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Boxwood TopiaryOf late, artificial boxwood hedges and topiaries are in great demand as decorative elements for prestigious corporate houses, government buildings, hospitals, shopping malls, luxury hotels & restaurants and other commercial settings. The fake boxwood topiaries are used for both exterior and interior decoration. Even, the amusement parks and the theme parks are defining space with faux boxwood topiary as a major point of attraction. The artificial topiary trees are the most modern designing concept and are perfect accessories for adorning all types of commercial settings. These are aesthetically crafted and can transform a dull commercial space into a bright and energetic environment that pleases all.

Being biological creature, humans enjoy the close association with nature. As a matter of fact, several studies indicate that humans become proactive and ultimately more productive when they are close to nature. So, infusing a natural element in the urban concrete jungle helps people to be relaxed and clear in mind and for this purpose faux boxwood topiary is matchless. There are almost limitless options of artificial boxwood topiary, and you can explore your imagination and creativity using the plethora of varieties this fake decorative element has to offer. Topiary has an enchanting beauty, and this awesome landscaping element lets you transform your dull commercial setting into a mesmerizing environment.

Beauty of SilkPlantsDirect false topiaries

Whether you own a large business space or an architect engaged in designing the same, there is no need to think twice about including these awesome decorative elements in the decor regimen. These are so grateful that they fit everywhere. These are great for adding a splash of green and elegance and being available in traditional and contemporary styles these fit any landscaping option.

One element many varieties

In case you are looking for some decorative accessories for revamping the indoor and outdoor of your commercial space, the SilkPlantsdirect collection of artificial boxwood topiary can fulfill your decor needs with its wide range of varieties. There are many box wood varieties, and you can choose from Dwarf Boxwood, Green Velvet Boxwood, Variegated Boxwood, Winter Green Boxwood, etc. for meeting your specific decor needs. All these varieties are also available in many shapes like single, double and triple topiary balls; topiary spirals & cones, and boxwood hedges, mats, screen, etc. These are also available in ornamental containers for infusing grandeur to any commercial setting. Thus, you get almost unlimited options to choose from, when you prefer to dish out a suitable decorative element for your business space.

These ensure privacy, beauty, and safety

For any commercial setting defining space is a very vital point. Placing a collection of faux boxwood topiary in the approach way, patios, gazebos helps to mark the ways and also act as a mask to hide the unwanted cables, pipelines, etc. from the sights of the clients, customers, and visitors. Coming to indoor decoration, you can put faux boxwood topiary in the reception area for offering a pleasing welcome to the visitors and can also revamp the conference hall and other places of the commercial establishment. Defining your driveway with these fake decorative accessories, you can guide the drivers to safe driving inside your commercial complex. For large corporate houses and hospitals, a realistic decorative plant on the window or in any corner of the room brings in positive vibes in the enclosures. These also offer a very pleasant atmosphere even in the tense casino rooms.

These charm onlookers for creating everlasting impression

Topiaries have been in use since the time of the Romans and, even today, they happen to be inspiring decorative elements. Whether you use artificial topiary trees for interior or exterior landscaping, these are the best decorative products for impressing your clients, customers, and visitors. Whether it is a luxury Spa, or large family restaurant, or a luxury resort, or a massive corporate house, artificial boxwood topiary can be used in the garden area, at the entrance, patio and the interior of your commercial space. Depending on where you want to put those, you can choose from Silkplantsdirect balls, hedges, spirals and column trees and these will go on charming your guests narrating your brand value. These are so realistic looking that you can use those with live plants and hedges for uplifting your commercial outdoor.

Plethora of benefits make this an awesome product

Silkplantsdirect artificial topiary trees and realistic boxwood topiaries are manufactured from a wide variety of materials including synthetic products and latex. These are also made like natural topiaries for adding lush green appearance. You can get the fake topiaries in water resistant and fade resistant versions for exterior decoration purposes, and there are so many different shapes, sizes, and types that no further customization is necessary. The following inherent advantages make this fake decorative product an awesome one.

