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Are you getting married in a few weeks? You must be very much busy with all the plannings. Your excitement level must also be very high as every girl has a lot of dreams and aspirations related to their wedding. However, there is something else also going through your mind, like settling yourself in a new atmosphere, a new family, how are you going to manage all that? What all responsibilities you will have to take and what challenges your new life will bring in? 

How will you go ahead with accepting your new responsibilities?

A family starts once you and your partner get connected through marriage and start to live in the same house. Your lookout should always be about the well-being of your family members. For this, you must be prepared mentally as for how you are going to begin your new life and how beautiful you can make it for both of you, by managing it tactfully. 

Though the term ‘home management’ is short and crisp it is very vast and requires you to look after many things. Hence, it is always encouraged to get some handy tips from your parents and friends and apply them to lead a near perfect life.

Before getting married, what would-be brides should learn all tips concerning home management?

Whether you are a homemaker or a working woman for developing a good relationship with your husband and in-laws, home management contributes the most. Find below 15 home management tips, which are necessary to be learned before you get married and start your new life:-

1. Make a proper routine.

Having a proper routine made by dividing all the work, time wise and having convenience in accomplishing to do every household task in the least possible time is probably the most important home management skill. 

2. On a day-to-day basis plans the meals.

There’s a famous saying ‘away to a man's heart is through his stomach,' this statement holds entirely true as making food or arranging them for your husband, kids, and other family members and winning their heart is complete bliss. Preparing the favorite menu of your loved ones and enjoying that on the dinner table with all the family members is the best portrayal home management. 

3. Organize every corner of your house.

From the living room to the kitchen, dining hall, master bedroom, guest bedrooms and even the bathrooms, every corner of your house needs your attention. Organize everything and win everybody’s, heart, 

4. Decorate your house

The indoor landscapes of your new house have to be decorated appropriately for making it appealing for every visitor. If you place silk flowers arrangements at the center table of your living room, install some fake cactus in your kitchen decor, or get some fake moss on your open terrace you will be flooded with compliments for sure.

5. Invest in some utility furniture.

Make out more space in your house, by buying space saving the furniture. These type of furniture will not only add to the beauty of your internal landscapes but also will be able to hold up many things inside them for creating more floor space.

6. Selecting beautiful upholstery

The curtains and the covering of furniture like chairs or sofas with fabric can be made very attractive by choosing appropriate colors and prints which will compliment your walls. This will give your home a new look.

7. House cleaning

By using smart appliances like a vacuum cleaner, smart mops, and dusters, you can clean the floors, walls, furniture and even the various decor items. Like cleaning artificial flower arrangements becomes very easy with small and handy dusters. 

8. Manage the finances of the household

A smart wife would always make a budget at the beginning of every month. The monthly budget will help in spending the money in an organized way on various categories so that you can even take out a share of savings from the allotted money.

9. Set vacation goals 

Every family member of your new family would want to take a break from the daily chores. To help them achieve that, you should plan long vacations as well as small trips. This will turn out to be refreshing and improve the household environment.

10. Important paper organization

By making a folder having several pockets can help you in organizing the important piece of papers in your family. Whether it the health insurance papers, the citizenship card, pan card details and even bank papers should be kept safely and neatly for many reasons. The most important reason being able to get your insurance claims by showing the papers.

11. Organizing the utility bills.

Whether it your payment for internet connection, cable tv or gas bills, you must create another folder for keeping them, so that you skip none of the payments.

12. Look after the health of your family members. 

Your new family members might have some medical history, know about them and keep all the necessary medicines. Also, keep the first aid box and other important emergency medicines in the house for instant protection.

13. Keep your house safe from fire

Fire extinguishers and other fire fighting agents should always be present in the household, for avoiding any fire breakout situation.

14. Buy insurance for avoiding unnecessary hazards

During any health emergencies, burglary, fire break out or natural calamities like earthquake or cyclone, buying insurance for having protection against them will help you in saving your house.

