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Fiddle Leaf Fig TreesAdd lush green vibrancy to your commercial and residential spaces by installing these realistic and breathtaking fiddle leaf fig trees.

Fiddle leaf fig trees are native to Africa and are found growing in topical rainforest areas. These thick and full trees are visually very pleasing and can bring a summery and tropical feel to the surroundings that they are placed in. The artificial fiddle leaf fig trees are identical to their real counterparts. These beautiful faux trees can be placed in all types of indoor as well as outdoor landscapes. Here's everything you need to know about SilkPlantsDirect's artificial fiddle leaf fig trees.

Various Places Where You Can Install The Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

As an interior decorator or a landscaping artist, you are probably wondering where all these fiddle leaf fig trees can be displayed. Here's a list of spaces that you can install these lush green and gorgeous trees:

  • The fiddle leaf fig trees can be exhibited at both the entrance area as well as the interiors of a trade show or exhibition
  • Malls, hotel lobbies, hotel rooms, restaurants and other such commercial spaces are also a great place to exhibit the faux trees. 
  • Theme parks, water parks, movie theaters, hospitals and other such public places can also be great spots to display the fiddle fig trees. 
  • Senior citizen or old age homes can be livened up with the installation of these artificial trees 
  • The fiddle fig trees can be used to decorate events and weddings

Besides the above-mentioned list, the fiddle fig trees can be pretty much installed in any indoor as well as outdoor landscape.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing The Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees?

Installing the fiddle leaf fig trees can be extremely beneficial for a variety of reasons. First and foremost these artificial trees require minimum to no maintenance. Unlike their real counterparts, the fake fiddle leaf fig trees do not shed leaves, do not require trimming or pruning and don't need to be watered regularly. Thus, making them very convenient for corporate spaces and commercial areas. Secondly, the fiddle leaf fig trees are beneficial because they are affordable. One need not worry about burning a hole in their pocket just because they wish to buy the fiddle leaf fig trees in large quantities. Although these trees may look highly priced, they are on the contrary very affordable.

The third reason behind these artificial trees being beneficial is because they are extremely lightweight and easy to install. The purchaser doesn't need to hire skilled laborers to get the installation and transportation of the trees done. These trees can be picked up by almost anyone and can also be installed by those who have minimal or no knowledge of landscaping. Lastly, the fiddle leaf fig trees are also beneficial because they are very sturdy and long lasting. These trees will last for years on end without losing their color or deteriorate. Thus, this artificial landscaping product is extremely beneficial for users.

Fire Retardant Products Offered By SilkPlantsDirect

Another great feature of the fiddle leaf fig trees offered by SilkPlantsDirect is that these vibrant and beautiful trees are fire retardant. A large number of landscaping artists, as well as interior decorators, are often apprehensive about installing faux trees and plants in their projects. This apprehension comes because they are aware of the fact that faux plants and trees are susceptible to catching fires. In the case of these fiddle leaf fig trees, you need not worry. The leaves are treated with special fire retardant chemicals that prevent the trees from catching fire.

Installing The Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees In Your Corporate Space

Corporate spaces can be very dull and drab. If you are looking to redecorate your office or corporate space and bring some life to the area, installing these artificial fiddle fig trees is a brilliant idea. Not only will they add a lush green color to the surroundings, but they will also motivate your employees and staff members to work harder. The more vibrant a place, the more productive the staff members of that place will be. Further, being so convenient regarding lightweight, durability, easy installation and so on, the fiddle leaf fig trees are the perfect decorative items for the office.

Various Available Sizes Of The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

If you have space issues or are worried that your commercial or residential space will look cramped and cluttered with the fiddle leaf fig trees, you need not worry. These artificial trees are available in several sizes. Depending on the number of space you have to spare, you can choose a tree size that best fits your specific requirements. Some of the sizes that these trees are available in include 4-foot trees, 6-foot trees, 7-foot trees, 3-foot trees, 9-foot trees and trees that are of just 34-inches. So select the size that you deem fit for you corporate or residential space and throw away your worries of clutter.

Tolerant Of Extreme And Harsh Weather Conditions

Another great feature of the fiddle leaf fig trees is that these trees are tolerant of extreme and harsh conditions. These artificial trees can be installed in both indoor as well as outdoor landscaping projects. The leaves will not lose color or fade when exposed to harsh sunlight. Further, these trees can also tolerate rain and snowfall without deteriorating or get spoilt. So you need not worry about whether you live in a city that's extremely cold, or your apartment has excessive sunlight coming through the windows, these trees can withstand it all.

