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Silk FlowersWith the spring season in full swing it’s probably not that hard find an engaging weekend activity that does not pay anything, but where you get to learn everything is not a bad pastime at all considering that whatever you live during that period, will help to shape up something better.

Adorning a home or your commercial property with indoor and outdoor silk plants and flowers is not at all a tedious weekend activity, but a fun one. Imagine you engrossing yourself in the in some sublime varieties of silk flowers and plants and transform your home into a tropical backyard with the use of flowering plants, silk palm trees, bamboo plant, artificial topiaries and fake hedges. All these products available with Silk Plants Direct can guarantee you a meaningful weekend task to revamp the look of your abode.

 So you simply completed your work week where every one of the requests was met. Scripts were composed, due dates were met and now the weekend has arrived. Is it an opportunity to unwind? Not yet, if you host a home get-together where you need to set up the spot for visitors.

Here are some exciting ways to make your weekend special and your home memorable.

It's decent to have blossoms on the shelf to show folks the amount of a caring individual you are. However, if you are like most of the urban people in our country, with no time to choose, purchase or even tend the patio nursery, silk flowers, plants, and trees is what you should vouch for.

With the pace of society today, there is a developing interest in faux flowers, especially for people who are rushing between their daily lives. Putting in a lot of hours at the workplace takes away the time expected to tend a greenery enclosure legitimately and that one truth offers confidence to the achievability of counterfeit greenery.

New blooms unquestionably include the scent and the atmosphere to any home setting; however that includes some significant disadvantages as well. Natural flowers soon get to be old blooms. Presently they must be tended too because the petals, in the long run, will turn stale and tumble off. Taking out the vase and ensuring that it is spotless for the following group of flowers now must be finished.

Now consider the same scenario with fake flowers, they look pretty much comparable to genuine blossoms, yet, without the upkeep. They look great consistently. The higher quality replicated floral arrangements honestly look like flowers purchased from the flower vendor. There is no compelling reason to prune or water them since they simply needn't bother with them.

The most loved material that these silk flowers are made up of is high-quality silk, which is durable in all weather conditions. It is so because silk material has that glaze and the performance value of being molded into an extravagant decorating equipment.

Another popular material is plastic, but the one that doesn’t catch fire, like a flame retardant product. Using fake greenery also ensure you decorate a sneeze free home as your weekend activity as natural flowers and plants are prone to many insects and flies.

With the quick paced society that appears to envelop each part of life nowadays, the acknowledgment of artificial is by all accounts picking up adequacy. The low upkeep and the loosened hues and vases that can be bought with them make them a year round adequacy into family units.

Below are some of the renowned varieties of silk flowers that you can select for a creative weekend task of decorating your home.

Dahlia, Mini Berry Bouquet

An excellent addition to your contemporary or traditional interiors, our Dahlia, Mini Berry Bouquet, is a perfect way to greet your guests with love and warmth. Our 12" tall faux flowers can be displayed on its own in an elegant vase at a reception desk or as a centerpiece on your dining table.

Rose Bouquet

A beautiful addition to your contemporary or traditional interiors, our Rose Bouquet is a perfect way to greet your guests with love and warmth. Our 12.5" tall faux flowers can be displayed on its own in an elegant vase at a reception desk or as a centerpiece on your dining table.

Pompon Branch Bundle

Decorating has never been so easy! Our Glittered Pompon Branch Bundle is realistic and colorful that would make any bridal bouquet or centerpiece shine with energy and beauty. Measuring 49", our artificial flowers create the illusion of freshly cut flowers put together in a bundle. They require no special care at all.

Hydrangea Bush

Versatile, durable and easy to care, our Hydrangea Bush is just the sort of interior decoration that you’re looking for. Perfect for use during festivities or on the special occasion, this artificial flower bush will help you create a stunning everlasting display. Measuring 19.5", our silk bush is ideal for creating a beautiful floral display which will last for years to come.