15. Create servicing contracts with maintenance companies.

For managing each and every household appliances, like a refrigerator, air-conditioner, computers, kitchen chimneys or even microwave ovens you can make a contract of annual maintenance with the concerned companies for their proper functioning.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

aloe plantBiologically speaking, Aloe vera is a perennial xerophyte plant, growing commonly in temperate and tropical regions. Its succulent and fleshy nature account to 96% water content in its leaves. Aloe Vera leaves appear green-grey in color, fleshy and have serrated margins. The thorns along the margins of the leaves are a natural defense mechanism against animals from feeding on them. Around the world, there are over 200 species of widely dispersed. Each species is a peculiar type!
Aloe Vera is of tremendous commercial value. Numerous dietary supplements, beauty products, and medicines are obtained from it. Domestically, is present in many homes not only for their ornamental characteristic but also for their immense medicinal properties. Here is a list of various benefits of aloe vera.

1. Aloe vera And Its Nutrients

Aloe Vera is known as “Plant of Immortality.” It has a right amount of nutrients. Let’s have a look at what are the nutrients that are offered by Aloe.

  • 96% of aloe vera is composed of water.
  • Vitamins like A, C, E, Folic Acid, Choline and B complex
  • Minerals
  • It provides 20 different types amino acids that are required by the body. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins.
  • Hormones like gibberellins, auxins
  • Various enzymes
  • Anthroquinones

2. Aloe vera And Skin

In today’s world, taking care of one’s skin is commercialized through beauty salons and alien beauty products. However, how many of us know that a simple application of aloe vera gel can do wonders to our skins. The antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera contribute immensely to a healthy and glowing skin. Following are the effects of application on the skin-

  • It has a moisturizing effect on the skin.
  • Aloe Vera is proven to increase the collagen formation and elasticity of the skin. Thus, it enhances the elasticity of the skin
  • It helps in rendering a healthy and supple look to the skin.
  • It reduces tans and sunburns.
  • It can lighten the dark spots, blemishes.
  • It can slow down the aging of the skin and prevents wrinkles.
  • It prevents the occurrence of acne.
  • The water content in can hydrate the skin and thus improves the moisture content of skin.
  • It provides a cooling effect on skin post-shaving.

3. Aloe Vera And Burns

It is said to promote healing of burns of first and second degree. The polysaccharides in aloe enhance new cell growth and thus promote wound healing. The topical application of aloe on the affected part stimulates the production of new collagen fibers. This topical application can also provide soothing and moisturizing effects to the burns-affected area.

4. Aloe Vera And Infections

The benefits of aloe vera are evident from the ancient period due to its exceptional healing properties. In Ayurveda, is commonly used to treat infections like genital herpes, psoriasis, insect bites, itchy skin and other skin diseases. The presence of polyphenol compounds in aloe vera provides it with an antibacterial nature. Polyphenols help in reducing the growth of bacteria and thereby prevents the occurrence of other infections and inflammations.

5. Aloe vera And Dental Health

Oral hygiene is said to be an essential factor in our day-to-day life. Taking care of our dental health becomes an overwhelming task. The contribution of aloe to oral health is distinct. Aloe Vera juice reduces dental plaques. Its antimicrobial property helps in destroying microorganisms like bacteria, fungi in the oral cavity post-meal. Researchers prove that juice is better at maintaining the oral hygiene when compared to the commercial mouthwash - Chlorhexidine. Tooth decay and common gum problems like periodontitis can be prevented by the regular usage of toothpaste or mouth wash.

6. Aloe vera And Hair

Apart from the medicinal properties, the cosmetic properties of aloe are also familiar among us. It consists of proteins that are essential for the formation of keratin which is a primary protein of hair. The proteolytic enzymes in it enhance healthy hair growth and treat the dead skin on the scalp. It acts as a great conditioner for hair and gives it a smooth and bouncy appearance. Aloe Vera can be used to treat dandruff, itchy scalp, hair fall and frequent hair breakages. The antimicrobial property of aloe helps in treating fungal infections of the scalp. It removes the accumulation of dead cells on the scalp and thus promotes healthy scalp and hair growth. Another significant benefit of is that it maintains the standard PH of the scalp (5.5-acidic) which gets altered by the alkaline commercial shampoos.