  • Without going into any debate or comparison between the fake topiaries and the live versions, it can be said that the fake decorative elements are easy to manage. While the live topiaries are hard to maintain because of their growth with time, watering, fertilizing and other maintenance requirements, these fake versions need no maintenance. They never grow out of shape, and as such, no pruning is required. Thus, you save on the cost of dedicated manpower and other material requirements.
  • Unlike the natural topiaries, the mimic topiaries never die and nor shade leaves or suffer from color fading and, therefore, you need not worry about replacement.
  • Being inert material, these do not attract pests and insects, and this makes your commercial space free from insect attract.
  • Coming in standard pots, these are very much portable and offer unlimited interchangeability. You can interchange the boxwood between places for making some changes to the decoration.
  • These replicate their natural version in every respect. Your guests will never be able to spot the difference, and these can be blended in any landscape design.
Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

Silk Floral ArrangementDecorating your corporate space, office or workspace with plants, trees and such colorful and close to nature elements is always a smart decision. As such landscaping arrangements help increase productivity by keeping employees energetic, fresh and enthusiastic. With the increased popularity and demand of silk plants, you can have multiple choices of silk flower providers. This competition makes its challenging to choose the best silks that can offer you best custom arrangements. Silk Plants Direct has a large inventory of innovative, high quality and creative designs to grace your corporate decor of any style. In addition to flower, you can explore numerous silk plants and trees at most competitive prices.

Faux Flower Centerpieces to Give Mesmerizing Effect

The various silk flower centerpieces made available by Silk Plants Direct will help you add the elegance and splendor of real flowers to your reception area, meeting room, waiting room or more. These centerpieces will not let your guests and visitors get bored. With these silk flower arrangements, you will not feel the need of real flowers. You can choose from wide selection of colors, flowe4 types, sizes and shapes and add alluring effect to any of your corporate space.

A Wide Variety of Flower Types and Vases

From playful roses to fulfilled dahlias, orchids and other garden flowers, Silk Plants Direct's selection of lovely centerpieces and other arrangements will help you create a perfect workspace filled with entertainment. No matter it's your corporate special day or day to day decoration, your guests will be amazed after seeing the floral arrangements without even bothering about whether they are real or not. The silk floral arrangements offered by Silk Plants Direct include Orchids, Peony, Hydrangea, Rose, Calla Lily, Daisy, Ranunculus arrangements and more.

It's also essential to note that a blossoms container is an integral part of your decor. A flower vase or container is crucial to choose correctly as it has the capability to increase the interest of the viewer in your arrangements. Silk Plants Direct comes with a plethora of options in silk flower containers ranging from planters, flower vases, baskets and more. In all such types of vases, you will find numerous shapes and sizes that can suit your specific corporate decor needs. All products will accentuate any of your business space perfectly.

Lovely Artificial Flower Balls

Do you want to decorate your wall uniquely without using traditional wall paintings and similar items? Silk Plants Direct offers you a great selection of alluring silk flower balls to decorate your walls and fill your office interior with vibrant colors of the wide variety of faux flowers. You can just hand these silk balls on the walls or can put them on small round vases to use as centerpieces or table flowers. You can have a wide variety of flower balls with flowers of different kinds of orchids, lily, rose, daisy and more. One cannot imagine about your flowers that these are just artificial. These can make your office space look outstanding, fulfilled and beautiful.

Alluring Silk Flower Topiaries for Your Corporate Space

Just like artificial balls, other silk flower topiaries also give you wonderful options to decorate your office space elegantly and uniquely. Whether it's your meeting room corner, empty area of the cabin or waiting room, different kinds of topiaries like cone flower topiaries, spiral topiaries or ball topiaries. These can be used alone for decorations or in combination with other silk plants and foliage to form a custom decor as per your architectural needs. These topiary flower arrangements have been designed to give your office space a detailed beauty for long.