Button Mum Bush

Our Button Mum Bush stands for beauty and excellence, and that is the reason it is one of our most popular artificial bushes when it comes to rejuvenating home interiors. Pull color in any corner of the house from your living room to the center table with our faux flowers. Standing 11" tall, our silk floral bush will easily blend with your home or office décor, won’t demand any care.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

Artificial TopiariesAn arrangement of particular embellishing products, such as chairs, furniture, tables, wall hangings and fake greenery in the form of artificial topiary and boxwood is a modern day home and office décor necessity. And in times of changing fashion trends and designs, why to let your home or office look gloomy when there are hundreds of decorative elements present to help you out.

Reasons to have Fake Topiaries

Do you need the passageway of your home or office to amplify a warm and cherishing welcome to your guests? Do you need the passersby to take a gander at your home and applaud you for your landscape and layout? Use silk topiaries at the passage or the entrance. Yes, these delightful and bother free pruned fake plants can spruce up the passage and include warmth and spread and engaging atmosphere.

Why fake topiaries at the passageway?

The stylistic theme of the passage of the house or commercial space is as essential as the house itself. Folks going by your home get an early overview about you and your home from the look of the passage itself. Envision a section flanked by excellent topiaries pruned in metal pots. Doesn't it warm up your heart and make you go into the house with a grin all over?

Individuals are progressively getting more mindful of the significance of designing the walkway in the correct way. Painting the entryway or putting extravagant nameplates is insufficient to make a solid impression. Topiaries with the right base have been observed to be successful in making the passageway look alluring. In this way, a mix of faux topiaries and artificial hedge mats and rolls can certainly turn out to be an extremely niche décor, with which you can identify yourself.

How to pick right topiaries?

Silk topiaries in various shapes and sizes can be an ideal approach to embellishing the passage of the home and workplace. They give an ideal touch of greenery and warmth to any setting. While purchasing topiaries search for splendidly cleaned leaves and a decent wrap-up. Go for boxwood compartments or metal ones as they look refined. In case you're searching for additional height, an urn would be a decent decision. The topiaries must be sufficiently durable to withstand the common components. If the passage gets a considerable measure of sunlight do not worry as our artificial topiaries are UV protected, which means no harm from the daylight.

Ball, cone or spiral, you can pick them in various shapes and sizes. For a major wooden entryway, get topiaries with bunches of branches and leaves, like Cedar, Ivy or Italian Bay leaf. Diminutive entryways or limited doors can have cone or ball topiaries. Spiral topiaries look lovely when put on a wide patio.

Get entertained with topiary plants

Are you exhausted with the same topiary year round? Decorate it with silver knick-knacks or smaller than expected lights to give them a merry look. You can even enliven them with such knick-knacks for unique events and occasions, for example, Christmas. If you are setting topiaries against windows, jazz them up with silk shades. Include a few pearls for an additional sparkle. You can hang topiaries for an alternate look. Get little topiaries and hang them from the divider neighboring the front entryway.

If the artificial boxwood looks boring to you, then shade them yourself. You can try different things with various impacts as well. Try different things with various formed pots to make your topiaries look appealing and coordinate your stylistic layout style.

Insight into Silk Plants Direct Topiaries

Having its roots in the 17th century, topiaries are still spreading their formal charm and elegance in gardens and indoors today and no matter what geometric shape or style you are looking for, you will find it here. Whether you are looking for a topiary which will blend in perfectly with your contemporary or classic formal interiors, we have got you covered. Whether you are looking for a simplistic geometric design or a carefully constructed artful one, we have topiaries across various varieties and styles for your home or office interiors as well as for outdoors.

