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silk flower basilAre you willing to embellish your commercial property in a naturally beautiful way? The lifelikeness of fake hedges and basil spray plant can do the trick!  These superbly realistic fake plants are designed with such detailed preciseness that no one really will be able to discriminate between these and real plants. So this amazingly beautiful basil spray plants are ready to add a burst of colour within any commercial space and enchant your guests and visitors. Unlike the natural basil plants, these lovely pieces of faux basil plants will outlast the ravages of time and continue to maintain their shape and lustre for almost an eternity.

Scientific techniques employed for replacing the natural basil plants

Advances in technical sciences have finally brought a stop to the prevalence of ridiculously fake looking artificial hedges and plants that were made of low grade raw material. With the arrival of modified equipment today, a great deal of attention has been given to minute details of natural plants so that it could be incorporated in making artificial plants. Improvements and modifications have been embraced to such an extent that the faux hedges made today do not give the cheap plastic feel and are more glossy as well as impart a silky fondle.

Creating a more relaxed and comfortable ambience

It goes without saying that the look and feel of plants is very significant in creating a relaxed ambience within any commercial place. Your visitors would really appreciate if your commercial property is studded with green foliage here and there. And there are several study reports that vouches for the role of greenery in reducing stress and increasing productivity. These scientific reports are very difficult to ignore  and have proved to be the main force behind the popularity of decorating any commercial place with plants and trees. But these definitely bring in the problem of caring and maintaining the natural plants, failing which your trees would wither and die away. The birth of top-notch artificial plants and artificial boxwood hedges has solved this problem effectively.

You will be astounded to know that various beneficial outcomes of green plants are not exclusive to natural ones only. In fact, it has been evidently reported that high quality boxwood panels and life-like plants are capable of creating similarly rewarding effects. In some places where hygiene appears to be a significant factor, like hotels and restaurants, the use of natural plants have been absolutely eliminated as natural plants attracts various disease causing insects and allergens. Such probabilities can be readily removed with the application of faux basil spray plants. Also, green foliage, be it natural or artificial, can create an effective psychological impact on your visitors, guests and employees alike.

Effect of modernized techniques in creating faux plants

The time when artificial boxwood hedges and silk flowers looked like false imitations of their natural counterparts are long gone. With the aid of modernized printing and designing techniques, the reputed fake hedge manufacturers are able to create basil spray plants that are impossible to distinguish from real ones. Sometimes, real stems or aerial roots are also included within the artificial plants to endow them with a more naturalistic look. With these, the horizon of artificial plants has now been expanded into the sector of modern technology. Scars and imperfections that were characteristic feature of any natural basil spray plant are easily replicated within the faux plants so that the spectator will never succeed in understanding its artificiality.

Masterpieces that lives without maintenance

Artificial plants need no care and maintenance and they can virtually live for an endless number of years. These are by far the most important factors that have led to their widespread popularity. While a natural basil spray plant would require its daily dose of water and a monthly trim, the faux basil spray plants may demand for a bit of quick dusting at the most. Such little maintenance would really sustain them to keep them look amazingly life-like at all times.

Even if something that’s harmful for your faux plants are accidentally spilled over them, you will have no reason to worry. That debris can easily be pulled off by washing them with a mild cleanser under a running tap. You can restore back your darling piece of faux basil spray so easily. This way faux green plants are deemed to be far inexpensive than natural ones as they save you from the consistent expense of high water bills and employing a person to take care of the natural plants.

Faux plants  to decorate places implausible for natural plants

As an owner of a business place, you must have noticed a few spots within the commercial place that is deprived of optimum sunlight and rain. Such places automatically eliminate the chance of installing living plants there due to unfavorable conditions. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can keep them bare and unattended. With the advent of faux basil spray plants, such corners both within indoor and exterior landscape can be adorned.