7. Aloe vera And Digestion

Aloe Vera consists of two parts – “the gel” and “the latex.” The gel is the translucent jelly-like substance produced by the inner cells, whereas, the latex is a yellowish liquid found beneath the skin of aloe. The latex has a bitter taste. The aloin enzyme present in latex has a laxative property which promotes digestion and regular bowel movements. Consumption of aloe once in a week can prevent constipation. However, over-consumption of aloin has toxic effects in our body. The anthraquinones in aloe promote contraction of the intestinal muscles for the passing out of stools. Thus it is widely accepted in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

8. Aloe vera And Inflammation

The antioxidants in neutralize the free radicals in the blood stream which is the primary cause of inflammation. Hormones like “gibberellins and auxins” have an anti-inflammatory effect on our body. It can reduce erythema (redness) formed due to exposure to radiation therapy.

9. Aloe vera And Diabetes

Aloe Vera is an ancient medicine for diabetes. It is proven to reduce the blood glucose levels. Oral consumption of gels in diabetic patients can help them maintain their blood sugar levels. Precaution has to be taken that the sugar levels do not fall below the normal. Being a traditional medicine increases the sensitivity of insulin and thereby, reduces the blood sugar levels

10. Aloe vera And Its Other Effects On Body

Aloe Vera can improve one’s immunity by promoting the production of nitric oxide and cytokines. It is said to have the potential to reduce cholesterol levels in the body. Anticancer property of aloe which says that it reduces the size of the tumor cells is still under scientific research and is yet to be proved.

Complications Of Aloe Vera

Oral intake of aloe vera can upset stomach in small children. It can cause muscle cramps, diarrhea, and abdominal pains. Too much intake of aloe latex can cause gastrointestinal discomforts, and much higher doses can become lethal. Diabetic patients must be careful while having aloe gel. It can potentially lower the blood glucose levels. Prolonged over usage of aloe vera can ultimately result in liver disorders.

Commercial Benefits Of Aloe vera

Aloe Vera is of enormous commercial value. There is a huge market out there, functioning based on it. Some of the typical products manufactured out of aloe are -

  • Face Wash
  • Shampoos
  • Aloe Vera juices
  • Beverages
  • Skin lotions
  • Ointment
  • Facial tissues
  • Soaps
  • Sunscreens
  • It is a component of some desserts and yogurts.
  • Biofuels from seeds, etc.

Aloe Vera – An Ornamental Plant

Aloe Vera can not only provide you with countless medicinal and commercial uses, but also it can serve as an ornamental plant. The potted indoor plant gives a chic look to your surroundings. One can also use artificial succulents, faux cacti, and artificial aloe vera plants to give your surrounding a similar look.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

Top 10 Plants That Can Kill YouEveryone is always obsessed with dangerous animals and snakes that can kill you. In nature, venomous snakes and animals are aplenty. Even ants can kill you if they attack together. However, if someone says a plant can kill people, you will probably laugh out loud. If you are one of them, prepare to get amazed. Here is a list of 10 plants that can kill.

White Snakeroot

Did you know that Nancy Hanks, mother of late President Abraham Lincoln was a victim of this brutal plant species? Well, you cannot blame the tree of course. This is a poisonous plant indigenous to North America. It is flowers and leaves contain a type of toxin that can pass through the food chain. This is why this plant is, directly and indirectly, a threat to humans.

White Baneberry

Don’t let the beauty fool you. This is one of the most deadly plants in the world. Indigenous to American subcontinent, White Baneberry is famous for its candy-like fruits. These fruits look like eyes of a doll. Hence it is also known as the Doll’s eyes. On a lighter note, you can decorate your house or office with these poisonous plants instead of fake flowers, if you want to scare people away. 