One of the all-time classics, Boxwood is our most popular topiary which is universally appealing and fits in any type of setting. Our Boxwood topiaries are simple yet effective, classic yet modern and bring style and grace to any space. And it’s not just about geometric topiaries. If you are looking to create a living wall or if you are looking to create a natural fence or a hedge, then we have products which can be custom created according to your needs. Crafted from premium quality material, our topiaries boast of stunning realism and natural-like features which will become a part of your garden, patio, entranceway or interiors instantly.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

Make your Own Silky Way with Fake Trees and PlantsDesigning for a quick get together or for some important office event was never so much easy, only if silk plants and trees are around you. Our articulately designed plants are wonderful additions to decorate and redo the look of your home and office indoors and outdoors.

There is considerably more to life than private buildings and office spaces. Trees and plants make the earth what it is today, not simply by their pumping so as to be loaded with life and in oxygen into the framework, however by their minor vicinity and appearance.

Greenery makes a division to a generally mechanical life and no measure of structural marvel, in every one of the intricacies introduced by innovation, could achieve the change that would speak to the human personality and make individuals unwind. Keeping in mind it may not generally be possible to go for trees where you work or where your office is, the substitutes as silk trees and plants would make the same impression as that of their unique partners. An ideal approach to include a touch of greenery and make an impression in the eyes of guests and customers, while your psyche ingests the freshness made by the quality of trees, it would be great to change the look with artificial greenery.

These trees are manufactured trees that are made to flawlessness and made to replicate perfection and feel of normal trees and plants. They are not machine made on a substantial scale but rather are made by hand and amassed to fit your preferred compartment. These trees are not just made to look precisely like live trees, but at the same time are made in view of cost contemplations - they cost less and they require for all intents and purposes no upkeep, dissimilar to genuine trees that need broad support and taking care of. Further, you would likewise not have the requirements connected with genuine trees as far as the space and different conditions that are required - you could have silk trees wherever you would need them to be put, in the passageways, at the corners, at the corridor, in meeting rooms and hotel lobby’s’ or at the corner office.

You could pick the type of silk trees that you would require for different areas in your office. These trees are accessible in different categories and species, as precise copies of the first trees and plants. You could discover silk trees as falling plants, fake floor plants, table and outdoor silk plants, faux topiaries with containers where you could have the smaller assortments, and in addition office plants that would sit flawlessly in the assigned spaces. These trees are for a wide range of spaces, private and business, and for all events, giving you the advantages of accommodation, magnificence, and reasonableness.

Indoor silk plants and fake silk trees are developing in prevalence, as an approach to include peacefulness in your office spaces. Artificial plants designed by Silk Plants Direct also hold the prominence of being the number one dealer and supplier for all sorts of designers and event decorative plants and trees.

Here is a quick overview of some of our best selling and most wanted silk plant varieties that can be used at home and office.

Succulent Dracaena

Evoke the spirit of the stunning desert in your home or office décor with the help of our Succulent, Dracaena, Coleus. Vibrant hues and amazingly life-like texture of our silk cactus plant will make sure that your home décor is full of liveliness. Measuring 31"h x 23"w, our artificial cactus plant does not require special care and is an inexpensive way of beautifying your home or office interiors.

Cycas Palm

Our Cycas Palm, Dracaena, Pothos will make a versatile addition to your home or office space. Our artificial tabletop plants will brighten the looks of your décor and create a beautiful aesthetic in your space. Measuring 28"h x 24"w x 31"l, our faux plants are easy to care and will rejuvenate the looks of your furnishings for months. So just sit back and enjoy the realism.

Grass Bush

Growing grass is easy but keeping it in check is a task which everyone dreads off. If this is one of the reasons you avoid growing grass, then we have something for you. Wispy, green grass blades standing 71" tall, our Grass Bush will not only bring a dash of green with itself, but it’s no carefree nature will make sure that you don’t waste much time in caring and mowing.

Pothos, Fern

Add a touch of color and a whole lot of life into your space with the help of our Areca Palm, Pothos, Fern. Our artificial floor plants are extremely realistic and stylish. It will create an evergreen display in your space which will be nothing short of spectacular. Measuring 78"h x 44"w x 44"l, our faux plants are a great way to bring greenery in your interiors without the fuss or care of maintenance.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

Silk GrassesThe tenacity of looking good, bright and shiny all the time is far missing from the natural garden spread around you than it in the close by the office building or a neighbor’s home that is embellished with silk plants and flowers.