Can Be Used For Decorating Events And Weddings

Last but not least is that these trees can be used to decorate events and weddings. They will bring a great amount of vibrancy to a corporate party, a wedding reception or even an anniversary or birthday party. Once they have been used, the purchaser can shelf them until the next event. These trees have a long shelf life and can be used re-used as per requirements.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

Outdoor Landscaping TreesCherry blossoms are well known for their ornamental use because of their beautiful pink and white flowers that cover the whole tree.

A deeper insight to cherry blossoms tree

Cherry blossom trees are used as picnic spots for centuries by the Japanese, and it is a well-known festival, referred to as Hanami. Cherry trees need very fertile and moist soil that is also well drained. In tropical areas, it's hard to grow these trees as they require some period of dormancy which is possible only in areas where winters are very cold, and summers get enough sunny days required for the plant growth. Cherry trees need lots of care during its early years to grow beautiful and vigorous. Since it is not always possible to grow a cherry blossoms tree for beautifying the landscapes, faux cherry trees can be considered as a great replacement for the original ones.

The magic of faux botanical beauties

The beautiful and enchanting faux cherry blossoms tree can be used as both interior and exterior landscaping product. While considering these artificial floral beauties for interior decoration, bonsais can be considered. Being small, the bonsai form of these artificial cherry blossom trees will look good, even in smaller interiors. Moreover, these will make great selections for vertical gardening in both indoors and outdoors. A wide range of colorful cherry blossom trees are available for exterior landscaping, and they look very impressive with any setup. Our clients can even choose from the several varieties of not blooming cherry blossoms and also the dormant ones, so as to use them for decoration according to the seasons.

What makes these artificial cherry blossom trees perfect landscaping product?

The textures of every component like the leaves, flowers, trunk, branches, etc. of these faux, yet realistic looking cherry trees has been taken care of so that they look natural and fascinating as the real ones. These are designed carefully to make them look realistic and commercial grade materials have been used to ensure that the texture of every element looks indistinguishable from the natural ones. Every flower of the blooming cherry blossom tree is crafted with care so that they stay attached to the tree beautifully and look awesome just like the real ones. Growing cherry blossom trees naturally is obviously going to take years, and hence these faux beauties are perfect to adorn any landscape in no time.

Why choose ThermaLeaf® landscaping products?

When it comes to selecting a good brand for fake landscaping products, ThemeraLeaf tops the list of the safest choice. The fire resistant technology used by ThermaLeaf® is unbeatable, and it provides surety that these fake landscaping products would not be guilty of spreading fire. Different areas and countries have several different fire safety rules and norms that commercial buildings must follow, and these faux botanical beauties are custom made to abide by the fire safety regulations of particular areas, depending on the client preference. The flexibility of these products to meet the local, national and international fire codes makes them the perfect choice for both interior and exterior landscaping.

Long lasting artificial cherry blossom trees

Durability is one of the key aspects while buying any product and these faux cherry blossom trees are worth every penny. They last for years in the same way and need no maintenance at all. So pick these up for decorating interior or exterior landscapes and forget any hassle of keeping away pests, mites, etc. The variety of cherry trees available can be brought according to the season, for example, a blooming faux tree would be perfect for the spring, a dormant leaf and flowerless artificial tree is suitable for the winters and artificial cherry trees covered in green leaves are amazing for the summers. These are made with quality products, and thus the colors of every component of the tree are fade proof. Being fire resistant and UV safe, they make the great choice as landscaping products.

Easy to shift around the workspace

Since the cherry trees for exterior landscaping might need moving during the seasons, care has been taken to make them strong enough so that they are not easily damaged due to moving and shifting. These can stand strong wind and harsh climatic conditions in extreme temperatures. Since the client can customize the sizes in which they want the product for landscaping, the faux cherry trees for interior landscaping are lightweight so that they can be easily moved around the workspace.

Decorating ideas with faux cherry blossoms tree

These faux cherry trees can be used efficiently for both interior and exterior landscaping, and some of the ideas for using them are listed below.

  • Artificial cherry blossom trees are perfect for decorating lawns, shopping malls, theme parks, restaurants and other commercial areas during the blooming season.
  • The bonsai forms of faux cherry blossom look exquisite in indoors and can be used for decoration in receptions, lobbies, office desks, restaurant tables, etc. These are also perfect for vertical gardening as the flower covered cherry trees look magnificent even in its smaller size.
  • Cherry blossom stems can be put in a tall vase and used for beautifying reception desks, office tables, etc.
  • Summerhouses can be decorated beautifully with artificial cherry blossom stems and flowers to make them ready for office parties, meetings, etc. in the corporate offices and to attract customers in restaurants, hotels, etc.
  • The no blooming, dormant, artificial cherry tree products look great when decorated with proper lighting and can add a great charm to the events held in the evening.

