point, what makes these fake alternative of the original Ivy garlands a must use as a decor item, its one time buy advantage. Once bought it remains fresh as ever while the originals may die or decay anytime.

Where would you get these faux Ivy garlands, for getting the perfect decor for any luxurious property?

Since 1980, the company which has been manufacturing and importing the best available form of artificial botanical products is none other than Silks Plant Direct. The company is extremely popular and has earned its name because of their realistic creations and the kind of service it offers to its customers. The replica of the live plants and trees available here are more than 500 varieties, and they are perfect to be placed inside or outside landscapes of any huge shopping malls, five-star hotels, casinos or even large corporate offices.

The company has received many laurels in the form of reputed industry awards for their designing ability. Floral plants, tiny or miniature plants, huge palm or pine trees, topiaries in various shapes, hedge screens, boxwood tiles, wreaths, Ivy garlands and whatever you ask for can be found in replica form of the originals in their collection. The company has the rare team of experts in their manufacturing team, comprising of architects, botanists, and designers to even help you with your design ideas. The concerned person from the company also arranges for the installation of these beauties.

What are the special characteristics of faux botanical products like Ivy garlands from Silk Plants Direct?

Leading landscape architects and designers are hired by big corporate houses for doing up the interior and exterior landscapes of their luxurious properties like reception lobby of exotic resorts or the pool area of any five-star hotels. And those designers always prefer the artificial botanical products from Silk Plants Direct. Their characteristics are:-

  • Special fire retardant chemicals are impregnated on their surface for saving them from any damage caused by fire.
  • No damaged can be caused, and color fading can be caused by harmful UV rays for the chemical used in their manufacturing process.
  • Very high quality of technique in engineering form and best quality of raw materials are used in their manufacturing process.
  • The faux Ivy garlands available in their collection are extremely light weight and hence, can be installed by anyone.

What does the collection of fake Ivy garlands from Silk Plants Direct have in store?

The strikingly beautiful replica of the original Ivy garlands is found in many varieties and size specifications. Artificial Needlepoint Ivy Garland, Green two tone Ivy Garlands, Mini English Ivy Garland, Boston Ivy Garland and many others. In any size and shape, they can be customized as per the request of the clients and customers. Contact the company and request a proposal and they will help you accordingly. These items are completely non-toxic; hence, it poses no threat to the food of the restaurants.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

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