Silk Flower, Better Option for Corporates

Having an office filled with gorgeous living growing greenery, plants, and flourishing flowers is a beautiful thought that can come to anyone thinking of decorating one's' office space, but is it that simple? With such busy corporate lives, time to water, transplant, feed, trim, protect, pluck and care for living plants is just not possible. Even if you manage to hire a gardening staff, at some point in time, you will realize the expenses required for all these things. Artificial greenery and silk flower arrangements provide a feasible, viable and pleasant alternative to your love of flowers and landscaping in your office. A blooming centerpiece makes us feel cheerful regardless of the material it is made of. In the business environment, a small tree, viney plant other artificial foliage or silk flower arrangement brightens the area and brings beneficial feelings. Coming and going from work without worrying about the plants and eliminating one more chore at office simply makes sense.

Why Silk Flowers are Better Than Real Blooms

Numerous reasons make silk or artificial flowers much better than real plants. Below are a some of the major factors.

  • The foremost benefit of artificial plants is that these are prone to all kinds of environmental conditions. Most of the flowers come with water, fire, as well as UV resistant properties and therefore, can withstand several weather conditions.
  • Faux flowers don't have much maintenance need as those of real flowers. In the case of real flowers, you will have to take care of their watering, pruning, cutting, fertilizing and similar needs. Whereas for artificial flowers, you just need to do the occasional dusting.
  • Silk flowers come with a wide range of design, color and size options, but in real flowers plants, you cannot give custom shapes to the flowers due to their sensitive and delicate nature.
  • Artificial flowers offer you less expensive and easy to maintain décor solution for your corporate space that can also last for years.
  • The installation of fake flower arrangements is also easier, and you will also not have to face the trouble of insects and pests as in the case of real flowers.

So, elevate your and your employees' mood and thoughts by incorporating cost effective, brighter and hassle free silk flower arrangements to your office interior or exterior and see how these decors will enhance the behavior and performance of your workforce thus giving a boost to your business.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

Commercial DecorFloral arrangements look beautiful and amazing irrespective of where they are displayed. You can enhance the décor of your home, office, boutique or pretty much any other space with vibrant and captivating floral arrangements. SilkPlantsDirect has recently launched a brand new range of silk floral arrangements. Available in several different varieties of extremely lifelike looking flowers, installing these floral arrangements have become a popular and hot trend across the globe. The floral arrangements can be used for indoor as well as outdoor décor enhancement. Let's now discuss why you should consider buying silk floral arrangements.

Affordable And Cost Effective

If you have ever attempted to redecorate your home or enhance the décor of your office, you may have found that the process can be a long, confusing and expensive one. In the case of the floral arrangements, you need not worry. The floral arrangements are extremely affordable and also cost effective. If you have a very large office and need large numbers of floral arrangements, you can go right ahead and purchase these arrangements without having to worry about them being far too expensive.

Can Be Used In Numerous Places

Another great feature of the floral arrangements is that they can be used in several different residential as well as commercial spaces. Some of the places that these gorgeous flowers can be installed in include the following:

  • Trade shows, exhibitions, conventions, and conferences are a great place to install the floral arrangements and add color and life to the surroundings. 
  • The decors of malls, boutiques, shopping arcades, and stores can be enhanced with these beautiful and exquisite floral arrangements. 
  • The lobby and waiting areas of hotels, restaurants, government buildings, movie theaters, doctor's offices, dentist's clinics and hospitals can be brought to life with these colorful, captivating and vibrant floral arrangements. 
  • Casinos, theme parks, hotel room tables, offices, resorts, waterparks, and various other commercial spaces can be enhanced and beautified with these lovely, lifelike and very realistic floral arrangements.

Can Tolerate Extreme Weather Conditions

The floral arrangements have been manufactured to withstand extreme weather conditions. If you're looking to purchase these arrangements are worried that maybe the city that you live in is too hot or maybe too cold for these faux flowers to withstand, you can toss your worries aside. The floral arrangements can withstand excessive sunlight, pouring rain as well as snowfall and humidity. The flowers will not fade or lose their color when exposed to the harsh elements of the weather. Further, these flowers will not even begin to disintegrate or crumble in any way when exposed to sunlight or water. So you can install these lovely floral arrangements in both indoor as well as outdoor settings without having to worry about them spoiling.

