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Summer Ideas for the Perfect Get-togetherIf not in spring, then summer is the perfect time for you and family to enjoy a fun filled get together. Late spring requires adistinctly unfussy way to deal with entertainment. Make things simpler for you by enjoying outside rather than in, while encouraging the guests to contribute the grasping serene, by spending time there. Decorative elements such as furniture, lighting and silk plants and trees are a must to spend an enjoyable summer eve.

1. Create an additional table with sawhorses - Short on outside eating space? Look for a couple of sawhorses and top them with a length of board, as large as you need your table to be. You can paint the board, spread it with a fabric or butcher paper, or abandon it as seems to be.

2. Style a wooden box into a beverages holder - On the off chance that you line it with plastic, any old container can be a rural chic open-top cooler for keeping beverages and drinks on ice. It won't keep it frosty like a genuine cooler; however, it will definitely serve as a helpful element at a party.

3. No carton/crate? Utilize whatever you have - An old wheelbarrow, a patio nursery truck, a veneer container or even a toy dump truck can be lined with garbage packs and loaded with ice to make distinctive drinks cooler.

4. Dapperup candles with points of interest - Twist a wide green leaf and drop it into a glass container, then fill the jug with water and float a tea light on top. On the other hand, use lengths of birch bark (available at specialty stores) to wrap the outside of a jug or candleholder, and affix them with twine.

5. Make beach candles with artisan jugs and sand - Filled mostly with sand, an artisan container of any size, can without much of a stretch turn into a chic candleholder. To make hanging lamps, wrap the container's mouth with adaptable wire and hang the jug from the branches of a tree. As a precaution, use battery-worked candles for hanging, and match them up with artificial outdoor hanging plants.

6. Engross in some silk beauties - Silk plants and its varieties are immense. And for a perfect summer get-together all you need are outdoor hedge mats, foliage, branches and leaves. You can recreate numerous designs via these silk beauties and allow the atmosphere to be more appealing. Silk Flowering plants and centerpiece arrangements wood look the best on your outdoor dining table.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

Ways to Upscale your Existing SurroundingsGetting surrounded by the same things day and night, either at home or the workplace bogs you down. And the happy, chirpy environment that one longs for suddenly disappears. If you are looking to upscale your current surrounding, take a look at some of the ways by which you can turn a boring outdoor setting into a mesmerizing one.

Make cushions and mats your relaxing accessory – Having comfortable cushions to lean is over are not only important, but relaxing as well. But the problem many face outdoor accessories is they getting damaged from snow and rains. To abstain from taking a seat on wet pads, keep a stockpiling seat underneath a shade and hurl the smaller cushions in it, when you know there is a possibility of downpour. If your outside room is a long way from the house, you could use a waterproof outdoor storage seat that instantly doubles up as your seating arrangement also. Sliding bigger seat cushions under a table will offer some security as well.

Hear the sounds of running water - Water is an extraordinary approach to delicately disguise sounds from close neighbors. Install a delicate wellspring close to your seating zone for a more serene environment.

Get some sound providing accessories like outside speakers - Gentle music playing out of sight can be pretty much as successful as covering sounds withrunning water. If you’re home or commercial spacedon't have open spaces, attempt remote speakers that join with a sound framework in your home.

Have enough covering - Sitting outside with zero shade on a hot, sunny day is decent, but only for around five minutes. After that you and your visitors will be running for cover. There are many alternatives for adding shade to your yard; you can go for unattached umbrellas, a fabricated shade, cross sections, or use the most charming option of faux greenery like artificial outdoor boxwood hedges and large silk palm trees.

Assembled an outdoor eating kit - It can be less demanding to spur yourself to feast outside on the off chance that you have a pack prepared and holding up. Have a go and put some of your mostly utilized outside things, as a part of a wicker bin or on a major plate with handles, so you can simply snatch it and go.

Offer covers on crisp nights - Keep a heap of covers by the entryway, old fleece camp-style covers, lightweight kantha knits or bordered tosses function admirably well. Pass them around on nippy nighttime in your silk greenery enclosure. Your visitors will definitely oblige.

Have the perfect Lighting - The right lighting can make even the least complex open air space shine during the evening. One can put of lighting under a seat for an inconspicuous enlightenment, make a ring of lamps on the fake grass around your feasting table or hang a series of lights overhead and match it up with lighted topiary or silk hanging bushes and plants.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

Peony BouquetHanging out at your home patio, backyard or even office terrace is an elegant way to enjoy warm climate. However there are also the not so pleasant things present outside such as bugs, rain and extremely hot sun?

Here are some helpful tips to help make the time you spend in your outside rooms more enjoyable.

1. Portray what you truly need from your open space - It sounds obvious, but the fact is that many designers and landscapers fail to give full justice to your available space. If the outdoor is not designed with a purpose then it may well be served to anything. It’s like finding what you truly need is something else completely, like a spot where you can sit back, relax and have some productive chats at your office plaza. It's likewise barely noticeable to our own inclinations, while some are touchy to wind and sun; some like entertainment, while others like their surroundings to be nice and green, surreal to nature.

Below are some doubts or questions for you to define your open space and what you truly would like to escape from your outside room:

Do you want to use the open space with family, friends, employees or alone?

How would you like to utilize your outdoor room, to cook, feast, party or play? Then again do a mix of those?

Are you a nature lover, or like a sheltered place? And if you love greenery, but can’t keep real plants around, due to sneezing problem, silk flower and faux plants are your best option.

Do you like the sentiment sitting arrangement with the accessories, or do you incline toward a more protected space?

Is Privacy important to you?