These artificial, yet natural-looking cherry blossom trees are sure to transform any environment into very romantic and joyful, with the beautifully textured flowers that are sure to catch the attention of visitors.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

Areca Palm Tree SprayYour office is a space where clients, customers, and other visitors are constantly coming in. When you constantly have the inflow and outflow of customers and visitors, it is essential that your office is well designed and beautiful. Further, a beautifully designed office can also is a great motivation for staff members who work long hours within the office premises. To make all this possible for you, we have a wide range of realistic and lush green faux areca palm spray trees and plants. Installing these plants inside and outside your office will leave your guests awed and impressed

Identical To Their Real Counterparts

The beauty of the faux areca palm sprays is that they are identical to their real counterparts. Similar to the real trees, these artificial trees have lush green leaves with multiple stems that emerge from the base of the plant. Giving a very tropical and summery vibe to the surroundings that they are placed in, you can give your office a very calming, inspiring and relaxed vibe. Each faux plant has leaves that are arched just like the real plant. You can create an entire interior or exterior landscape of areca palms at your office. Such a landscape will stand out like a gorgeous oasis in a concrete structure.

Benefits Of Adding The Faux Areca Palm Spray Trees To Your Office Landscape

Adding the faux areca palm spray trees to your office landscape can be beneficial for multiple reasons. First and foremost these bright green and super vibrant faux trees will add some color and life to the surroundings. This will motivate workers to be more productive at work. A well-designed and bright office space have proven to have more productive staff members as compared to a dull and drab office space. Secondly, the faux palms are beneficial because these trees are extremely cost effective and affordable. The faux palms can be purchased in large numbers without the buyer needing to worry about a hole being burnt through his pocket.

Thirdly, the faux palms are beneficial to users because they are extremely long lasting and very durable. These artificial trees and plants can last for years on end without deteriorating. The leaves of the artificial palms are UV protected and thus don't fade when exposed to extreme and harsh weather conditions. These trees can be exposed to harsh sunlight, heavy rainfall or even snowfall but they will not decay. Lastly, the faux palms are beneficial because of their easy maintenance feature. The user need not worry about hiring a professional gardener to cut, trim, water or prune the faux plants.

Fire Retardant Leaves For Ultimate Protection

A large number or landscape artists or property owners are often apprehensive about installing faux palms and other artificial trees in their projects or spaces. This apprehension comes due to the well-known fact that faux trees are prone to catching fires. However, in the case of the artificial area palm spray trees, one need not worry about fires and their office property getting destroyed. This is because the Silk Plants Direct faux palms are treated with special fire retardant chemicals that ensure that the plants are not susceptible to fires. Thus, you can install the faux palms in and around your office without any worries.

Some Other Commercial Spaces Where The Faux Palms Can Be Installed

Besides your office space, the artificial area palm spray trees can be installed in various other commercial spaces. These spaces include the following:

  • Trade shows, conferences, exhibitions and other such social events are ideal for the installation of the faux palms. 
  • Water parks, theme parks, movie theaters and party halls are also great places to install the artificial palms. 
  • Apartment buildings, hotel lobbies, restaurants, bars, lounges and coffee shops can also be decorated vibrantly with the installation of the areca palms. 
  • Indoors and outdoors wedding settings, government offices and buildings, old age homes, colleges, universities and various other such institutions can be decorated with the lush green areca palms.
  • Lastly, doctor's waiting rooms, hospitals, medical facilities and other medical institutions are also great spaces for the installation of the artificial palms.

Available In Several Convenient Sizes

Adequate space in the office surrounding is an essential need to be able to install these faux palms without creating a cluttered vibe. If you are worried that your office space is very small and may not be able to sport the installation of these plants, you can toss your worries away. The artificial area palms are available in multiple convenient sizes. Ranging from 21-inches to almost 8-feet, there are palms of all sizes available for you to choose from. So depending on the availability of the area in your office, you can choose palms of a size that are convenient to you.

Simple And Easy Installation Process

Another great feature of the artificial areca palms is that they are extremely easy to install. The user need not worry about spending large sums of money on professionals to get the installation of these faux palms done. The artificial palms are lightweight and can be lifted up and transported very easily. Even for those who have minimum labor and lack landscaping knowledge will find that installing these plants are an absolute and complete cakewalk.