Long Lasting, Sturdy And Durable

Another noteworthy feature of the floral arrangements is that no matter how dainty and delicate they may appear to be, in reality, these floral arrangements are very long lasting, sturdy and durable. The arrangements can be used for months and years on end without needing replacement. Further, if a wedding or event planner chooses to use these floral arrangements for wedding decorations or to decorate a party after the event is over, the organizer can store away the floral arrangements until the next event. These floral arrangements have a long shelf life and can be locked away for weeks and months on end without getting spoilt or deteriorating.

Very Easy To Clean And Maintain

The beauty of installing the floral arrangements in your residential or commercial space is that these arrangements are very easy to clean and maintain. Unlike real flowers, the faux floral arrangements don't shed leaves and petal, and a mess is not created in the surroundings. Further, the petals and leaves of these arrangements are everlasting and don't dry up or wither like real flowers. Irrespective of the season, the floral arrangements will always be in full bloom and vibrant. Lastly, the floral arrangements do not require to be watered at all. Thus, as you can see these gorgeous landscaping products are pretty much maintenance free and easy to manage.

Endless Available Varieties For You To Choose From

Whether you prefer roses, lilies, tulips, orchids, tropical flowers, hydrangeas or other kinds of flowers, there is something here for all preferences. SilkPlantsDirect have a wide range of gorgeous, breathtaking and elegant floral arrangements. The tropical arrangements have the stunning bird of paradise flowers, ginger flowers, hibiscus flowers and several other colorful and captivating flowers included in the arrangements. The orchid arrangements also have several varieties of colors and styles for you to choose from. These include the classy white orchids, the royal purple orchids, captivating burgundy orchids and several other kinds of arrangements. Even the rose arrangements come in several different colors including lilacs, reds, whites, pinks, and oranges. Thus, depending on the theme of your residential or commercial space, you can select a floral arrangement that matches and highlights the surroundings.

The Perfect Center Piece For Your Work Or Dining Table

There are mini, small and medium sized floral arrangements available that are best suited to play the role of a centerpiece. The small and mini floral arrangements are 12 inches or smaller, while the medium sized floral arrangements are available from 1-2.5 feet. Depending on the measurement of your table or space where you wish to install the floral arrangements, you can choose a size that best fits your requirements. Now you no longer need to spend large sums of money on enhancing the décor of you commercial or residential space. Floral arrangements can create a classy, sophisticated and elegant vibe irrespective of where they are installed. So, don't wait any longer and order the floral arrangements that best suit your requirements. We guarantee that you won't regret investing in these long lasting and vibrant landscaping products.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

Fiddle Leaf Fig TreesAdd lush green vibrancy to your commercial and residential spaces by installing these realistic and breathtaking fiddle leaf fig trees.

Fiddle leaf fig trees are native to Africa and are found growing in topical rainforest areas. These thick and full trees are visually very pleasing and can bring a summery and tropical feel to the surroundings that they are placed in. The artificial fiddle leaf fig trees are identical to their real counterparts. These beautiful faux trees can be placed in all types of indoor as well as outdoor landscapes. Here's everything you need to know about SilkPlantsDirect's artificial fiddle leaf fig trees.

Various Places Where You Can Install The Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

As an interior decorator or a landscaping artist, you are probably wondering where all these fiddle leaf fig trees can be displayed. Here's a list of spaces that you can install these lush green and gorgeous trees:

  • The fiddle leaf fig trees can be exhibited at both the entrance area as well as the interiors of a trade show or exhibition
  • Malls, hotel lobbies, hotel rooms, restaurants and other such commercial spaces are also a great place to exhibit the faux trees. 
  • Theme parks, water parks, movie theaters, hospitals and other such public places can also be great spots to display the fiddle fig trees. 
  • Senior citizen or old age homes can be livened up with the installation of these artificial trees 
  • The fiddle fig trees can be used to decorate events and weddings

Besides the above-mentioned list, the fiddle fig trees can be pretty much installed in any indoor as well as outdoor landscape.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing The Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees?

