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faux maple sprayLandscaping in the commercial places like the offices can be slightly complicated owing to the standards, efficiency and the maintenance of the materials. The faux plants are perfect for these conditions as they can decorate any place or landscape with minimal maintenance. The vivid colors and the durability are also a huge plus point for the faux plants as landscaping items. You have many options while landscaping with the artificial plants like the faux maple leaves which are great indoors as well as outdoors at the commercial places.

Surprising advantages of using the artificial pants

Here are some of the benefits of using artificial plants over the living ones.

  • Durability- it is a major factor while landscaping at the commercial areas. It is sort of a onetime investment and will last as long as you want without fading away or perishing like the real ones.
  • Minimal maintenance- the artificial maple requires minimal maintenance, and you need not worry about the regular watering, plant waste or insecticides like in case with real plans.
  • Perfect for any environment- you can keep the beautiful maple spray leaves of burgundy shade anywhere in the interiors or the exterior as they are resistant to harsh weather and you do not need to worry about the direct sun.
  • Reusable- the faux plants are very easy to handle and move from one location to another. So, you can change the landscape according to requirements and create a fresh atmosphere.
  • Vivid shades- the burgundy faux maple spray are mesmerizing and a treat for the eyes. It is sure to attract the visitor’s attention and also create an amazing landscape.
  • Fire retardant- due to many incidents of the Christmas tree or other landscaping items catching fire, the faux maple spray leaves are made from fire retardant materials which put safety first.

Picking the right spot

The beautiful burgundy faux maple spray leaves will enhance any landscape, and you do not have to be specific about picking is the spot. You can place it anywhere, and it is sure to attract the attention in the room. Apart from the interiors, you can also enhance the outdoor landscape with the faux maple spray leaves as it would look real like and create a heavenly landscape. You can try out some landscape settings with it and find the best ones but putting it at the places with a lot of regular visitors will set up the utterly refreshing landscape with the charm of the shades of burgundy.

Interior landscaping ideas with the faux maple spray leaves

The best interiors to place the faux maple spray leaves include:

  • The table top- the table is the most common place to keep the faux maple spray leaves as it will be the best place to receive the attention of the visitors and create great landscapes for any otherwise monotonous meetings.
  • Stands- if you want to flaunt off the vivid and elegant burgundy shade of the faux maple spray leaves, you can keep them on any separate stands matching with the landscape and make sure the visitors watch them in awe.
  • Screens or backgrounds- putting up screens or backgrounds to highlight the faux maple spray leaves is also an exciting idea as it is ideal for any special occasions or meetings or to welcome special guests.
  • Receptions- an amazing view like the burgundy shade of the faux maple spray leaves will be a treat for the eyes at the reception for the visitors. It will also enhance the landscape by creating a refreshing atmosphere.

Apart from these conventional locations, you can also try some new landscaping ideas and experiment a little with the faux maple spray leaves as that may lead to some better or lovelier landscape at your office. Being artificial, the normal growth or freshness will not be affected by the absence of sunlight or other factors necessary for the growth of plants.

Exterior landscaping ideas with the faux maple spray leaves

The exterior decoration ideas include:

  • Balcony- putting the bright burgundy shaded faux maple leaves on the balcony on any suitable strand or vase will look adorable and extraordinary. The visitors from inside the building, as well as the outsiders, will be able to admire its graceful beauty.
  • Rooftop- the elegant burgundy shaded faux maple leaves are best for any rooftop office party or get together as they will set up a refreshing flavor and spread the elegance.
  • Illuminated corner- you can configure the landscape with some bright lights focusing on the faux maple spray leaves or highlight its intense burgundy color and also highlight it for the viewers in the night. It is a very good idea if you have visitors at night. 

Though the faux maple spray leaves are resistant to harsh weather conditions and won’t fade away easily on placing in the sun like other landscaping products, it is always advisable to put them in the shade to make them durable and keep them fresh and new for a long time. Apart from those mentioned above conventional outdoor landscaping ideas with the faux maple leaves, you can also do some experimentation with the landscape and find out the best idea for your office. The artificial leaves can also be shifted from one place to another depending on the requirement of the landscape without hassle.