Areas Of The Office That The Faux Palms Can Be Installed

The faux palms can be installed in various indoors and outdoors areas at the office. From the entrance to the office-building lobby, parking lot, office cabins, meeting rooms, conference rooms, cafeteria, pantry, waiting area, and other spaces, these artificial palms can pretty much be installed anywhere in the office. They will change the face of the office and transform a dull and boring office into a vibrant and beautiful space. So, get your very own gorgeous and green areca palms today and transform your office into a beautiful corporate space.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

WashroomEvery house speaks about the tastes of its owners. People take pride in designing their home to the best possible limit by keeping beautiful floral arrangements, silk tulips, showpieces and what not. However, one thing that may become the reason for embarrassment is the foul smell from washrooms and attic. Though there can be reasons behind such foul smell, it is nonetheless understood that your guest will be disgusted by such smell. Also, the last thing that you would like to come across after a tiring day is a bad odor from these places. So, let us go ahead and see some of the very simple ways to make your house where your family dreams about a great future.

Let fresh air and sunlight come

One of the most commonly done mistakes in every household is that people always keep washroom windows shut. This is undoubtedly a very bad practice as it is medically proven that sunlight is a great disinfectant. It is advised to open the windows of the washroom after its use is over by the family members. A couple of hours of fresh air and sunlight will do well and keep the smell out of your house. This goes well for attic as well. If possible, the attic should be constructed in such a way that they have a small window for sunlight.

Remove wet clothes

Wet clothes, if kept for a long time without drying can create some bad smell. The family should take care that they wash the clothes and dry them out in sunlight or maybe in the washing machine. Simply keeping them in the bathroom may add to some bad smell.

As far as attic space is concerned, families should be refraining from keeping cloth materials in these spaces. This becomes a concern, especially in the rainy season. The moisture in the atmosphere in this season makes these clothes a favorable environment for the development of fungus and mosses, thereby giving rise to bad odor.

Change the insulation of attics at regular intervals

Don't wait for the smell to come from attic spaces, rather take the initiative to change the insulation at specific intervals. The insulation which protects these areas from outside dust and moisture wears out over the time. If proper care is taken to change them at regular duration, the foul smell can be avoided.

Diligence in cleaning the washroom

Proper cleaning of washroom is crucial. Need not to mention; the washroom is the most favorable ground for the development of harmful microbes which may create a foul smell and cause diseases. Proper disinfectants should always be used while cleaning the washroom. This is even more necessary when you have a small child in a home as children are very susceptible towards diseases. Try to keep a washroom freshener always in the washroom to give your family members a pleasant feel. As washroom is possibly the first place where you go after a hectic day, the cleanliness and great smell will help to refresh you.

Periodically check the attic space for rodents

It is strongly advised to periodic check the attics for the infestation of rodents or other pests. As these places attract moisture and are mostly lacking sunlight, rodents and other pests find these places favorable for growing up. These infestations cause not only foul smell but contribute equally towards bad health. Also, if you find any dead rodent or pest in these places, remove them immediately and clean the space with proper disinfectant. Try to blow fresh air using a portable fan in these areas for effectiveness cleanliness and hygiene.

Baking soda – the odor remover in every household

It is very well observed that baking soda is a good absorber of bad smell. It is advised to keep a box of baking soda open in places like attics and if possible, in some corner of the washroom. This will help to remove the foul and earthy smell from the attics. Remember to change the baking soda after every three months for effective action.

Check for leaking windows

Check your windows and doors of any leakage. This should be taken very seriously as the leakage will give rise to some bad smell which may spoil your day as well as your mood. In an additional step, the dehumidifier may be kept in attics to absorb the humidity. The combination of baking soda and dehumidifier has proven to be a great measure towards keeping away any bad smell coming into the house from these parts.

The candle technique

This is a tried and tested method which has proven to be effective towards removing bad washroom smell quickly. This method comes handy if you are expecting some guests in your house. The method simply employs a lighted candle in the washroom. The burning candle is observed to remove the smell quickly from the washroom. Care should be taken that the candle used is not scented.

Vinegar for removal of cigarette smell

It is known that many people who smoke have the habit of smoking in the washroom as well. Tobacco use in the washroom often creates a pungent smell in the washroom and makes the washroom suffocating for others. If you are one of them who like to smoke in the washroom, we advise you to pour some vinegar on a towel and wave for some time in the washroom. The vinegar quickly absorbs the smell of the cigarettes and makes the washroom fresh.