Angel’s Trumpets

A more suitable name for this tree is devil’s trumpets. They are so cute on the outside, and no one will doubt them even for a second. However, it contains a huge amount of plant toxins that can easily kill a human being. This flower is available in various colors including pink and yellow. You can also find different sizes of these flowers ranging from 14 to 50 centimeters. There are some economic uses for this angel. It can produce some high-intensity hallucinogens that can get you real high real quick.

Poison Nut

Well, the name says it all. In certain parts of South Asia and India, poison nut is the main cause of household suicides. It contains many poisonous alkaloid toxins that can easily kill a man. It looks edible, but the sore taste prevents the tree from animal attacks. The actual name of this tree is Strychnine tree. If you have one in your courtyard, it will be better to replace it with some fake trees. It will be healthier for your family as well as surroundings. The milk-like liquid inside this fruit is the main source of poisonous alkaloids.

English Yew

If you want to enjoy the marvel of nature, you should better study this tree. This tree is mainly seen in Europe and Northern part of Africa. You know if a fruit is poisonous, it will be repelling to birds and animals. Without birds, the seeds cannot come outside and reproduce the tree. So, nature kind-heartedly eliminated the poison from outer parts of the fruit. This way, birds, and animals can have the fruit without any harmful effects and spread seeds across the area. This is like an insurance policy of nature.

Water hemlock

Hemlock is a plant with historical value. Not because of any archeological significance, but because it killed one of the greatest philosophers ever walked in this world. Socrates is said to have murdered by a poison made out of Hemlock. This is exactly the reason behind the popularity of this plant. So, if you are a history enthusiast, you can grow Hemlock in your garden instead of some silly silk grass. This poison can affect the person almost immediately. People will die quickly due to respiratory system failure or heart attack.


It is a common saying, which the most beautiful things on earth always have a bitter side. It is exactly true with the next competitor in our list – Wolfsbane. This is a gorgeous flower with unusually deadly effects. It is commonly seen in Northern parts of the world. Some of the tribal people use this flower to make arrow poison. A healthy human can die within 5 hours, even if a little dose of the venomous flower is consumed. The purple color and graceful structure of this plant is a worthy sight – but only from a distance.

Rosary Pea

The seeds of this plant look like bulging eyes of crabs. Hence, local people call it Crab’s eye. Although this is an established Indonesian plant, now it is common around the world. This is not an ordinary plant. It is a sort of parasite that climbs on a strong tree to get structural support. Don’t let the outer beauty fool you. As far as the deadly side concerns, just 3 milligrams can easily send you to the other world.


The cherry-like fruits in this plant are extremely dangerous for any living animal on this planet. It looks a bit like blackberry. Although every part of this plant contains poisonous chemicals, berries are the largest containers of toxins. Strangely, our ancestors used these deadly cherries as a cosmetic. It is bizarre to investigate deep inside our traditions. You can find many interesting things in our history.

Castor plants

This is by far the deadliest of them all. Not because of the intensity of poison, but because it is an ornamental plant. You will be familiar with castor oil. This is the same tree that gives us edible castor oil. Most people do not know the deadly effects of this common household plant. It is mainly seen in Indian and parts of Africa. Once the poison gets inside you, it will cause an agonizing death by dehydration. It will be better to stay away from plants like these if you value your life.

This is nature. It knows how to give birth to life, nourish it, protect it, and end it. We should explore Mother Nature and its bizarre beauty with an awe of admiration.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

10 Time Tested Strategies To Help You Get Work Done Without DelaysDelaying tedious, dull, difficult and boring tasks is human nature. We tend to put away such important tasks purely due to laziness. However, putting away task after tasks will only lead further delays and more procrastination. Here’s how you can get more work done without delays.

1. Keep The Best For The Last

Just like you leave the desserts for the last course of the meal, you similarly need to leave your easiest tasks for the last part of your day. As much of an uphill climb as it may seem to complete you hardest and most tedious and boring tasks first thing in the morning, that is exactly how you should do it. Finishing your most dreaded tasks first will play a major role in building momentum for the other chores and tasks you have to carry out. Avoid wasting time trying to avoid that dreaded tasks and get it out of the way as quickly as you can. This will not only make you feel far more productive, but it will also make the rest of your tasks seem like a cakewalk.