Needless to say, fake plants would neither require sunlight nor rain; instead you can hide the low key features of such places by placing artificial hedges over there. Also you will not have to worry about shedding of leaves during autumn or witness a bare tree in winter. Your faux plant will keep on providing a luxuriant and regal green view at all times of the year. These factors, though appears to be redundant and insignificant, are actually very crucial in the present international financial scenario. As a result, numerous commercial properties like hospitals, multi-national offices, hotels and even amusement parks have shifted from natural plants to faux foliage when it comes to employ greenery within the premise.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

Phalaenopsis Orchid Boston FernDecorating any space renders more productivity of that place. Any place whether interior or exterior, when well decorated adds to the beauty of the site. A decorated place draws more people towards it than any ordinary place. With artificial outdoor hedges, furnishing a place to increase its utility becomes all the easier. In the present world, people have become very much aware of their beauty and personality. Besides, they are very conscious about their appearances. When it comes to appearance, one tries to produce a setting which is sophisticated and classy. This is most often true for the commercial set-ups. When it comes to the office scenario, people become extra attentive about the exterior of the office. Since it is a professional space, it is advisable to make it look well and neat.

Aesthetic Landscapes are Not Too Far Away

With busy schedules these days, people spent half of their time in the office; so creating a valuable space just helps the workaholics stay fresh and happy. The environment in which one works greatly effects the nature and quality of his work. Working in a nature-friendly and soothing environment will not only help in yielding high-quality work but also keep their minds fresh and innovative. If you are thinking about decorating the exteriors of your office, what could be better than dealing with artificial boxwood hedges? Furnishing the interiors with artificial plants is the newest and a widely popular way of interior decorations. These plastic hedges are not only useful for decorations but are also a subtle way of hiding minor flaws which can otherwise gain attention.

A classic way of doing this would be incorporating Boston fern artificial hedges. There are various kinds and types of these faux ferns in which they are available. It has an equal proportion of beauty and technicality which makes them ideal for interior decorations in an office. These fake hedges have a vintage appearance which adds to the sophistication of the entire place. Offices, genuinely are not incorporated with too much of fittings to maintain simplicity. Placing a few of these Artificial Boston Ferns will gain the centre of attraction and make the simplicity of the office look exotic. 

Why Artificial Boston Ferns?

Now, a debate can go on whether the artificial hedge is a better option over natural ones. Sincerely this discussion is not rational and will apparently find no logical answer in the process. It is hard to deny that natural plants and foliages are better to look at and also are environment-friendly. However, with the natural and real beauty of nature, there comes a baggage of problems and difficulties.

  • First of all, there is no short cut method of producing beautiful and healthy looking foliages. It takes time, a lot of it and those wanting to add spark in their office through nature do not have the time. Not only is growing these beautiful plants a tedious and time-consuming job but maintaining them too poses a huge threat for the scheduled people.
  • Keeping such plants, flowers, hedges, etc. would require an entirely different expense and eventually one would find that more than one is receiving from such decorations, one has to expend a lot more. Eventually, faux hedges have gained popularity over the natural ones.
  • These artificial hedge panels are easy to install, and most of its beauty lies in the manner in which they are furnished.
  • When compared with natural foliage, we see that the faux hedge require a much less time to get constructed.
  • Not only that, these artificial plants require the least maintenance. They do not need watering or trimming every month or week.
  • Since they are artificial in natural, they neither grow nor do they shed their leaves. This has made interior landscaping much easier.
  • These fake hedge structures do not require regular maintenance. Washing the faux plants with soft muslin after every six months or so is just enough to keep them looking fresh and rejuvenated.
  • The materials which are used in making these artificial plants are of high grade which makes them look natural and evergreen.

Nature at its Best, Yet Not Natural

Utilising artificial boxwood panels is almost like enjoying the best out of nature yet not having to deal with the consequences. These faux plants can make your office look best with minimal effort and also does not require high maintenance. These reasons are evident enough why they have grown so popular. These durable faux boxwood hedges are long lasting and durable. These faux boxwood panels are water resistant and also fire resistant. They are loaded with so many advantages that it is only wise to trust these replicas blindly without having a second thought.