Reasons to choose the faux maple spray leaves for landscaping

The faux maple leaves having burgundy shade which makes them unique from the other conventional landscaping materials. They are also elegant, and the spray shape along with the intense and unique color is a great choice for landscaping item. You will also find a wide range of vase and pots with many creative designs or illustrations like the one with the illustration of water filled bottom vase where your faux maple will look best.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

silk bonsai treesHave you ever noticed what part of your active life you spend in your office cabin? Perhaps not. However, if do the simple math based on spending eight working hours excluding the extra hours you have to put; you are spending one-third of your active life stuck in your office cabin! Of course, it is provided with accessories like a trendy desk, cozy chair, laptop, etc. and you are expected to deliver the best every day. 

Even with all these amenities you may be bored and fatigued, and your productivity may hamper, and you may feel the need of having something that will be able to cheer you up to the next level. In such cases, the only solution is to bring in some natural element in the cabin to boost your energy level further. Using silk bonsai trees is a great way to make the cabin setting fresh and lively. The adorable bonsai trees will brighten up your office cabin and create a Zen ambiance for keeping you fresh and stay focused throughout the time you work there.

Silk Bonsai trees

Bonsai trees are the dwarfed version of the original natural tree, and look very charming in office cabins. However, most of the present day office cabins are artificially illuminated, and this makes it difficult to maintain live trees there; not to speak of the other nurturing cares required. For all such situations the silk bonsai trees are ideal. These artificial bonsai trees are manufactured using varieties of high-quality synthetic latex combined with other materials and in some cases have real tree trunk with mesmerizing faux foliage. Available in different sizes, and in plain and decorative pots, these can liven up the decor of your office cabin. 

Why choose artificial bonsai trees with silk foliage

The faux bonsai trees are great decorating accessories and are used in office buildings for decorating office cabins mainly for the following reasons.  

  • Realistic look: These artificial bonsai trees are true rendition of the natural bonsai trees in all respects, and add to the decor of your office cabin in the most befitting manner. Available in wide varieties, this is a great cabin decoration option.
  • Delivers unique message: The Oriental bonsai art has been in practice for more than a thousand years, and when you decorate the office cabin with faux bonsai trees it delivers a beautiful cultural statement to your customers. 
  • Soothing and refreshing: Nature is the best mood elevator. When you use an artificial bonsai tree in your office cabin, you simply bring a piece of nature to your desk. It fills the space, and the ethereal feeling helps to influence your customers. Moreover, having beautiful green foliage it delivers a soothing and re-energizing feeling every time your vision falls on these. 
  • Stunning design: The silk faux bonsai trees have stunning looks that take you away to the vast expanse of nature, maybe for a while, away from the boundary the cabin. The stunning design of the trees also cast positive impact on those who step into your cabin.
  • Charm addition: The artificial bonsai trees are available in many varieties and have the unique ability to complement any office space.  Select a type you fancy, and put it on your desk or in a visible corner of your office cabin to impart a charming environment.
  • Minimalist design: The artificial bonsai trees are manufactured with minimalist design and thus occupy less office space.
  • Plenty of options: These are available in various types and sizes, and so, you can have a wide variety of option to choose from.
  • Delights wallet: The artificial bonsai trees are inexpensive and ensure unique cabin decoration at an affordable cost.

What you get more

Every office has its story to tell. When you include the artificial bonsai trees in your office cabin, it gives you the desired charm. This also conveys the message you wish to promulgate and helps for better interaction. Decorating with faux bonsai trees you can enjoy the following added benefits.

  • Durable & long lasting: Made from premium quality synthetic materials, the silk faux bonsai trees are very strong and sturdy and can last for years. Use of high-quality material in manufacturing made these sturdy to withstand temperature variations.
  • Customization: These can be made to your specific requirement.
  • Maintenance free: Being artificially manufactured the artificial bonsai tree need no maintenance except regular dusting to remove the dirt that gets deposited.
  • No nurturing: These do not require watering or pruning so you can forget about your watering can and pruning scissors.
  • Decorated pots: The faux bonsai trees are also available in decorated containers that add to the decor of the office cabin.
  • Unique portability: These are easy to handle. So, you may change the artificial bonsai tree between different cabins for bringing periodic changes to the cabin environment. 