2. Create A Daily To-Do List

Another guaranteed and noteworthy way to avoid procrastinating is by creating a daily to-do list. Scores of successful and rich people across the globe share one thing in common and that is the fact that they create a list the night before of things tasks they need to complete and accomplish the next day. By creating a to-do list, you will know exactly what you need to begin chores and tasks you need, to begin with, the next day. You will not end up wasting time trying to figure out your pending tasks and thereby will avoid procrastinating.

3. Set Your Priorities Straight

One major reason why we tend to procrastinate is that we end up creating long, tiring and never ending to-do lists. Psychologically if you are to wake up in the morning and look down at a ridiculously long to-do list, you will never want to begin your tasks and complete them in a timely and organized manner. However, if you set your priorities in order and make a list of those tasks that need immediate and instant attention only, the chances of you completing them in an efficient and productive manner are very high. So get your priorities in order and set your daily tasks in accordance.

4. Create An Atmosphere That Motivates You To Work

Another way to ensure that you avoid procrastinating is by creating a motivating and vibrant atmosphere in your workplace. Having a dull and lack luster work atmosphere can demotivate you and will end up creating a situation where you procrastinate. To make your office setup vibrant and beautiful, you can probably add some gorgeous artificial flower centerpieces or fake trees in your cabin. The vivid and lush colors of these artificial flowers and faux plants will keep your mind rejuvenated and fresh. You can also add other decorative items that will push you to work in a more productive ad efficient manner.

5. Keep In Mind That Rome was not Built In A Day

When trying to accomplish large tasks or complete big projects, you need to keep in mind that you will not be able to do them all at once or even complete them in a single day. To avoid procrastination and in order to ensure that you finish your project in a timely and efficient manner, you need to break down such large projects into small steps. Ensure that you put in work towards such projects on a daily and regular basis, that way you will end up completing the project before the deadline and will also avoid procrastinating.

6. Work In A Place That Has Minimum Distractions

One major reason why people tend to procrastinate is due to distractions. For instance, at work, you may end up surfing the web on your computer, visiting social media sites, or simply indulging in online shopping. Such distractions will only end up delaying the completion of your tasks. Thus, make sure that you avoid such distractions. Turn off your computer if it is not required; switch off the television or your mobile phone. Make sure that you put in all your concentration on completing your task quickly and productively.

7. Surround Yourself With People Who Motivate And Inspire You

Company matters. To be super productive and highly efficient, you need to be super motivated and highly inspired. You need to surround yourself with friends and acquaintances that are go-getters and are ambitious in nature. Spending time with such people will motivate you to work harder and accomplish your goals and tasks in a faster and productive way. The ambitious and ‘conquer the world’ attitude that these people have will begin to rub off on you, and you will gradually find that you are far more productive and are procrastinating a lot less.

8. Stop Waiting For The Right Time

There is no greater time than now. If you think that you will begin your tasks when the time is right, you will never end up getting around to completing them. This will only result in further delays and procrastination. If you have a task to complete, get to it immediately. Look at it the other way, once your tasks are completed, you will be able to go about doing the things you truly enjoy and love. So, get your tedious, dull and hard tasks out of the way as soon as you know you have to complete them and don’t wait until the holidays are over or for the week to begin and so on, get into action immediately. You will find that prompt completion of tasks will keep you stress-free.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

faux maple sprayLandscaping in the commercial places like the offices can be slightly complicated owing to the standards, efficiency and the maintenance of the materials. The faux plants are perfect for these conditions as they can decorate any place or landscape with minimal maintenance. The vivid colors and the durability are also a huge plus point for the faux plants as landscaping items. You have many options while landscaping with the artificial plants like the faux maple leaves which are great indoors as well as outdoors at the commercial places.

Surprising advantages of using the artificial pants

Here are some of the benefits of using artificial plants over the living ones.