What times of day do you like to utilize your outdoor room?

2. Manage infections – If mosquitoes or bugs are an issue in your general vicinity, managing the issue is foremost if you want to live in that open area. Screening the patio is a superb approach to have the capacity to feel like you are outside without the dreadful bug chomps.

Here are some guidelines to keep the bugs away:

Try not to keep any unnecessary water on your property. Indeed, even a small pot filled with water if overlooked can turn into a mosquito reproducing ground. To save yourself from the difficulties and enjoy a peaceful outdoor room, use as much as artificial greenery as possible.

Surround yourself with silk flower arrangement like calla lilies, Peonis, sunflower and tulips. Or go for some charming designs of silk decorative trees, foliage and fake branches. All these and many others are available with

3. Use open air fabrics and materials in open place - On a secured patio, you can escape with utilizing more fragile furniture and normal indoor pads. However more of your outdoor room components are exposed to air, sunlight and water make sure the accessories used are made to suit the environment.

Outside fabrics do have a tendency to be more lavish, yet they won't blur in the sun, they oppose stains, and water just dabs right off. Today, outdoor furniture and cushions are loaded down with material that sheds water effectively so they won't stay waterlogged for long.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

Interior LandscapingConserving water is a farsighted necessity, which if we all follow audaciously will help in making this planet a healthy environment. Water scarcity has been witnessed in many parts of the United States and this has urged many state water authorities to maintain a water cuts in the region. Additionally, the water that you earlier used for planting and landscaping is now under certain amount of pressure, as unnecessary wastage, could end up by you paying some heavy fines.

One sure thing that will save definitely save you from all the water hassles is silk plants and trees. These artificial beauties have seen one of the most remarkable advancement in recent years, giving you some mesmerizing designs of silk flowers, trees and plants for indoor as well as outdoor use.

If you have affection for greenery, yet you're hoping to save water, consider xeriscaping your home yard or commercial establishment. Xeriscaping, or low-water gardening, is an eco-friendly way to deal with landscaping. It diminishes the requirement for excessive water because of watering system, and lessens the requirement of time and cash it takes to keep up your yard.

Xeriscaping can be completed using local plants or drought tolerant plants as well. Drought tolerant plants survive well in dry territories, similar to the West. Fall is the best time for xeriscaping in this district. During this time, plants are lethargic and can build up themselves before warmth and dry season sets in around spring and summer.

In the East, the atmosphere is frequently cooler and damper. Local plants may be more prepared to survive in this area, but not any other off season variety. To overcome this scenario use silk trees like preserved palms, boxwood topiary, and if you are not shy to sport them into your indoors, one can also go for silk flower arrangement that is available with us at

Probably the most prominent artificial plants and drought tolerant greenery frequently utilized for xeriscaping are succulents and Aloe plant. Their beautiful assortment and life like quality makes them a perfect accessory to change your commercial settings, indoors and outdoors.

For a simple and brisk answer for dry atmospheres, consider landscape rocks rocks as a feature of your xeriscaping arrangement. These are also a hassle free decorative element and need no upkeep, just like the faux trees.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

Silk FlowersThe extent at which one can multiply the charming factor of a home can be easily adjudged by the type of decorative elements you use to make the atmosphere much more appealing. A silk flower arrangement is one such accessory that when paired with the right kind of faux plants and trees can transform your home into a colorful abode.

  • If you’re the one who is looking to energize your home décor, consider our high quality line up of silk Orchids, Peonies, Rose, Tulips, Calla Lilies, Hydrangeas, Hibiscus, and much more. Our silk flowers will present your setting with a burst of color, energy and enthusiasm that can’t be achieved even with fresh flowers.

  • When you are feeling anxious and stressed out at the workplace or even in your living room, get yourself surrounded by our charming Apple Blossom silk flowers and leave out all the worry. We have the world’s best silk flowers in the market just for you.

  • Incorporating silk flowers at home or office also serves one more very important purpose and that is low maintenance and cleaning. So skip the daily routine of cleaning and watering and beautify your home with our extensive range of silk flowers. You don’t need to water, maintain or prune them because these fake flowers are completely maintenance free.

  • It hardly matters what the season is or time of the year it is for the availability of these decorative elements. Don’t let seasons take away your favorite flowers. Bring home your favorites and cherish them throughout the year.

  • We have a wide range of colors for you to choose the hue, which suits your interiors and personality. We believe in putting a standout decor for you and with our fabulous collection, and with silk flowers you can surely achieve that.

  • By getting surrounded by some of these lovely silk flower arrangements at your home and commercial establishment, you can stay refreshed indoors as well as outdoors. You will go outside feeling active and refreshed and when someone walks into your room, he will experience the aura and charm of your home and office décor. It will leave an everlasting impression on every onlooker.

  • If you are planning a party, event or a get together of friends and family at your home, you can decorate your outdoor settings with our lovely silk plants and trees and match it up with Agapanthus silk flowers set. This will surely bring some life to your event. Everybody will love and appreciate your way of designing for the occasion.

  • You will leave a mark on everyone with your style of designing the landscape with silk flowers. People will surely think that you are an experienced interior designer. Our lifelike faux flowers can add unmatched beauty to any kind of interior as well as commercial outdoor landscapes.

  • Many offices nowadays lack picture perfect settings and fail to bring joy and activeness to their employees. Hence, experiencing low productivity and outcome. But you certainly don’t want to follow the pattern and leave out an important aspect of bringing out the best from your employees.

  • Nobody wants to work in a dirty looking environment. This is the time for you to change your home and office decor completely and glorify your home and office with these eyes gazing silk flowers.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer
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