For the unknown, yes, you can definitely use our silk plant variants like palm trees, bamboo plants, flowering plants, silk floral arrangements, fake bushes, wreaths, and topiaries indoors as well as outdoors. This is possible due to our high-end product material that is acceptable and accessible in the region of your home or commercial establishment. With naturally oozing colors and in-depth design, most property owners and event managers are more inclined towards silk plants, when there is a decoration required.

Plant silk plants in the outdoors to conceal shady territories

Consider artificial azaleas, pansies, geranium and greeneries in areas with poor daylight for a moment sprinkle of shading! Fake blooms and plants are easy to plant, simply install in the ground! You can put mulch around them to add to the visual impact too. In spite of the fact that flowers are for the most part shading quick and won't blur a lot after some time.

Have a go at sprinkling your plants with a sealer and UV defender, normally accessible at handyman shops in the paint division. This will safeguard greenery shading and hue for a longer period. Silk flowers are additionally an incredible option for ranges frequented by wildlife. Manufactured cabbages (kale) work fabulously in zones where deer meander.

Placing silk flower arrangements in the window boxes

So you've dragged the step out, climbed it to achieve the flower boxes outside of your windows, planted the blossoms (Wow! They look incredible!), moved off, put the ladder away and now pondered on a greater to water them?

Whether situated on a higher turf high or low, silk floral window boxes look superb with the expansion of trailing simulated springerii (lady hair plant), silk grasses and filler blooms. You can utilize flower froth and greenery to fill the container, or just utilize soil.

Begin with your trailing material and plant around the sides and front of the container - correctly near the edge, then plant the line nearest to the window. This ought to be the highest column. At that point take a couple shorter lines, so that the most limited line is nearest to the front of the case. Inter-mix grasses and flowers for an extraordinary impact. If your home is at the road level, make a point to cushion your blossoms - that is to twist the stems fit as a fiddle to watch your silk blooms wake up. Vital tip: If your containers are on the second story, ensure the blossoms are lightened, as well as pointed down with the goal that you can see them from the road level. Or else passing aerial animals and neighbors over the road will have the ability to welcome the best view. Splash your silk plantings with a sealer and UV defender to safeguard their look. The best reward, No watering required!

Embellishing the outdoor structures with silk plants and trees

Fences and gazebos are an awesome expansion to any terrace. They are particularly a brilliant social event space while diverting or facilitating rare occasions. Dressing them up for these designs is genuinely simple. Once you've set up your topic, your innovativeness is just the beginning stage. Search for prepared decorative accessories to improve in a snap. Simulated ready-mades for such occasion can very well be a nice assortment of our silk flower arrangements like calla lilies, hydrangeas or even the faux sunflower arrangement. Silk decorative products include swags, wreaths and brambles.

Is it accurate to say that you are aiding an open air wedding or shower? Substantial rose and peony swags can influence from post to post. Use plastic cables (available at your neighborhood tool shop) to join them to your structure. This makes the establishment (and bring down) super simple. Embellish the posts with tulle, bows or with souvenirs, for example, rattles for a child shower, or two champagne glasses for a wedding shower.

For other theme based events, for example, dedicated gatherings, birthdays or holiday occasion, pick flowering shrubs, swags or wreaths that will organize with the hues you are picking. Would you like to improve just posts? Get an earth pot, which you could paint and include some botanical froth and Spanish greenery to shroud the froth. "Cushion" a silk blossoming bramble and after that plant it into your container. Join the compartment to the posts utilizing cables. Conceal the link tie by including a wide strip, which could wind up on a bow. You can likewise utilize fake outdoor hedges and mats if the event is on the rooftop or fence it cleverly and beautifully with our outdoor boxwood hedges and screens.