Disposal of bins regularly

Baby napkins and sanitary pads are often thrown in the bins in the washroom. This stuff, if kept for longer time gives way to some really bad smell. It is strongly required that these kinds of stuff are regularly disposed of. This is one step which is advised by every doctor towards maintaining an effective hygiene

Foul smell from attics and washroom is unprofessional and a reason for great embarrassment. Proper care should be taken by following the above steps towards maintaining a good washroom and attic.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

Got A Naughty Pet Here are some Home Organization Idea that will make Your life EasyDo you live with pets? Then you are having a feel like you have additional people living with you in your house. Especially if your pet is naughty, then you can find managing your home harder than having a kid. Pets have toys, beds, feeding vessels and other supplies that you need to manage effectively to keep them busy. Your naughty pet can make your home transformed into a cluttered place no matter how many times you get it organized. Moreover, before you know about it, your pets will start running your house. That is why you need to organize your home smartly just like you organize it for your family members. To bring ease to your work, scroll down and find great tips to make your home stay neat and organized in spite of a naughty pet living there.

Identify the Stuff that Your Pets Need

This is the basic organization rule that you need to apply to get the unnecessary items out of your home. First list the things that your pet uses on a daily basis. Also, list the items that are just one-time items and can be thrown away or can be given to someone who needs it. If you want to organize your home, then doing this is a necessity. Sometimes dog owners purchase many items for their puppies or dogs, and most of those products do not get used even once. For example, some cat owners get toys and balls for their cats, but most of the time all those items get rolled under the couch and don't get located for days or even months. Filter the items so that you can organize accessories easily and keep the things with you that your pet needs.

Get the Perfect Pet Organization Items

Purchasing an ideal pet organization source can help you wonderfully organize all the pet supplies. You can store all the pet supplies and belongings in such sources thus making your home organized and neat. At your nearest pet store just look for household containers that can hold your pet's daily usage items like, bowls, combs, plastic bags, balls, toys and more.

You can find pet storage items in a large number of designs and styles. For example, you might find storage in the form of a bone that your dog would love. You may also purchase a container that will have an artificial plant like structure but will hold all of your pet's belongings effectively. Such stylish items will also act as interior decor for your home. Various pet stores have a large range of organization catalog for pet accessories and belongings with which you can keep your home in order.

Arrange a Small Space or Room to Your Pet

According to the availability of the space in your home, it would be a good option to dedicate a separate space only for your pet. No matter whether you have a cat or a dog, a separated space will help you keep pet's items organized in space, and you will also not have to rush here and there to find a required item for your pet as you will be aware of all the whereabouts of your pet's accessories. You can set a space for your pet in your mudroom, basement, and utility closet or even in the garage.

Make sure to add closed storage bins to store pet dishes and dry pet foods. It would be better to keep the pet toys in open or clear storage for easier access otherwise you may waste your time in finding the required toy for your pet in the jumbled and closed toy storage. Keep pet brushes, and leashes adjacent to the pet toys area as keeping all these items together will keep your rest of the home clean and organized.

Keep Your Important Papers in Place

All the veterinarian papers, pet health paper, and other medical reports should be maintained along with your other important papers so that these do not get missed somewhere in your home. Moreover, in the case of any emergency, your pet's health information can be accessed conveniently. The organization does not only mean decorating your home with topiaries, paintings, flower arrangements and all but it also includes keeping all the items in your arm's reach whenever required. If you do not have the latest medical records of your pet, then ask your veterinarian to provide copies to you to keep your pet's health data up to date all the time.

Feeding Your Pets the Best Way

Both dogs and cats can make a mess with their meals. Since they do not want to be surrounded by anyone while eating so keep the food of your pet in the quite corner of the home where you can have easy access to it. Avoid keeping food on wooden floor and carpets as cleaning food and kibble out of them can be difficult. Also, cats are a little bit conscious to the hygienic point of view so keep their water dish separated from their food.

How to Remove Fur from Furniture?

In a house where pets live, having pet's hair on furniture is a common thing especially in the case of dog or puppy. Sometimes it becomes tedious to clean those fur. To clean out these, need an ideal damp glove or wet sponge with you to wipe the fur off the furniture. Spraying water and fabric softener to clean the fur from your upholstered furniture is also a great idea. A soft cloth and wooden polish are perfect to keep with you for wooden furniture.

Organizing Home for Non-Fury Pets

Non fury pets do not need as much organization although. Pets like fish, reptiles, tortoise and other aquarium type animals need cleaning products, food, and other special supplies for them. These supplies can be stored on shelves of utility or laundry area. For caged animals like rabbits, hamsters, gerbils and more, you need to keep spare newspapers and cleaning supplies. Make sure that you also keep their food away from the reach of children. For their supplies keep a place in your garage instead of booking a special area in your home. Declutter the items that are no longer of any use for your pets.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

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