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There are only a few things which can draw the line between an average garden and an inviting garden. One of them is our collection of artificial patio plants and artificial outdoor shrubs. Yes, right plants and shrubs have the ability to make any space magical and this is exactly why we have come up with our artificial bushes and shrubs for outdoor use. There’s something special and elegant about plants which will create balance and bring harmony to your space and this is what our plants will do to your gardens. By bringing in these, you are not just assured of a decorative and pleasant garden but they will also soften your landscape and bring variety to it without becoming too dominant.

Choosing the perfect plant from a variety of them can be tricky. You want something which will go with your overall landscape and bring in the much needed vibrancy and enthusiasm to the space. If you are looking to make a statement, then our paradise plant is perfect for your garden. Its highly refreshing and vibrant foliage will make it a standout in the entire area and a conversation piece. An equally energetic and whimsical decoration is our artificial fern plant which will be the focal point of your garden and bring bold splash of greenery in a dour space. If you want to go extremely bold and throw up a rocking outdoor space, then have a look at our Ivy bush or outdoor pothos. Both have vibrant foliage and will bring stick to your walls and bring rustic charm in your setting.

If you are looking to add some rejuvenating presence near your home entrance as a welcoming plant, then have a look at our Mahonia bush or the outdoor Boxwood bush. These fake shrubs are classic potted plants and will create a lovely entry porch area. Available in various sizes, styles and hues, our collection of outdoor bushes and shrubs are perfectly suited to entryways. Our artificial patio plants and artificial outdoor shrubs are crafted from premium quality material, they look highly lifelike and do not require any sort of heavy cleaning or maintenance. Extremely durable and stylish, they will complement your outdoor landscape till times to come.

Our collections of outdoor bushes are shrubs are must haves if you want to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your patio or porch. Plants can enhance any space with their freshness and have the ability to make your setting pristine and connect it with nature. And if you want to impress your visitors every time they walk through your garden, then here is a range of absolute showstoppers which will do the trick.

Doesn’t it feel wonderful to spend time outdoors amidst cool and calm environment? Would you like to create the similar relaxing backdrop in your garden or patio? If yes, then here is something which will help you create a delightfully refreshing landscape – our collection of outdoor artificial bushes and shrubs. A great way to create a highly pleasing setting, these outdoor silk bushes and shrubs will be the focal point in your landscape. Our outdoor faux bushes and shrubs won’t just bring rejuvenating color and texture in the setting, but they will be the defining aspect in it.

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  1. Outdoor (60)
  1. Fire Retardant (1)
  2. UV Outdoor Rated (39)
  1. Birch (2)
  2. Bird of Paradise (1)
  3. Boxwood (3)
  4. Cactus (6)
  5. Fern (11)
  6. Ficus (1)
  7. Grass (6)
  8. Ivy (3)
  9. Maple (3)
  10. Philodendron (1)
  11. Pothos (2)
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