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Enliven Your Office With Elegant Silk Plants

Does your office need a decorative “facelift”? Then you definitely want to decorate your office interiors by placing plants and trees around it. The presence of trees in and around the office is certainly an eye pleaser for the employees given their hectic schedules and amount of work. But maintaining live plants regularly is a tedious as well as time consuming job. Live plants require watering, pruning and cleaning in order to keep them in good health. Even if there are plant service providers to take care of your plants, they charge a fee. So now the question arises, what should be done? The answer is quite simple. You can use silk trees and artificial plants for decorating your office.

Silk plants are indeed very well suited to be placed around your office. You can use silk floral arrangements by potting them in a decorative vase and placing them on your desk or table. There is a large variety of artificial flowers to select from and they are available in different sizes, shapes and bright colors. Short silk bushes and tall palm trees can be an excellent combination for your office corridors. Also, you can place a majestic artificial bamboo tree at the entrance of your office; the tree will act as a symbol of welcome for your employees, guests and clients. You can really spruce up your office environment with artificial bushes, silk hanging plants, potted ivies and artificial flower arrangements. Also, there is an extensive range of outdoor artificial plants and bushes available which can adorn your office gardens and window boxes. Silk ferns, artificial grass mats and some other faux bushes are a few outdoor silk plants which will complement your office garden.

Silk plants and trees will add a charm to your office interior as well as outdoor décor. They will brighten up the environment around them and enliven the work place with the much required greenery. Decorating your office with artificial plants will embellish the surroundings and cheer everyone up around your office.

Decorating Your Window Sill With Silk Plants

If truth be told, silk plants can generally give you the same artistic appeal as real plants, if not better. If you compare them with real plants, you will surely find that silk plants have a lot of attractive benefits that real ones don’t. They can decorate almost any place within your house and garden with utmost ease. One such place could be your window sill.

When decorating your window sill with silk plants, there are many things that you must keep in mind. Don’t forget that when you keep silk plants on your window sill, they will be exposed to harsh conditions like direct sunlight and rainfall. But this is where you will spot the many benefits that they bring with themselves. Unlike real ones, silk plants will easily withstand those conditions and won’t die or wither away. This helps you save some money you would normally spend on buying expensive real plants time and again.

There are numerous other benefits of silk plants as well. For instance, they never, and I mean never, require pruning or watering. Their leaves stay intact even after a long period of time and therefore, you need not worry on clearing up the dead foliage everyday. The only kind of maintenance that silk plants require is constant adusting to prevent them from losing their visual appeal.

For your window sills, you would normally require a compact yet beautiful plant that is easy to move about and is visible to the guests and passers-by. Modern silk plants provide you with a lot of decorating options for this purpose. They are becoming more and more life-like as time passes and can easily recreate the visual appeal and feel of a real plant. With new technologies like “real touch” coming into the silk plants manufacturing fraternity, many options have now opened up for you to choose from. So go on and decorate your precious window sill with these hassle-free substitutes to real plants!

Silk Hydrangeas For decorating Your Interiors

Hydrangeas are probably some of the most colorful and lively flowers I have ever seen. And I would bet on the fact that most of the people out there would surely agree with me on this statement. They are found in two different types of shapes; conical and ball. The conical hydrangeas are comparatively smaller in size and are generally found in numerous colors that will liven up any sort of space that requires some life. The wide variety in colors also gives you lots of options to choose from and you’re sure to find the color you require.

However, Hydrangeas also carry one major disadvantage and that is their maintenance hassles. They usually don’t last very long and you will have to keep going into the market to replace you’re contemporary ones. So if you think going into the market to buy flowers couple of times a week is time consuming, then you can surely go for silk hydrangeas. They do not require any maintenance and tend to look as appealing and colorful as real ones. Nowadays, the technology used for manufacturing silk plants and flowers has advanced a great deal to make them look and feel like their authentic counterparts. Technologies like “real touch”, which are new to the market, have gathered many supporters all over the globe.