Varieties to choose from

If you feel bored working in your office cabin, it is high time that you do something about enhancing the ambiance. These can be easily done by introducing the artificial bonsai trees in the office cubicle. There are many varieties including acacia bonsai tree, azalea bonsai, Hawthorn bonsai tree, ironwood bonsai tree, Japanese bonsai tree, ming aralia bonsai tree, pagoda ming aralia tree, Podocarpus bonsai tree, rocky mountain bonsai tree, scotch pine bonsai tree, and windswept acacia bonsai tree. These have either natural wood stem or sculpted stem with leaves made from polyester or PVC, and there are the single stem and multi-stem varieties. Available in sizes varying from 5 inches to 24 inches these are designed to meet every space parameter. Besides, the collection of stock these can also be tailored to suit every need.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

ficus sprayThe artificial Ficus Spray is one of the most popular plants utilized to give offices’ indoor as well as outdoor environment a versatile look. If your space gives you an unfriendly feel, then it would be a wise decision to choose Ficus spray and decorate an even unfriendly area of your business. A wide variety of shapes, style, and sizes can be achieved with these trees thus better beautifying your space as per its specific decoration needs. Ficus trees are one of the most popular types of artificial plants and trees as these are much more cost effective than other types of faux hedges, boxwood plants, boxwood mat foliage, etc.

Make Your Employees Feel Fresh With Charm of Classy Ficus Spray

The environment around your office greatly contributes to the productivity as well as the attitude of the employees towards the work. The greenery gives you a simple and effective way to make your office area look refreshing and full of energy. Moreover, specifically talking about Ficus spray, then this artificial foliage can enhance the beauty of your outdoor as well as the indoor area. If you are running a retail store, supermarket, restaurant, hotel and similar venture then these artificial plants can ensure that your customers feel pleasant in your premises. Even tired people can forget about their tiredness and feel relaxed and cozy in such greener environment.

Different Types of Artificial Ficus Spray Ideal for Office Landscape

Various artificial Ficus Spray has different types each with different characteristics and properties. Even being artificial these seem to be realistic, and people can don't even realize that these are artificial. The quality and type of Ficus trees have improved to a great extent over the years. These are now constructed with silk leaves with plastic stemming and branches. The varieties of Ficus Spray include Hawaiian, Alii, Benjamina, Nitida, Oriental Ficus and Weeping. These are majorly available with variegated color and solid green leaves. In addition to the custom shape and sizes, these can also be crafted with lights to decorate the area with some special effects. Such decorations are ideal for special occasions like Christmas, new year eve, etc.

Where to Place Your Charming Artificial Ficus Spray Plant?

As these are among most versatile faux hedges available in the market hence can be utilized anywhere in the outdoor or indoor area. Your Ficus spray can make your outdoor landscape charming if combined with a perfect boxwood mat or any other type of artificial mat making space for placing Ficus within that round space. Multiple Ficus plants can also be combined in line to privatize your space by forming a faux hedge privacy screen. You can place Ficus at the both sides of your entrance it will welcome all your visitors with its natural and realistic looking charm. If you have availability of large empty area indoors, then you can place multiple Ficus trees in line or in the desired pattern to fill that vacant space. You can also make your office corners look attractive and reflect positive vibrations by placing appropriately designed Ficus spray there. In addition to these areas small sized Ficus plants will make your office environment pleasant if placed appropriately in the waiting room, conference hall/room, reception, meeting room and more.

Artificial Ficus Spray - Reflecting Your Business Personality and Class

A good Ficus spray arrangement can make your commercial area a fantabulous space to work, visit and feel energetic. These faux Ficus trees can create warm inviting settings to all your customers, business partners, employees and all by reflecting your class and a higher level of business standards. It does not matter where you are placing them, as there is something charming and soothing in them that grabs the attention of everyone. A perfect shape and size are given to the Ficus plant take the personality and character of your business to the next level. Shiny colors of the leaves of Ficus add crisp to your indoor and outdoor architecture even if it has not been built that much expertise.

Why is Artificial Ficus Better than Real Ficus for Your Business Space?

You might be thinking about why you should go for artificial if you still have real Ficus options available. Then here is the various advantage of artificial Ficus spray over real plants.

  • It is very hard to attain different shapes and sizes with real Ficus plants whereas artificial Ficus opens up a wide range of options for you to create custom shapes, sizes, and patterns easily. Due to their flexibility and strength, those can be designed in the desired manner.
  • In the case of real plants, you will have to invest in their maintenance as these will demand frequent pruning, cutting and watering. If you look at artificial plants in this context, then you will find that it is quite easy to maintain faux Ficus spray at almost negligible maintenance costs. As these will not have any pruning and watering needs. Moreover, these also don't need any special treatment for better appearance.
  • Artificial Ficus can withstand all kinds of weathers as these are crafted using highest grade plastic which is water as well as UV resistant. It means whether its sharp summer day or heavy rainy day outdoors, you will not have to worry about your landscape any more. These plants will neither fade away nor lose their charm and attractiveness.
  • As artificial Ficus spray is highly light in weight, hence you can easily more it from one place to another without much hassle. You can keep changing patterns of Ficus Spray both indoor and outdoor whenever you want to slightly change the landscape style of your office space.