  • Durability- it is a major factor while landscaping at the commercial areas. It is sort of a onetime investment and will last as long as you want without fading away or perishing like the real ones.
  • Minimal maintenance- the artificial maple requires minimal maintenance, and you need not worry about the regular watering, plant waste or insecticides like in case with real plans.
  • Perfect for any environment- you can keep the beautiful maple spray leaves of burgundy shade anywhere in the interiors or the exterior as they are resistant to harsh weather and you do not need to worry about the direct sun.
  • Reusable- the faux plants are very easy to handle and move from one location to another. So, you can change the landscape according to requirements and create a fresh atmosphere.
  • Vivid shades- the burgundy faux maple spray are mesmerizing and a treat for the eyes. It is sure to attract the visitor’s attention and also create an amazing landscape.
  • Fire retardant- due to many incidents of the Christmas tree or other landscaping items catching fire, the faux maple spray leaves are made from fire retardant materials which put safety first.

Picking the right spot

The beautiful burgundy faux maple spray leaves will enhance any landscape, and you do not have to be specific about picking is the spot. You can place it anywhere, and it is sure to attract the attention in the room. Apart from the interiors, you can also enhance the outdoor landscape with the faux maple spray leaves as it would look real like and create a heavenly landscape. You can try out some landscape settings with it and find the best ones but putting it at the places with a lot of regular visitors will set up the utterly refreshing landscape with the charm of the shades of burgundy.

Interior landscaping ideas with the faux maple spray leaves

The best interiors to place the faux maple spray leaves include:

  • The table top- the table is the most common place to keep the faux maple spray leaves as it will be the best place to receive the attention of the visitors and create great landscapes for any otherwise monotonous meetings.
  • Stands- if you want to flaunt off the vivid and elegant burgundy shade of the faux maple spray leaves, you can keep them on any separate stands matching with the landscape and make sure the visitors watch them in awe.
  • Screens or backgrounds- putting up screens or backgrounds to highlight the faux maple spray leaves is also an exciting idea as it is ideal for any special occasions or meetings or to welcome special guests.
  • Receptions- an amazing view like the burgundy shade of the faux maple spray leaves will be a treat for the eyes at the reception for the visitors. It will also enhance the landscape by creating a refreshing atmosphere.

Apart from these conventional locations, you can also try some new landscaping ideas and experiment a little with the faux maple spray leaves as that may lead to some better or lovelier landscape at your office. Being artificial, the normal growth or freshness will not be affected by the absence of sunlight or other factors necessary for the growth of plants.

Exterior landscaping ideas with the faux maple spray leaves

The exterior decoration ideas include:

  • Balcony- putting the bright burgundy shaded faux maple leaves on the balcony on any suitable strand or vase will look adorable and extraordinary. The visitors from inside the building, as well as the outsiders, will be able to admire its graceful beauty.
  • Rooftop- the elegant burgundy shaded faux maple leaves are best for any rooftop office party or get together as they will set up a refreshing flavor and spread the elegance.
  • Illuminated corner- you can configure the landscape with some bright lights focusing on the faux maple spray leaves or highlight its intense burgundy color and also highlight it for the viewers in the night. It is a very good idea if you have visitors at night. 

Though the faux maple spray leaves are resistant to harsh weather conditions and won’t fade away easily on placing in the sun like other landscaping products, it is always advisable to put them in the shade to make them durable and keep them fresh and new for a long time. Apart from those mentioned above conventional outdoor landscaping ideas with the faux maple leaves, you can also do some experimentation with the landscape and find out the best idea for your office. The artificial leaves can also be shifted from one place to another depending on the requirement of the landscape without hassle.

Reasons to choose the faux maple spray leaves for landscaping

The faux maple leaves having burgundy shade which makes them unique from the other conventional landscaping materials. They are also elegant, and the spray shape along with the intense and unique color is a great choice for landscaping item. You will also find a wide range of vase and pots with many creative designs or illustrations like the one with the illustration of water filled bottom vase where your faux maple will look best.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

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