Silk Hydrangeas can be placed in part of house or office you wish to decorate. But while choosing between different silk Hydrangeas, you must keep in mind that they must suit the surrounding in which they will be placed. They usually come in artistic containers like urns, vases and bowls which add to their visual appeal. So go ahead and get yourself a bunch of these silken maintenance free beauties!

Selecting A Silk Orchid For Your Table

Silk orchids are always excellent decorative options for your house interiors. They are very classy in their appearance and fit into any sort of décor. The most ideal places to keep these silk plants would be on your living room tables where all the guests and family members can admire it. Listed below are some steps that can help you choose one for your table.

The first thing that would come into your mind while decorating your table with silk plants would be the color. Orchids are available in numerous colors and patterns, giving you loads of options to choose from. These include pink, yellow, orchid color, gold, sunset, burgundy and white. To choose from such a vast range of colors, you need to take into consideration the colors in the backdrop.

The next question would be, what type of orchid do you want? There are numerous types of orchids available for you to make a choice from; Vanda, Phalaenopsis and Cymbidium to name a few. You must understand your taste and choose accordingly. Also, it may happen that your choice would clash with your décor. In that case, I would certainly recommend you contact us to assist you in choosing something that is more suitable for your décor.

As everyone knows, silk orchids can be shaped and molded in order to make them look more appealing. Shapes can be varied according to your personal choices and also to suit your room. Generally, orchids are tall and lanky. However, there are some orchids, like the Oncidium and the Cattleya, that possess a plumper and fuller appearance. So the choice depends upon the space that requires to be filled.

The final question that arises is, how bright should the color of your silk orchid be? You can vary the accentuation of color by changing the type of orchid. Orchids like Phalaenopsis and Cymbidium have relatively larger flowers that tend to add a lot of color to the surrounding. If you’re looking for a milder alternative, then the Spider and Moon Orchids are ideal choices.

So, when opting for silk orchids analyze your interior setting beforehand and choose accordingly.

Decorating Your Home With Artificial Plants

Flowers and plants continue to beautify any indoor as well as outdoor surroundings. They refresh and energize any place you display them. However, having real plants in your home is tedious because of the maintenance that is required which involves watering, pruning and cleaning them regularly in order to preserve them. Paying so much attention to plants requires a lot of time and is not as affordable these days taking into consideration our hectic schedules. Artificial plants and trees are perfect replacements for live plants in this scenario and many people are turning to this option these days.

Silk plants are increasing in popularity amongst many households given their high reputation in the areas of low maintenance, authenticity, elegant appearance and long life. You are not required to water them, prune them, dispose of any withered leaves, or add fertilizers for further growth. So, when you are out of your house or on vacation away from your place, there is no reason for you to worry as to who will look after your plants. Besides, silk plants are pretty and ornamental additives for the décor of your house.

Placing a silk plant or a floral arrangement in a shapely vase or pot is not the only thing that you can do to show off its beauty. You can use hanging ivies or silk hanging bushes by placing them in baskets and suspending them from the ceiling of any room. You could probably also make use of a decorative wall sconce to further enhance the charming feel of your silk plants. The corridors, gardens or window boxes of your house can be spruced up with the help of crispy silk ferns and bushes. Different varieties of artificial plants and trees that will suit your taste are available in various shapes, sizes, designs and colors. There is a beautiful looking artificial plant for any interior theme. Another specialty of these plants and flowers is the fact that they appear so authentic and life-like that it is difficult to differentiate between faux and real plants. Assortments of silk Orchids, Roses, Lilies and many more artificial flowers carry a charismatic and imperial personality which cannot be matched. Decorate your home with these creatively handcrafted masterpieces from fine silk by placing them on your bookshelves, tables and cabinets. Brighten up and enliven your living space with the help of these amazing and decorative silk plants and trees.

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