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Outdoor Hedge Panels & Wall Tiles

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When it comes to creating barriers in our garden, we fail to experiment. We always prefer functionality over creativity. This is the reason the sights of barriers made out of bricks, wood, vinyl, concrete and even chain link are more prominent. But, what if there are barriers which are not just functional but also refreshing, elegant and full of personality? Yes, our team of experienced designers has created delightful and joyous solutions for your gardens and fences which will win over the hearts of every onlooker. One such range of solutions is our collection of outdoor hedge panels and wall tiles.

Having green cover on walls or barriers brings a soothing feel to the landscape and at Silk Plants Direct we understand it and therefore we have created a vast range of artificial outdoor hedge panels and wall tiles. Green walls have a magical feel about them and create a welcoming and stunning space which fills the entire space with color and energy. Full and vibrant, our hedge panels and wall tiles will give a complete makeover to your walls and will create a refreshing living space. Ideal for home and commercial settings, these hedges are an instant solution if you are looking to bring some privacy and beauty in your space.

The best part about our hedge panels and wall tiles is that their lush greenery blends in perfectly with the overall garden theme and it reflects the same rhythm as the entire landscape. It offers you privacy and adds a spark of color and a calming effect to the entire setting. Crafted from premium quality material, our hedges and wall tiles do not require any type of maintenance and yet it will dazzle in your outdoor space without fading away till times to come. Boasting of a charming radiance and sophisticated lifelike looks, it will save you time and efforts.

If you have a metal gate and fencing all around your garden, then our outdoor hedge panels and wall tiles are perfect to soften the full-metal look and add a bit of drama to the setting. It gives a great backdrop and gives an otherwise industrial look a natural touch. A great way to create a living wall in your outdoor space, these are absolutely gorgeous and colorful and will create a mesmerizing visual screen keeping away your neighbors.

An ideal option to conceal unsightly views or objects, our hedge panels and wall tiles are easy and practical alternatives. Full of energy and life, they rejuvenate any monotonous space and add a wonderful texture and catch the eye of every onlooker.

Who doesn’t likes to spend a little refreshing and alone time after a long day? And if you’re looking to create an outdoor seating area with some privacy and rejuvenating feel, then nothing comes better than our collection of outdoor artificial Hedge Panels and Wall Tiles. Landscape accents which will help you create a perfect green, bright barrier in your outdoor space, these silk outdoor Hedge Panels and Wall Tiles are ideal. A great way to create green walls without any hassle, our faux outdoor Hedge Panels and Wall Tiles are simply beautiful and highly effective.

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