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Decorative Branches, Twigs, Sticks & Bamboo Poles

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Design inspiration with unrefined elements is nothing new. Right from our DIY projects to the small rustic elements nature provides us, we have been sprucing up our home design with them since times immemorial. To continue this adorable tradition and to bring the spirit of raw nature inside the homes, we have come up with a collection of decorative branches, twigs, and sticks which will lend an earthy warmth to your setting. Branches-inspired décor or decorating with wispy artsy accents is key to create a cozy, rustic ambiance which looks (ironically) fresh and rejuvenating.  There is something about these sticks and bamboo poles which resonates with the home design and harmoniously blends with the furnishing.

Interesting and impactful, our twig spray is perfect for a small or narrow entryway. Just display it on the wall and it will take on space with its expansive, eclectic looks. Simple and bold, you will be surprised how effective they are and how beautifully their texture and feel translates to the setting. You can try our Staghorn spray or Catkin spray with real or artificial flowers in a vase and watch them provide depth and realism to the entire arrangement.

If you have a traditional home, then our bundle of artificial branches and twigs is ideal for your space. They will not just add to the rustic looks, but they will also bring their own charm and earthy feel which will lift up your design. The simplicity of our twigs and sticks allow its natural looks to come to the fore and makes it a standout accent.

A great way to bring the austere ‘winter-look’ to your home or landscape design, add our curly willow spray or decorative tree branches to a pot and they will add drama and vertical dimension to your setting. Ranging from quirky to whimsical, brave to fun, these faux sticks and poles are extremely playful and can give you the desired look based on how creative you go with them. Crafted from premium quality material, these decorative accents look highly lifelike and do not require constant care. They are durable and inexpensive and will provide beauty to your setting till times to come.

If you have a dour space and need something with a significant architectural value and contemporary aesthetics, then you need our white decorative tree branches and sticks. An easy way to add drama and visual interest in your mundane rooms, they can go a long way in bringing versatility to it.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. How many times you had to use this to convince yourself that your home interior design is the best? If you have used it many times, then you’ll have to do that no more when you introduce our artificial decorative branches, twigs, sticks and bamboo poles in your space. Decorative accents which will add a finishing touch to your dull interiors, these silk decorative branches, twigs, sticks and bamboo poles will help you craft your own dream space without any hassles. Just bring them in and watch how these faux decorative branches, twigs, sticks and bamboo poles transform your setting.

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