Installing the fiddle leaf fig trees can be extremely beneficial for a variety of reasons. First and foremost these artificial trees require minimum to no maintenance. Unlike their real counterparts, the fake fiddle leaf fig trees do not shed leaves, do not require trimming or pruning and don't need to be watered regularly. Thus, making them very convenient for corporate spaces and commercial areas. Secondly, the fiddle leaf fig trees are beneficial because they are affordable. One need not worry about burning a hole in their pocket just because they wish to buy the fiddle leaf fig trees in large quantities. Although these trees may look highly priced, they are on the contrary very affordable.

The third reason behind these artificial trees being beneficial is because they are extremely lightweight and easy to install. The purchaser doesn't need to hire skilled laborers to get the installation and transportation of the trees done. These trees can be picked up by almost anyone and can also be installed by those who have minimal or no knowledge of landscaping. Lastly, the fiddle leaf fig trees are also beneficial because they are very sturdy and long lasting. These trees will last for years on end without losing their color or deteriorate. Thus, this artificial landscaping product is extremely beneficial for users.

Fire Retardant Products Offered By SilkPlantsDirect

Another great feature of the fiddle leaf fig trees offered by SilkPlantsDirect is that these vibrant and beautiful trees are fire retardant. A large number of landscaping artists, as well as interior decorators, are often apprehensive about installing faux trees and plants in their projects. This apprehension comes because they are aware of the fact that faux plants and trees are susceptible to catching fires. In the case of these fiddle leaf fig trees, you need not worry. The leaves are treated with special fire retardant chemicals that prevent the trees from catching fire.

Installing The Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees In Your Corporate Space

Corporate spaces can be very dull and drab. If you are looking to redecorate your office or corporate space and bring some life to the area, installing these artificial fiddle fig trees is a brilliant idea. Not only will they add a lush green color to the surroundings, but they will also motivate your employees and staff members to work harder. The more vibrant a place, the more productive the staff members of that place will be. Further, being so convenient regarding lightweight, durability, easy installation and so on, the fiddle leaf fig trees are the perfect decorative items for the office.

Various Available Sizes Of The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

If you have space issues or are worried that your commercial or residential space will look cramped and cluttered with the fiddle leaf fig trees, you need not worry. These artificial trees are available in several sizes. Depending on the number of space you have to spare, you can choose a tree size that best fits your specific requirements. Some of the sizes that these trees are available in include 4-foot trees, 6-foot trees, 7-foot trees, 3-foot trees, 9-foot trees and trees that are of just 34-inches. So select the size that you deem fit for you corporate or residential space and throw away your worries of clutter.

Tolerant Of Extreme And Harsh Weather Conditions

Another great feature of the fiddle leaf fig trees is that these trees are tolerant of extreme and harsh conditions. These artificial trees can be installed in both indoor as well as outdoor landscaping projects. The leaves will not lose color or fade when exposed to harsh sunlight. Further, these trees can also tolerate rain and snowfall without deteriorating or get spoilt. So you need not worry about whether you live in a city that's extremely cold, or your apartment has excessive sunlight coming through the windows, these trees can withstand it all.

Can Be Used For Decorating Events And Weddings

Last but not least is that these trees can be used to decorate events and weddings. They will bring a great amount of vibrancy to a corporate party, a wedding reception or even an anniversary or birthday party. Once they have been used, the purchaser can shelf them until the next event. These trees have a long shelf life and can be used re-used as per requirements.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

Outdoor Landscaping TreesCherry blossoms are well known for their ornamental use because of their beautiful pink and white flowers that cover the whole tree.

A deeper insight to cherry blossoms tree

Cherry blossom trees are used as picnic spots for centuries by the Japanese, and it is a well-known festival, referred to as Hanami. Cherry trees need very fertile and moist soil that is also well drained. In tropical areas, it's hard to grow these trees as they require some period of dormancy which is possible only in areas where winters are very cold, and summers get enough sunny days required for the plant growth. Cherry trees need lots of care during its early years to grow beautiful and vigorous. Since it is not always possible to grow a cherry blossoms tree for beautifying the landscapes, faux cherry trees can be considered as a great replacement for the original ones.