So, are you ready? Then get Set and start!

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

Flower Pot Arrangements You Can TryWith artificial flowers, if you want them to magnify or beautify your home or workplace more than what they are capable of, placing them with the ever appealing flower pots and planters can double the grace of your vicinity. Not just homes, bust commercial spaces users like hotels and restaurants are using novel ways to display their business and invite more clients through the efficient use of silk flowers, pots, and planters.

Individuals have utilized counterfeit blossoms as improvements at home and workplace since they have found that it can give a considerable measure of advantages. As the years progressed, they have made a warm appearance in their infertile and little porch using artificial azaleas, manufactured ivy and silk bougainvillea utilizing a hanging or placed container. Furthermore, including these impeccable replicated flowering plants in your outdoors can make a fascinating and enlivening spot for unwinding.

Using silk plants spares you a great deal of space and you don't have to keep them up, such as a genuine greenhouse. You can likewise improvise what you need your outdoor space to look like by attempting some smart course of action methods or by getting some information about an ideal path in orchestrating simulated blooming plants or outside silk plants and in planters. Your mates and other individuals who visit the home or commercial center will never be able to gaze if these things are genuine or fake not unless they touch it.

Here are some interesting arrangements that you can definitely try with our silk flower varieties

Vertical Stack Arrangement

One straightforward approach to orchestrating the potted flowering plants or open air artificial grasses in your porch or patio nursery is doing it vertically. You can put simulated barberry or strip grass to get an upward force or some exciting flowers as a reflection to get a colorful impact.

Numerous Pots Arrangement

Fake azaleas, geraniums, and gardenias are best to be placed either in little or huge pots. There dynamic hues and live-like looks can add visual effect to the passersby. Utilizing different shapes, sizes and shades of pots will make a multidimensional suggestion. Artificial hedges or green screens will likewise serve as a blockade for the undesirable perspectives.

Hanging the Flower Pots

You will appreciate the lasting magnificence of the fake hanging plants since they are made of a superb modern evaluation polyethylene mix material. It can increase the value of your vacant plot or window. Furthermore, they will go about as fillers to the exposed areas and can make a sensational impact to the façade of your home.

Flowers on the wall

Putting various fake flowers and plants in favor of the dividers or grid with the backing of the pillars will permit you making utilization of space. The stylish course of action of the blooms can give a satisfying living impact or artful peak to the viewers.

Level up the Arrangement

If you have various potted plants of fake plants and flowers just essentially put them on a platform or on the base of the yard. It will offer accentuation to the tallness and width of the blooms and grasses.

So, what are the various planter designs that can make your patio or hotel lobby to look prominent and colorful? Read Below.

Rectangular Planters

Match the rustic look of your décor with our stone rectangular planter. Highly durable and extremely stylish, this stone container is intricately designed and will look great both indoors and outdoors. Available in a pack of 1, this rectangular planter boasts of stunning tone and will make your greenery look even more adorable.

Containers for plants

Featuring an amazing combination of black and rust, our square container is a unique accessory to beautify your plants and home décor. Bringing a classic design from the bygone era into your living room or patio, our planter boasts of great detailing and will style up your space. Durable with an elegant appeal, this square container comes in a pack of 1.

Square Pots

Pep up your floral arrangements and add a finishing touch to your home décor by bringing home this square container. With a perfect balance of antique feel and style, this rust colored square planter is a great way to accentuate your space. With the classically aesthetic look and rustic feel, this planter is a masterpiece. Available in a pack of 1, our URN is durable, inexpensive and highly versatile.

Round Container/pot

Featuring cute colors and lovely design, our round blue container is an impressive planter for all your floral arrangements. Dress up your home décor with this adorable round planter and be prepared for loads of compliments. Durable and inexpensive, our round container is available in a pack of 1 and will add a touch of elegance and class to your setting.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer
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