In spite of all such advantages of these artificial plants, these are highly cost effective than real plants. Moreover, if you are choosing to go artificial then these will only require one-time investment and even then these will keep your landscape brighter, greener and attractive for long. So if you want to make your landscape look stunning, then this artificial Ficus spray is one of the best choice for you. Visit your nearest faux plant dealer or explore various options online and choose the suitable one for your business environment.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

Savor the best of contemporary landscaping with faux bamboo treesIn today’s world, where the most important thing is to wrap up your content or effort in an attractive way, you just can’t afford to make it a dull and clumsy attempt. Be it your home or your workplace, interior and exterior decorations are one of the ways by which you can grab all the attention. The decoration should be decent and light, which makes the place look neat and attractive. One of the best ways to make your place look classy is by decorating it with faux bamboo plants.

What are faux bamboo plants?

Artificial bamboo trees are made of natural wood and fake plants to aid the exterior and interior beauty of your landscape. The artificial foliage is made of the material which can protect your landscape from UV rays. The materials are usually fire resistant which helps you to decorate your place keeping the safety rules in mind. The artificial bamboo tree is usually used for exterior decorations, but because of the different available forms of these, one can use them to decorate the interior of their house or workplace too. These faux bamboo plants are highly used by the hotels and resorts to enhance the beautification.

Types of faux bamboo plants and usage

Be it a single corner of your conference hall or be it the entrance of your house, faux bamboo plant adds charm to your place, making it atheistically appreciable. The faux bamboo plants can be kept anywhere in the room as they are available in different shapes and sizes. It adds class to your apartment, making it more enthralling. Faux bamboo trees are highly appreciated at hospitals and malls as there is no chance of mud stain or pest. Being fire resistant, these faux bamboo trees make the best deal. Artificial bamboo plants are available in different forms, shape, and sizes. Some are available in pots and wicker baskets, while some of them are made up of plastic which gives a realistic look to the overall idea. The best thing about these faux plants is that they are made with silky bamboo leaves which help to upgrade the realistic look of the landscape.

Why faux bamboo plants when we can get natural ones

Faux bamboo trees are always a better idea when it is about decoration. The plant being artificial doesn’t need proper watering and moreover, helps the environment to be pest free. The maintenance is easy as there are no proper steps to follow regarding the growth of the plant. The plant moreover restricts itself and remains structured for a long period. The environmental condition like air, sunshine, nutrient in soil does not take any part in the maintenance therefore usually the maintenance cost is very low.

Independent on climatic condition

A faux bamboo tree does not need any proper instructions to follow to maintain it.
So it does not matter if it rains frequently or doesn’t at all, it will not affect the beautification of your landscape. You do not need to place it in a proper place so that it gets good amount of air and sunshine as those things are illogical for a faux plant. Moreover, the artificial bamboo trees tend to maintain its height, shape color and size for a long time which is a magnificent news for those who does not want to change the outlook of their beautiful area for a very long time.

The Asian or tropical touch

Faux bamboo trees are a perfect way to add an Asian touch to your landscape, making it looks fantastic. Bamboos are believed to be sacred in Asian culture. The picturesque bamboo forest works well as a theme to decorate the exterior of any landscape. Bamboos are used as different symbols in a different part of Asia. In China, bamboo symbolizes winter and the power to fight with the harsh climate whereas in Japanese culture the bamboo trees symbolize protection against evil or negative vibes.

The bridge between culture, nature and commercial world

A bamboo tree symbolizes a prehistoric way of life and ethnicity which helps people to sooth their souls. These trees share out positive vibes in the near environment to make it healthy. A person being around ancient culture tends to work more efficiently, which is a good way to start an organization. Moreover, it creates a bridge between nature and the commercial or technical world, which helps a man to grow mentally and work peacefully. The quality of work tends to get better when there is a proper connection between nature and work. An office decorated with faux bamboo trees helps to maintain the calm and welcoming attitude of the entire area. It creates an excellent impression to your client and contributes to settle the deals in the most sophisticated and serene way.

Enhance the game of light and shadow

The faux bamboo trees which look fresh and green help to maintain the theme and the ambiance of your office by playing with the shades. These are available according to the exactness of the theme and therefore go well with the tone of your office and give the exact feel of simplicity.

