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Palm trees are one of the best things to have happened to home décor design. They transform a landscape with their magic and splendor and no matter how much you try, spaces are never the same without a palm tree in the picture. Trees are a wonderful way to bring the outdoors in your home and when it comes to palm trees, you bring the tropical freshness and sultry vibe in your space. Isn’t that cool? One such cool decoration which will be a unique presence in any space is our Paradise palm tree.

At Silk Plants Direct, we understand how stylish and remarkable palm trees are and how their lively presence evokes the tropical feel. Hence, we have created a large collection of artificial paradise palm trees to enable you to create a beautiful, everlasting tropical landscape. A wonderful way to give a tropical, outdoor look to your dining space, place a pair of our paradise palm trees on the either side of the room entrance. If the walls of your apartment are made of glass or if you have big windows, then place our paradise palm tree in one of the corners. It will not only give your space a splash of joy but it will also bring the distinct landscape into the foreground and will give you a stunning view.

If your rooms have high ceilings, then there is nothing better than our towering paradise palm trees to complement the setting. Add a pair of them opposite to each other in a corner and watch them add symmetry and height to the space. Our paradise palm trees are a part of a luxurious setting and no matter where you place them, they are a dramatic addition. Crafted from premium quality material, our faux paradise palm trees are extremely durable. They have a highly realistic look and do not require constant maintenance.

A perfect addition to a room devoid of color, our paradise palm trees are a much needed touch of greenery. Their warm and cozy demeanor is an inviting way to bring some serenity and pleasantness to a setting.

From the entryway to the living room, patio to the dining room, there’s no space which cannot be spruced up by our paradise palm trees. These wonderful, lively accents bring the freshness of outdoors to home interiors and will immediately transform the ambiance of your room. An iconic and a chic aesthetic presence, our paradise palm trees will demand the attention of every onlooker and will spark life into any space.

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