One of a Kind, But Many Varieties

The Boston Ferns come in several varieties, some in pots, some in hanging vessels or tubs and so on. They also come in various heights and shapes and depending on your choice and demand; you can take the best shot. The lush green colour of this faux boxwood hedge makes them look natural and efficient in decorating an office interior with great detail. The hanging pots with faux Boston Fern are way too stunning and can evidently enlighten the entire space. The added greenery will make anyone wonder about the delicate plants, and unless told, it would be difficult to distinguish nature from constructed-nature. Many people like to put a screen like a wall in their offices to create subtle privacy zone and for this purpose too, the faux plants come handy.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

How Does Artificial Hedge mats and Greenery save you money?There are certainly many ways in our daily life, where we can save more than what we can at the moment. But circumstances arise, situations change, and suddenly all those saving thoughts become somewhat sinking thoughts. If you are practically looking to save on something, which you generally think is taking a toll on you physically and monetarily then changing your home and business premise landscaping with artificial hedge mats and greenery is certainly the one thing you can work at.

For most of you shockingly, fake outdoor hedges and outdoor trees and plants can spare you consistently. We've taken an ideal opportunity to observe only a portion of the investment funds you can expect by adding fake fences to your home or business.

Water: Water is a valuable asset. Around 71 percent of the Earth's surface is water-shrouded. While we have plenty around us, it doesn't fall in the ideal spot, especially for provincial regions.

One approach to lessen the requirement for water is to get faux outdoor greenery like tropical plants and palm trees. Dissimilar to the genuine item, you won't be requiring the hose to keep them alive. Along these lines, sparing water for essential things like for drinking or bolstering littler low upkeep plants. What's more, $0 to the water bill.

Landscaping Services: Many homes and commercial establishments have gardens, however, because of an absence of time, these patio nurseries frequently look dry and dead. Fake boxwood hedges can help with adding life to any open air space. The mats, rolls, and panels are splendid in shading, giving you a distinctive green look and feel and are UV protected as well. As a consequence of the decorative elements being simulated, you will spare yourself from booking an unreasonable greenhouse landscape service. Additionally, decrease the bother of purchasing all the additional instruments.

Green waste: When you consider fences or even the ivy, numerous individuals trim back their plants various times each year. Therefore, the fence clippings take up the vast majority of their green canister. By getting fake plants, you can expand the space you have in your green receptacle. This additional room in your container incorporates space for things like the grass clippings and tree cutting. You could likewise utilize your green canister to make an ecological inviting manure container.

Power Bill: Everyone knows the sun can influence the way a home responds to warm. By installing artificial outdoor boxwood hedge mat, you could diminish sun rays and warmth from getting in your home. On hot days this can lessen your need to utilize the air-conditioner and keep your home cooler.

Fencing costs: Instant fake hedge panels and topiary plants like our fake boxwood ball are perfect for commercial spaces like, bistro, hotel, office building and also homes, which need to include security without the costly expenses of fencing and paying an installer. Thus, giving you more trust in safety and solace of your home or business with these fences.
These are just some of the money saving fundamentals you will garner once you equipped with our artificial greenery and boxwood topiaries, but along with these the benefits of product durability and investment on the return is also a game changer.

Our Product specifications are as follows:

Artificial Hedge

Our faux Boxwood Hedge is made-to-order and constructed to your exact size specifications. We can accommodate virtually any shape, size or application. Also, we can custom make any base or planter desired. If you have a project that requires a custom size artificial boxwood hedge, Silk Plants Direct is your number one choice for the best-constructed hedge in the USA.

Artificial Boxwood Mat

Fake Boxwood Mat is manufactured in a 12" x 12" square panel and can be cut, bent, and adhered to virtually any surface whether flat or contoured. Our Boxwood Mat is ideal for walls, ceilings or any other surfaces that could use a lifelike restoration. If you have a project that requires a custom wall made from artificial boxwood mat, you know where to get it from.

artificial boxwood mat

Artificial Boxwood Screens

Our Boxwood Screen is manufactured on a 4’ x 7’ rectangular galvanized metal screen and is ideal for large scale applications where installations are made quick with large panels.

Artificial Boxwood Rolls

The Boxwood Roll is available by the linear foot and comes in widths of 2’, 3’ and 4’.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

artificial floor plantsArtificial outdoor boxwood Hedge mats and rolls are proving to be an insanely appreciating embellishing accessory for the commercial space and home outdoors. The way to apply a fake hedge mat and topiary ball are many, but spotting the perfect accessory according to your arranged area and measurement is the key factor.

