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People usually invest a lot of time, effort and money in choosing the most gorgeous flowers for their home or garden. Containers are considered just as ‘something which supports the plant’ and are usually old bottles, vessels etc. People fail to understand that containers go beyond just holding the plants and are an integral part to add interest to the space. Today, containers have become a vital ingredient to the overall décor design and the availability of a number of styles, colors and shapes just stresses the fact that they add drama, color, texture and charisma to the overall setting. Silk Plants Direct offers a wide range of containers to add the wow factor to your décor and to complement your flowers perfectly.

Whether you are looking for planters with antique look and feel or a edgy and modern one, we have planters of all shapes, styles and sizes to suit your design needs. Right from the urn which will add a touch of elegance and Roman look to your décor to the stylish geometric containers, we have a range of beautiful and eye-catching planters which will house your florals with ease and will look great both indoors and outdoors.

It’s not just the style and shape of the containers which matter but where you place it and what type of plants you fit in make a big difference. For instance, if you place large, muted container at the entrance of your space, it will go well with the neutral colors of your building and will be noticed easily by every onlooker. Pots or urns make an integral part of the garden and are usually made to reflect the paving or to complement the walls. If you are looking to create a more integrated design, then a group of similar planters with different plants/foliages work brilliantly and create a wonderful focal point. Similar planters transform an area and help in creating a dramatic effect. The material of the planters too is important as it reflects the style of the garden.

Containers are more than just decorations, the way they are arranged helps create a perspective and design element. A large pot, without any plants, can also be used as a focal point in the landscape. Surround the pot with colorful, contrasting dark hues and you get to create an intriguing vignette. Designers and landscape architects often use planters to establish a theme and to create a garden design which makes a great feature on its own. Highly durable and extremely stylish, our collection of containers is intricately designed and will make your greenery look more adorable.

There’s no denying the playful effect and the dramatic impact of planters on the overall décor. A vibrant, colorful planter with greenery in it is an excellent way to create an inviting entry and to welcome your guests. With or without plants, containers are a wonderful addition to the décor. They are a perfect way to fill any space with color and drama. Vases aren’t just for flowers, they are minimalist sculptural artful items on their own.

Plants have an amazing ability to transform any home décor. But no matter how exotic they are, they can’t make enough impact in your living space. So, how to do it? By bringing in our stylish collection of plant containers. A great way to house your favorite plants and flowers, these planters will also become an important design element in your setting. Available in a range of colors, materials, sizes, shapes and styles, our plant containers will add a dash of curb appeal in your space. Round, square, rectangular and other shaped vessels, they are highly modern and chic and will make your space standout.

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  1. Aqua, Turquoise, Peacock (12)
  2. Assorted (217)
  3. Black, Gray, Charcoal (181)
  4. Blue, Royal, Helio, Delphinium (14)
  5. Brown, Tan, Coffee, Camel (85)
  6. Burgundy, Wine, Maroon (3)
  7. Gold, Copper, Silver (60)
  8. Green, Lime, Seafoam, Olive (72)
  9. Ivory, Beige, Vanilla (25)
  10. Lavender, Lilac, Orchid (4)
  11. Orange, Flame, Talisman (1)
  12. Peach, Apricot, Salmon, Coral (5)
  13. Pink, Mauve, Rose, Cerise (2)
  14. Red, Tomato, Crimson, Watermelon (4)
  15. Terracotta, Cinnamon, Brick, Rust (31)
  16. White, Cream, Eggshell (87)
  17. Yellow, Mustard, Honey (4)
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  1. Decorative: Assorted (6)
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  1. Assorted (6)
  1. Cement (67)
  2. Ceramic / Porcelain (103)
  3. Glass (123)
  4. Metal (84)
  5. Paper Mache (6)
  6. Plastic (8)
  7. Resin (92)
  8. Terra Cotta (55)
  9. Wood (28)
  1. Antique (2)
  2. Metallic (1)
  3. Moss (2)
  4. Pearl (3)
  5. Stoneware (10)
  6. Vintage (1)
  1. Birch (3)
  2. Grass (7)
  3. Lavender (2)
  4. Lotus (2)
  5. Tulip (1)
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