The magic of faux botanical beauties

The beautiful and enchanting faux cherry blossoms tree can be used as both interior and exterior landscaping product. While considering these artificial floral beauties for interior decoration, bonsais can be considered. Being small, the bonsai form of these artificial cherry blossom trees will look good, even in smaller interiors. Moreover, these will make great selections for vertical gardening in both indoors and outdoors. A wide range of colorful cherry blossom trees are available for exterior landscaping, and they look very impressive with any setup. Our clients can even choose from the several varieties of not blooming cherry blossoms and also the dormant ones, so as to use them for decoration according to the seasons.

What makes these artificial cherry blossom trees perfect landscaping product?

The textures of every component like the leaves, flowers, trunk, branches, etc. of these faux, yet realistic looking cherry trees has been taken care of so that they look natural and fascinating as the real ones. These are designed carefully to make them look realistic and commercial grade materials have been used to ensure that the texture of every element looks indistinguishable from the natural ones. Every flower of the blooming cherry blossom tree is crafted with care so that they stay attached to the tree beautifully and look awesome just like the real ones. Growing cherry blossom trees naturally is obviously going to take years, and hence these faux beauties are perfect to adorn any landscape in no time.

Why choose ThermaLeaf® landscaping products?

When it comes to selecting a good brand for fake landscaping products, ThemeraLeaf tops the list of the safest choice. The fire resistant technology used by ThermaLeaf® is unbeatable, and it provides surety that these fake landscaping products would not be guilty of spreading fire. Different areas and countries have several different fire safety rules and norms that commercial buildings must follow, and these faux botanical beauties are custom made to abide by the fire safety regulations of particular areas, depending on the client preference. The flexibility of these products to meet the local, national and international fire codes makes them the perfect choice for both interior and exterior landscaping.

Long lasting artificial cherry blossom trees

Durability is one of the key aspects while buying any product and these faux cherry blossom trees are worth every penny. They last for years in the same way and need no maintenance at all. So pick these up for decorating interior or exterior landscapes and forget any hassle of keeping away pests, mites, etc. The variety of cherry trees available can be brought according to the season, for example, a blooming faux tree would be perfect for the spring, a dormant leaf and flowerless artificial tree is suitable for the winters and artificial cherry trees covered in green leaves are amazing for the summers. These are made with quality products, and thus the colors of every component of the tree are fade proof. Being fire resistant and UV safe, they make the great choice as landscaping products.

Easy to shift around the workspace

Since the cherry trees for exterior landscaping might need moving during the seasons, care has been taken to make them strong enough so that they are not easily damaged due to moving and shifting. These can stand strong wind and harsh climatic conditions in extreme temperatures. Since the client can customize the sizes in which they want the product for landscaping, the faux cherry trees for interior landscaping are lightweight so that they can be easily moved around the workspace.

Decorating ideas with faux cherry blossoms tree

These faux cherry trees can be used efficiently for both interior and exterior landscaping, and some of the ideas for using them are listed below.

  • Artificial cherry blossom trees are perfect for decorating lawns, shopping malls, theme parks, restaurants and other commercial areas during the blooming season.
  • The bonsai forms of faux cherry blossom look exquisite in indoors and can be used for decoration in receptions, lobbies, office desks, restaurant tables, etc. These are also perfect for vertical gardening as the flower covered cherry trees look magnificent even in its smaller size.
  • Cherry blossom stems can be put in a tall vase and used for beautifying reception desks, office tables, etc.
  • Summerhouses can be decorated beautifully with artificial cherry blossom stems and flowers to make them ready for office parties, meetings, etc. in the corporate offices and to attract customers in restaurants, hotels, etc.
  • The no blooming, dormant, artificial cherry tree products look great when decorated with proper lighting and can add a great charm to the events held in the evening.

These artificial, yet natural-looking cherry blossom trees are sure to transform any environment into very romantic and joyful, with the beautifully textured flowers that are sure to catch the attention of visitors.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

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