Artificial greenery has been gaining traction against its real counterparts particularly at business premises, where the up and high maintaining costs of natural greenery is taking a toll on the operating folks. According to latest findings from the association of home and commercial space designers, more than 70 percent of their clients, do prefer an artificial boxwood panels and mats over growing it naturally and keep looking for more such decorative products, which can be moved and installed quickly.

Why does quality fake outdoor boxwood make a difference?

When you buy counterfeit hedges, you anticipate that they will last more than a couple of years to improve your home or business. Quality matters as without it, your fences are liable to break, blur, split or look less engaging visitors and your space.

What do I have to do to make out this?

At the point when settling on a choice about fake hedges, ensure you're managing a trusted supplier, in other words, There are many who boost to be the best in this business sector, but with all due respect to all of them, Silk Plant Direct now manages the most number of clienteles’ in this sector of activity.

Here are some tips that will help you to find the perfect artificial boxwood hedge for your home and commercial establishment.

  • Dis-shaped

Never go for a cheap quality product that has a lesser price tag, but even a poor product is finishing. If the Leafs are not adjusted and are situated in inverse bearings, the panels may look poor, as well as can be more inclined to damage? Moreover, if the foliage is not UV rays protected, then climate harshness will affect the color of the foliage.

  • UV harm

As said in the above point, if your outdoor foliage is impregnated with UV rays only then go for the artificial outdoor boxwood topiary and hedge mat, or else you will keep sulking over a cheap plastic and silk imitation. Fake hedges are intended for magnificence and non-green thumbs, so these are unquestionably not perfect. At the point when acquiring simulated hedges, dependably request UV safe supply.

  • Jiggered edges

As much as we cherish a succulent plant or an echidna, the kid's, pets and those strolling by your hedge are not going to be upbeat when they cut themselves or feel sharp edges on the fence you have introduced. So, keep them smooth, or confirm it from the manufacture the quality of the hedge leaves.

Outdoor Artificial Boxwood Screen and Artificial Boxwood Hedges for Indoor

Outdoor relaxing, living, and eating spaces can do without much of a stretch transform into totally open tundra that is lacking security and style. Utilizing conventional components to separate the space can make a lavish desert spring, yet frequently requires extra time and cash to keep up. Getting into some design aspects create a lovely, private patio nursery space and simple upkeep with remarkableOutdoor Artificial Boxwood Hedges.

Counterfeit boxwood hedge highlights strong metal support, which can be substantially used, as a part of outside and indoor arrangement, especially at hotels, restaurants, and retail outlets. Outline your dividers with fake boxwood screen and Green boxwood hedges in living wallpaper. Peruse through our items and incentive displays and after that send us an email to see what we can accomplish for you. In a matter of seconds you’ll have the private open air space you had always wanted with the magnificence of luxurious boxwood plants.

Fake hedge screening, extraordinary for supermarket-style

Have you ever entered a general store and investigated? Whenever you're there, observe the deliberately put shows, and even the paint or foundation screening on the walls. Those decisions are not simply to guarantee the store is pleasantly enlivened. Truth be told, the format of general store is intended to do one remarkable thing: control you to spend as much as possible. Artificial boxwood hedge mats and screens, as one decent exact counterfeit plants screen, can develop instant green wall which is exceptionally great and extraordinary in pulling in consideration.

In the advancement ranges of the general store, utilizing fake hedge screening as a foundation can help development because these everlasting green support mats can lead guests to pick a unique region. However, from the minute you stroll into a grocery store, your faculties are running insane with the incitement being tossed your direction. With those everlasting green instant artificial hedge mats as the advancement range foundation, the encroachment region gets to be green because of fake screenings infectious plants shape and brilliant shading. To satisfy the guests, those counterfeit hedge mats and rolls can likewise be utilized to show little and light things like accessories, which can spare space and make the store all the more fascinating and innovative.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer

faux ivy vinesA stress-free zone is the best to be more effective and efficient. However to create an area of stressless in the office, turning the place into a more greenery is a good option. Using small natural ferns and mini Ivies is loved by everyone, be it corporate houses or business offices. The entrance of hotels and spa centers are a great spot for natural mini ivies. However, natural vines and ferns can be tough to handle. They need timely watering depending on the different type of ferns and flowers used. The Faux Mini Ivies is the exact product that the corporate houses and other professional buildings can use to provide a grand entry to their clients and customers. Not only exterior entrance but Faux Mini Ivies will go great with interior landscape decoration too. The product adds a touch of greenery to the workplace ambiance. The essence of sophistication and professionalism can be achieved by the hand finished Faux Mini Ivies.