Making it comfortable for your clients

They say the first impression is the last impression, so you better make it the best. The faux bamboo plants help you exterior look inviting, which is a good way to make the first impression. The fanciness of the faux bamboo trees contributes to creating a light ambiance which helps your client to open up. The overall idea of using faux bamboo trees is extremely client friendly yet classy.

The ultimate advice

Artificial bamboo plants are a way to bring happiness, prosperity, and friendship with a positive vibe in your concerned place by decorating it just the way it demands. These are available in different dimensions, which help you to enhance the outlook of your landscape. These are cost-effective and easily manageable as it does not need the proper maintenance.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

Beautiful Boxwood Ball Topiaries to create exotic landscape themesAdding the right accessories to your office and home décor can work like a charm. This has a lot to do with how people around you, whether your client, guests or family members feel when they step into your office or house. Whether you are going for a modernistic approach with the furniture or sticking to a more traditional look, you need to intensify your décor game with some greenery. It will not only add the vibrant green color to your interiors or exteriors but make it look a bit fresher on a daily basis. Now, taking care of real plants can be a bit cumbersome, which is why most people who like to jazz up their décor tend to go for artificial plants like boxwood ball topiaries.

Set the right ambiance with artificial plants

Concrete walls have taken over, and scenic beauties full of greenery is hard to find in a busy schedule whether at home or office but with these artificial plants you can reach out to the lush green beauties every day. There is no need to feel outraged at the idea of owning faux plants and no; it isn’t a soulless idea. There are enough reasons as to why you need to get hold of these beautiful boxwood ball topiaries and use them instantly, here are some of those:

  • Time - Just think about the amount of time you are going to have to spend on those babies, actual topiaries in this case. Pruning, watering, fertilizing and making sure they get just the right amount of light and what not. Now, you can’t afford that much time when you are at the office or home making sure all your chores are done. These artificial boxwood ball topiaries are hence not only a time saver but also something you can get by without having to work real hard for.
  • Money - Real plants are not just a onetime investment, unlike artificial plants. Faux requires you to go through some very basic maintenance once in a while, like spraying them just a tad bit to make them look fresh and also wipes away the already settled dust. In case you have real plants you have to make sure and spend money on extra maintenance. So don’t worry if you can’t afford the monthly trims for these boxwood ball topiaries to keep them shaped nicely.

Rejuvenate your exterior space with the new faux plants

There are quite a few types of fake plants that you can easily incorporate in indoor and outdoor décor, but the ones that are to be used outdoor has to be extra sustainable for long lasting use. The silk boxwood ball topiaries are perfect for this very reason. They are amazingly realistic looking and give your décor a great vibe whether indoor or outdoor. For exterior landscaping, you can find these to be very useful. You can either mix and match them with real ones or just go for all faux all the way. These boxwood topiaries are made from silk which makes them more appealing to look at and make them appear less artificial. They realistic color which matches that of real ball topiaries gives you more reasons to have them in your arsenal. You can line them up along the driveway or in the garden in any pattern as you please. These mostly measure up to 26” which is why they can be the perfect addition to your garden.

Adding the greenish hue to your interior space

When it comes to your office space, you obviously don’t want something too big getting in your way of work. These boxwood ball topiaries are exactly the type of green you need in your office. They come in standard black pots which you can change to suit your need. You can either choose to keep one in the corner or line them up along a certain wall if you have more space. If you have limited space, you can go for smaller sizes and get them set as centerpieces on the table, and this is a very good idea for both home and office. Their perfectly pruned spherical shape gives a real sharp look while maintaining the natural tone to provide you with the aesthetically pleasing approach you are looking for.

At home, it is an entirely different story. You can place in any room you wish to and make it look great. These act very well as centerpieces and are incredibly easy to maintain. You can put them in the kitchen, washroom, bedroom, study space and anywhere else you like.

Easy to maintain and quick to clean

Does it go without saying that these faux boxwood ball topiaries require less maintenance than real plants, but why so? It is because they are made from a sustainable material which doesn’t wear out easily. They do not shed leaves, get all yellow and mushy and stay intact even if you plan to take a vacation for a month and not tend to it. All you need to do is every two or three months just use a muslin cloth and clean them a bit to remove the settled dust and spray a bit of water to make them look just as greener as they did upon arrival. They do not take up as much time as real plants do to configure and set them in flower pots or your choices. You also need not worry about replacing them every year or so, with minimal care, they last long.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer
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