The product Faux ivy vines mixes with the interior as well as the exterior decoration of the workplace quickly. These are small in size and do not take an odd amount of space. The Artificial ivy vines bring about the natural garden ambiance in your workspace. The relaxing environment and ambient created by the product is a must in today’s competitive world. In the corporate houses and business offices, the top priority is customer satisfaction. The trust of the customers is very essential in the business scenario. With the smart use of the Faux Mini Ivies at the entrance area, interior reception areas and waiting for halls will give a good impression to your clients and customers.

Custom Made Fake Fern Ivies

The interiors of the office do not only consists reception decoration and hallway. The wall decoration reflects a lot about the organization. Big corporate houses, hotels, spas ad offices have maintained stature due to their perfection. The smart use of Artificial Mini Ivies for office walls is a great option. The natural plants and ivies, when used on the walls, can cause damage to the walls and the difficulty level to care for the native plants increase a lot when they are hanging on the wall. However for these reasons big offices and corporate places cannot stop decoration following the theme. For corporate houses and offices which like to follow a certain protocol and theme for the decoration of the office can get custom made artificial lvy plants for both interior and exterior decorations.

outdoor ivy bush

For theme based decorations or to reflect the perfection and the ideals of the company using the Artificial Mini Ivies have never been so easy. There are multiple shapes and designs in which the Faux Ivies are available. Apart from that on a particular order, the product can be designed in a way to match exactly with the office décor. Various flowers and sizes are also available. As for giving out a grand entrance impression, various types of Fake Mini Ivies can be developed with attention. It is a very advantageous feature as every corporate house is unique in its décor and maintaining the uniqueness with the customizable feature is a boon.

Advantages of Fake Mini Ivies for Interior and Exterior Decoration

The product artificial garlands and bushes bring out a great sense of sophistication to the ambiance and at the same time easily blends in with any atmosphere. With better ambiance and healthy atmosphere in the workplace, it brings about success and positive customer relation. Below are listed the advantages of the Ivy garlands and the boon they are in landscape decoration-

Special material is used to make these faux Ivy sprays make them look like real ivy wreaths. They are specially designed, shaped and trimmed in a manner that it is almost impossible to distinguish. Along with looking almost like natural ivy vines, the product also sends out the aura of sophistication and a sense of perfection to the viewers.

The artificial decoration is often not preferred because of the herb values of the natural product and the safety the natural products provide. However, the special fake ivy plants used to create this makes the artificial product safer from the natural ones. The material is not at all harmful or allergic for the human skin. Hence the fake ivies follow the basic safety standards.

The natural ivies as stated before need special care. Especial mini ivies plant which grows at a variable rate can be a reason for a headache to the department handling the decoration. Not only they need a timely trim but also need water. Places where there is an abundance of water, it can be challenging and expensive to maintain the natural ivies. However, Faux Mini Ivies do not have these drawbacks and is almost like a onetime investment for landscape decoration.

There is a special coating on the Faux Ivy plants which makes them pest and dirt resistant unlike the natural ivies which easily gets pests and dirt settled. The natural ones are therefore very tough to clean. However, the ivy vines with the special coating do not get any pest problem and dirt is easily dustable.

Another factor which makes faux ivy vines plant profitable product for the interior decorations and entrance decorations is that they never fade. Natural Ivies at the entry with constant sun poring on them can go faded and curl up to become something not attractive and elegant. However, the texture of the Ivies remains intake for a very long time. With the special additional coating, the products seem beautiful and new always maintaining the elegance and the perfection equally.

Posted in Silk Plants Blog By Ashwin Iyer
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